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3 Golf Cart Windshield Facts You Should Know About - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

3 Golf Cart Windshield Facts You Should Know About

Explore these three golf cart windshield facts you should know about when purchasing an aftermarket one for your vehicle.

Types of Cart Windshields

Depending on your needs for air circulation or street legality, there are a few different styles of golf cart windshields. Explore your options from the following models below.


A fold-down windshield has a joint that runs horizontally thru the middle of the glass. That way, you can fold the windscreen down to allow it to circulate. This style is the most common type used on stock issue carts.


A one-piece windshield is, as the name suggests, one solid piece. While being one-piece doesn't automatically make a windshield street legal, most are built to DOT specifications.


Roll-up windshields typically are made out of thin transparent vinyl that can easily be rolled up and stowed away when not in use. While it won't provide any protection in the case of a crash, it is excellent at shielding drivers from rain.


A winged windshield has extra flaps on the sides of the glass to protect passengers from rain and wind. If you use your cart in an especially cold or windy place, this could be very helpful in keeping you warm while driving.


The thickness of a golf cart windshield is about 3/16" or 1/4". The thick the material, the more resistant it will be to damage. However, this won't affect the fit between different carts. The main determining factor when finding the correct shield is the size of the cart's roof. Each roof has its own sized struts for attachment, so you'll need to match those requirements when looking at golf cart windshields for sale. You can typically find exact measurements on your manufacturer's website, but you also can measure the roof yourself.


They make cart windshields typically out of some mixture of acrylic glass and polycarbonate material. Acrylic glass is actually a plastic that is very scratch-resistant. Then, the strength of the shield comes from the polycarbonate. Combined, they make a highly durable material.

After learning these three golf cart windshield facts you should know, you can find the right one to fit your driving needs. Whenever it's time to make upgrades or repairs to your golf cart, shop at Golf Cart Stuff to find all the parts you need.

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