Gusto™ Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit for a Club Car DS (1982 and Up)

by Gusto™
$ 399.95
$ 299.95
Steel or Aluminum
Diamond Plate Upgrade
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MADE IN THE USA!! These kits are designed for safety and function and are constructed from the best materials. The frame is made entirely of powder coated steel or aluminum. They are lightweight, strong, and are rust resistant. The rear seat of this kit can seat two adults or it hinges down to create a flat bed for hauling cargo. Included is an all steel or aluminum single stamped plate foot rest. All hardware & instructions are included and the kit mounts into existing holes in the frame, no drilling required.
  • Extra long bed (folded down) made of Steel or Aluminum
  • Durable steel or aluminum construction, required mounting hardware, and steel mounting brackets (seats have steel mounting brackets regardless of material selection due to strength requirements)
  • Cushions use high-density plastic backer board instead of plywood to ensure long life.
  • Easy flip seat that can be used as a cargo bed when folded out.
  • Available in White, Black and Buff
  • Rear Roof Supports included in the Rear Seat Kit. (Included roof supports are for DS models older than 2000.5. DS models newer than 2000.5 will reuse factory roof supports!)
  • Hardware and instructions included.
  • Optional Safety Hand Rail and Trailer Hitch Available 
  • Instructions available here.

Note: Aluminum Seat Kit is over 30% lighter than the Steel Seat Kit. Aluminum Kit will weigh less than 70 lbs total. The Aluminum material is not only lighter, but is ideal for areas near the ocean.

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 Install Video

**This video feature the installation of the EZGO TXT model, other models may vary slightly**

Customer Photos

Club Car DS Rear Flip Seat Install

Rear flip seat installed on Club Car DS customer photo.

 Customer installation of Gusto rear flip seat in buff cushions on Club Car DS 2000.5 and newer model year.



        Ask a Question
        • Do you carry any rear seat kits that would fit a 2007 Tomberlin golf cart

          Unfortunately we do not.  Thank you.

        • Hello, can someone please advise me on the width of the rear seat foot rest and / or how far does the foot rest extend beyond the rear bumper? I have a limited storage space so I need to make sure the golf cart will still fit with the addition of the a rear seat. Thank You!

          It is 45" wide. It extends about 13-14" past the bumper.

        • Does this come with the upright struts?


          It does, the struts are for the 82-00.5 DS models. If you have a 2000.5 and newer you would reuse your original equipment factory rear struts.

        • Will this seat fit a club car A 8623 99053?


          Yes, you have a 1986 Club Car DS.

          Thank you.

        • what year model is S.N.---A0017885565?

          Based on your serial number you have a 2000 model year Club Car DS that was manufactured in the 17th week of the year. So your cart technically is a pre-2000.5 model year DS.

        • Is the aluminum frame silver in color?

          All of our components, whether steel or aluminum, have a powder coated black finish.

        • I have a 2007 club car Will this seat kit work for my cart model # AQ0717

          Yes, based on your serial number you do in fact have a DS model and this is the correct rear flip seat for your model.

        • Will this fit my Club Car AG0408

          Yes, you have a 2004 Club Car DS Gas model. This seat is designed for your model.

        • Will this fit on my 2007 golf & country by western

          Unfortunately this seat will not work on your Western cart. We currently do make a seat for your model.

        • I’m looking for rear seat for club car aq0804-867646. I’m just not sure which model seat I should purchase . Thank you

          Based on your serial number you have a 2008 Club Car DS model. The correct rear flip seat for your cart can be found here:

        • Do the front seat back rests mount onto this?

          This DS flip seat kit includes new mounting trees that will replace your factory mounting trees. Your existing front seat backrest cushion will mount to the new mounting trees included in the rear seat kit.

        • Does this back seat fit my 1989 gas columbia par car

          Unfortunately this will not fit a Par Car. We do not offer a seat for your model at this time.

        • Is the aluminum version painted black also?

          Yes, the aluminum seat also has a powder coated black finish on it.

        • I have a 1990 serial number A9024-210741. Will this seat work?

          Yes, you have a 1990 Club Car DS.

        • There’s an option to buy seatbelts w/o bracket. Do I need a bracket as well or does this set up already have a bracket?

          You would not need the bracket if you are only purchasing seat belts for the rear seat.

        • is it necesssary to replace rear struts on my 1995 Club Car when adding the rear seat?

          Yes, you would have to use the replacements that come with the seat.

        • Do you have seat belts for the rear flip down seats?

          Yes, the seat belt kit for our rear seats can be found here:

        • Does this fit ezgo golf cart 1990

          No, you would need to order the rear seat that is specific to your cart.

        • I have a 1992 club car DS will this fit and does it have all hardware needed to mount it?

          Yes, this seat is designed to work on your cart and includes all necessary mounting hardware.

        • I have a 81 clubcart will the seat fit it and does it come with all the hardware and the roof Supports

          Yes, this seat kit will fit your year DS. It does come with new roof supports for your year, also.

        • 1993 club ds do i need roof support? Thanks

          Yes, for a 1993 model you will use the new roof supports that are included in this rear seat kit.

        • Will this seat fit Club Car Serial number PQ0639-687333

          You have a Club Car Precedent model based on your serial number starting with the letter "P". The seat for your cart can be found at this link:

        • Is shipping free?

          Yes, shipping is free on all of our products.

        • I have a club cart serial number A9829-675697. Will this seat fit my cart?

          Yes, this seat is designed for your cart. You have a 1998 Club Car DS model.

        • Will it fit 2005 club car. Serial number is AQ0339-329469

          Yes, you have a Club Car DS model 2003 model. This seat is designed for your cart.

        • Will this fit my 1993 club car? First letter in serial number is A...

          Yes, this is the correct seat for your model Club Car.

        • I have a 1997 club car serial number starting with AG97. Will this work with my cart?

          Yes, this DS seat is compatible with all years Club Car DS models.

        • Is the aluminum version silver or black? Also, is this made in the USA?

          The aluminum seat also has a powdercoated black finish, just like the steel. This seat is made in northern Indiana.

        • Will this fit 1984 G1 yamaha

          No, this seat will only fit a Club Car DS. We do not offer a seat for the G1 Yamaha model.

        • Does it come with mounting instructions?

          Yes, full color instructions are included with the kit.

        • Will this seat fit a 1999 club car ds?

          Yes, it is made for all year Club Car DS models.

        • Can the footrest be folded up when seat isnt used? I'd like to minimize the space of the overall golf cart with backseat when storing it.

          This seat does not have a folding footrest. It is in a fixed position.

        • On this club car the roof is supported by the rear bracket

          This seat kit will come with new mounting trees for your rear roof supports to attach to. On DS carts older than 2000.5 you will use the new supports that come with the kit to mount to the new mounting trees. If your DS is newer than 2000.5 you will reuse your existing roof supports and mount those to the new mounting trees.

        • Will this seat fit a Melex 625e?

          Unfortunately this seat is only designed to work on a Club Car DS. We do not manufacture a seat for a Melex.

        • will your 1982 and up clubcar ds rear folding seat fit my clubcar A9022209600 thanks

          Yes, you have a 1990 model Club Car DS. This seat is designed to fit your cart.

        • Do you need and other hardware to attach this seat to a golf cart that currently has no back seat and no attachments for it.

          This kit includes everything you need to install on a cart which currently does not have a seat. It includes all the necessary mounting hardware.

        • Does this seat come with front seat brackets for back cushion?

          This kit includes new mounting trees that will replace your original mounting trees. The mounting trees are the brackets which have the back cushion and roof supports attached to.

        • Do you have 4 retractable seat belts that goes with this unit ( 2 front seat belts and 2 rear seat belts) and the cost. Does it require a separate bracket? Thanks

          Yes, the 4-person seat belt kit can be found here:

        • Will it fit A8625100331?

          Yes, the first letter of your Club Car Serial Number is "A" which indicates that your cart is a DS model. This is the correct seat for your cart.

        • Will this seat fit a Club Car with serial number A9622-501432 and how long will it take to receive it

          Yes, you have a Club Car DS model based on that serial number. This seat will work for your cart. Typically seat orders are shipped the following day of the order M-F. Thanks.