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Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.
Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.

EZGO Golf Cart Lift Kits

Premium Lift Kits For EZGO TXT, RXV, and Marathon Golf Carts

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EZGO golf carts are known for having the largest wheel wells in the Golf Cart industry. These carts can accommodate the broadest range of wheel and tire sizes without needing a suspension lift kit. However, for those intending to transform their golf cart into a true beast machine, there are still situations and tire sizes that will require you to install a lift kit. 

Golf Cart Stuff™ stocks lift kits for EZGO TXT, RXV, and Marathon carts, and we only carry lift kits from the top-notch manufacturers you've come to know and love such as Jake's™, MadJax™, GTW™, SGC™, and RHOX™, so you can shop with confidence!

For a full deep dive on EZGO Lift Kits: the differences between the different styles, difficulty of installation, and benefits for each cart model, check out our comprehensive Lift Kit Guide for everything you need to know to make the most informed decision.

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EZGO Lift Kit Sub-Collections

EZGO Lift Kit Sizing Guide

Non-Lifted EZGO golf cart wheel and tire measurements

18"-20" Wheel and Tire Combinations

Wheel and tire combinations with a max height of 20" in overall diameter will not require a lift kit

Lifted EZGO Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Sizing Guide for 22"-23" Wheel and Tire Combos

22"-23" Wheel and Tire Combinations

• 22" Overall Diameter •

Minimum 3" Lift Kit Required

• 23" Overall Diameter •

Minimum 5"/6" Lift Ki t Required

3 Reasons Your EZGO Golf Cart Needs a Lift Kit:

It can be overwhelming to face your stock EZGO golf cart and determine where and what to begin adding on to customize your ride to your lifestyle.

A lift kit from Golf Cart Stuff™ is the perfect place to begin your golf cart modification journey. A lift kit lays a great foundation to build around, as raising the frame of your cart is a prerequisite for many aftermarket wheel & tire sets and off-course activities.

1. Improved Suspension = More Comfort when traveling on uneven surfaces or roadways.

2. Larger Tires = More Exploring on off-road trails, campgrounds, hunting property, etc.

3. Increased Clearance = More Off-Road ability clear branches, brush, debris, and rocks without damaging your cart's undercarriage.

For more information on golf cart lift kits, check out ourgolf cart lift kit overview!

Friends in High Places

To Golf Cart Stuff™, you are more than just another order number. You are a real golf cart owner spending your hard-earned money on accessories to tailor your ride to suit your recreational lifestyle. From Novice all the way to Expert, our mission is to provide you with onlyquality accessory options to begin with, and offer knowledgeable support before, during, and long after you make a purchase.

Investing in a lift kit for your EZGO is an important decision. After all, you're modifying you golf cart's suspension, not just attaching a bluetooth speaker to the roof. GCS™ chooses to partner with the absolute best-known, highest-rated lift kit manufacturers to take the worry out of your purchase.

Lift Kits from Jake's®, MadJax®, GTW®, and Steeleng® bring you 3", 4", 5" and 6" heights, in Block, Spindle, Drop Axle, A-Arm, and Heavy Duty Double A-Arm designs.

Compatible with EZGO models:
TXT (1994 and newer)
RXV (2008-2013.5)
Marathon (1975-1993).

A quick description of each type of lift kit:

Block Lift KitsEasiest to install, lowest-height lift kits available. Allows for up to 22" tires

Spindle Lift Kits: Next easiest to install, with less parts to replace than other styles. Available in multiple heights for stability on light-duty applications (street-legal use, light trails, etc.) Allows up to 23" tires.

*Drop Axle Lift Kits: Most Commonlift kit for EZGO TXT and Marathon Golf Carts.* Replaces the entire front axle of the golf cart. Provides added stiffness to the suspension. Economically priced and easier to install than other lift kit varieties. Great overall value.

A-Arm Lift KitsReinforced version of a Spindle Lift kit - replaces the entirety of the golf cart's front suspension. Added comfort and reliability for rugged, off-road driving surfaces. Allows up to 23" tires.

While we offer a wide selection of lift kits, keep in mind only certain styles will work with your EZGO. We provide filters to narrow down your exact model to ensure you are only browsing options that are compatible with your golf cart.

Other Considerations

Since you will already have most of the front end of your golf cart taken apart for this installation, it's the perfect time to consider replacing other suspension components to save you the downtime later. For example, it is almost always recommended to replace your Leaf Springs when installing a new lift kit.

Giving your cart's undercarriage a thorough look-over while you've got it unassembled is an important precautionary step. It would be disappointing to do all this work to lift your golf cart, just to have a weakened joint fail on your test ride. Check bearings, bushings, joints, pivot points, arms, and any other accessible components.Knowing everything is solid before you head out will allow you to blaze the trails with total confidence.

If you want to know even more about all the different types of lift kits, their individual benefits, and the accompanying installation difficulty before making your decision, you can not miss Golf Cart Stuff's extensiveLift Kit Guide. This guide is chock-full of helpful information so you can be sure you're making the most educated upgrades to your cart.

Beyond the Sale

Your lift kit and other goodies arrived way earlier than expected. You must not have heard that westockeverythingwesell at our facility in Elkhart, Indiana!

You're either already set up in the garage chomping at the bit to get started, or you're wondering where the heck to begin.

First, rest assured, because all of our lift kits come with the most up-to-date written instructions available, a digital version of the same instructions (found on each lift kit product page)and there are a ton of video resources available on YouTube if you search by your EZGO model and lift kit brand.

Every lift kit also comes complete with all the hardware you'll need to complete the installation, saving you those annoying trips to the hardware store.

What You Need:

Installing your new lift kit is something that is totally achievable on your own with just a few common tools that you either already have in your garage already. If not, you shouldn't have a problem borrowing something from a friend (and keep them nearby- it's always nice to have a second set of hands!)

- Flat, Solid Workspace
- Floor Jack & Jack Stands
- Impact Wrench / Socket Wrench (various sizes)
- Pliers
- Mallet
- Containers to organize removed hardware

At any point along your journey, GCS has the in-house expertise to help you. From understanding the products to troubleshooting during installation. It's as simple as a call, text, or email, and it's our honor and privilege to be your trusted source along the way.

Final Note & Pro Tip!

LAST STEP:The most important final step to installing your new lift kit is properly aligning the golf cart. To keep on trend (encouraging your ability to tackle projects yourself), we dedicated an entire blog post to explain step-by-step how-to DIY your golf cart's alignment, and why it's so important to the safety and performance of your cart and the lifespan of many supporting components.

PRO TIP: Take photosbefore you begin, specifically of tricky areas that you will disassemble, and then need to re-assemble later on. This will be a huge help and save you time and frustration if you become unsure of anything.

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