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Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!

Golf Cart Chargers

Battery chargers for 36-volt and 48-volt Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts

Golf Cart Battery Chargers for Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha Carts

  • 36-volt golf cart chargers
  • 48-volt golf cart chargers

Available for the following models:

  • Club Car: DS | Precedent | Tempo / Onward
  • EZGO: TXT | RXV | Express
  • Yamaha: G19 | G20 | G22 | Drive (G29) | Drive2
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Instamatic® Golf Cart Chargers

Cutting-edge technology. Unbeatable performance. With Instamatic® you won't have to worry about charging your batteries ever again.

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Charger Sub-Collections

Battery Chargers for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha Golf Carts

Golf Cart Stuff™ Battery Chargers include: 

  • Intelligent Curve Technology - Charge Safely and Efficiently for regular use or long-term storage. 
  • Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature Protection - Life Insurance for your batteries
  • IP65 Dust & Splash-Proof - The highest protection rating available!
*See our write-up at the bottom of this page, or the individual product pages, for a more technical explanation of the different features*

Golf Cart Stuff™ golf cart battery chargers cost less and come packed with more safety features than other chargers on the market. These chargers are lightweight at under 8 pounds, and come in a sleek, compact design for ease of use and storage.
All GCS™ battery chargers plug directly into your golf cart and draw their power from standard household outlets with no adaptors required.

Whether your golf cart is a Yamaha, EZGO, or Club Car, or one of each, we have the best chargers for your batteries. Shop below! 

Golf Cart Charger Information and FAQ's

What To Look For In A Golf Cart Charger

The charger on your golf cart may seem like an afterthought and a non-essential piece of equipment for your cart. All it has to do is put energy into your batteries, right? If that is how you are thinking- think again. When it comes to the health of your golf cart's batteries, your charger may be the MOST important thing to consider. How well your charger interacts with and charges your batteries will have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of your batteries. As a result, it is imperative that when you replace your charger, you find a charger that is manufactured by a reputable company with the quality and safety features necessary that your cart needs.

What Are All the Protections On Your Chargers?
Intelligent Charge Curve

An intelligent charge curve means that our chargers charge your cart in the safest and most efficient way possible. When your batteries are low, our chargers will rapidly charge your cart to get you the most amount of charge in the shortest period of time. However, it is not good for batteries to continue to receive high amounts of charge when they are full, so to mitigate this issue, our chargers will decrease the input charge the more full your batteries become. As an illustration- think of filling an empty bucket with water. When the bucket is empty, you can turn the hose on full blast without concern of overflow. However, when the bucket gets close to the top, you slowly release the hose to slow down the rate of water to keep the bucket from overflowing. This is exactly how our chargers work- they read the battery level and charge according to prevent "over-charging, " which can stress your batteries and reduce their lifespan.

Over-Current | Over-Voltage | Over-Temperature Protection

These terms represent some of the main protective elements included with our chargers. These terms all refer to similar actions with some slight differences. Over-current protection is what protects your charger (and, as a result, the electrical elements in your cart) from short circuits. Over-current happens when the current flowing through a conductor or device (in this case, a charger) is over the designed value. This type of protection is typically instant and relies on circuit breakers, fuses, and other devices. Over-temperature protection is somewhat similar to over-current, but this protects your charger and cart from a running current that can cause your charger to overheat. Lastly, over-voltage protection keeps your cart's electrical system safe by keeping more voltage from entering your cart and causing damage.

IP65 Dust and Splash-Proof

IP stands for "Ingress Protection," a standardized system used to determine how well electrical components can repel dirt, dust, debris, and water. When looking at the numbers, the first number is how well the electrical device repels solid materialsand the second number represents how well the component repels liquids. A rating of 6 is the highest rating an electrical device can receive against solid material. This rating indicates that our chargers are dust-tight and will not allow small or fine particles to enter the charger, negatively impacting its performance. A rating of 5 means that our chargers can withstand a direct projection of water aimed directly at the charger without any negative effects. All in all, an IP rating of 65 would indicate that our chargers will be able to take some of nature's worst and still reliably charge your cart. Even though our chargers offer a high degree of protection, it is best to charge your cart indoors and not directly expose your charger to unfavorable weather or conditions.

Additional Features

In addition to the above features listed above, our chargers also come with the following benefits:

  • Only 7.5lbs
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • External Cooling Fan
  • Built-in mounting tabs
  • Automatic shut off at full charge
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