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Golf Cart Lift Kit Guide

About Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf Cart Stuff Precedent Lift Kit

Golf Carts have become more than just a means of transportation from one side of a golf course to another. They now act as an automobile for anyone who wishes to ride in style and comfort, no matter the terrain. Golf Cart lift kits are one way to ensure your cart makes it over those rough patches and can traverse the long routes. 

A golf cart lift kit is an added extension of parts to your cart that can increase the height by 3”- 8”. This can give your cart greater clearance when traveling over different terrains and help to support the body of the vehicle. 

Once you have installed a lift kit, you can also increase the size of your tires to give you a safe, smoother ride. With these additional features, your cart can become the perfect vehicle you were looking for. 

Why Do I Need a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

Golf cart lifts are beneficial for more than one reason. With the addition of lifts, you can enhance off-road capabilities. The added height gives you more clearances on dirt paths and other non-paved surfaces with ease while providing more space for larger wheels as well. Just as good, a lift kit can seriously improve the look of your cart as you tailor it to your specifications. 

There are customization options that you can add to your lift to make your cart exactly how you want it. Some of those include the many options for customized wheel and tire looks that you can purchase to add to your cart, such as theVampire Black/Machined Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels

The height of your lift will determine which wheel and tires will work best for your specific cart. As you shop for tires or wheel and tire combos, you can use ourwheel and tire lift kit guide to make sure you know what kit you’ll need for the tires you choose. Most accessories like tires, suspensions, and even diamond plate accessories, are made to go hand-in-hand with your lift kit. 

Types of Lift Kits

When it comes to lift kits for your cart you must remember that only a few are actually compatible to fit your cart safely. There are several make and models available, however, only a certain number of them can perfectly fit your cart. On top of that, each lift kit has it's own level of installation difficulty. Rest assured, we can help you find the perfect fit for your cart. Whether you have aYamaha,Club Car, or anEZ-GO golf cart, you can find everything you need. 

If you are unsure of what golf cart you have or need to find out your specific model, you can use our guides tailored for Yamaha,EZGO, orClub Car carts.

Block Lift Kit

How it works: The Block lift kit involves small spacer blocks that get added into the suspension area of the cart that raise the cart to the specified lift height. These are the easiest to install of all the kits and are perfect for adjusting you cart for various wheel sizes. 

Best For:The customers who are content with all the factory parts of their cart and simply want to increase the height. The added height helps increase the versatility of the cart and the potential wheel sizes. 

Price:Low to Mid 

Installation Difficulty:The easiest lift kit to install. It doesn’t require the replacement of any factory parts. 

Example Photos:

SGC™ Block Lift Kit Example Photo             1" Low Profile Club Car DS Lift Kit

Spindle Lift Kit

How it works:This lift kit replaces the spindle that attaches from the wheel hub to the control arms. While it adds to the height and stability of the cart, it is not ideal for true off-roading and rough terrain. However, this lift thoroughly lengthens the wheelbase for that added stability you might be looking for. 

Best For:The customer who wants to increase the height of their golf cart, add more stability, but doesn’t want a major project. Ideal for anyone who wants to accomplish “normal” driving- golf courses, main roads, and light trails. 


Installation Difficulty:Strong, safe, and easy to install. Spindle lift kits require you to replace your current steering arms and spindles. Spindles are the part of the cart that attaches to the wheel hubs and connect the wheels to your cart. The steering arms are the levers that control the axle movement.

After the Block lift kits, these are the next easiest to install. There are fewer parts to replace than in a Drop Axle, A-Arm or Long travel lift kit.

Example Installation Video:


Drop Axle Lift Kit

How it works:The drop axle kit completely replaces the front axle of the cart. Aside from replacing the axle, everything else in the cart can stay the same, although a few adjustments may need to be made to the cart's spindles. While this lift adds an increase in stability, it also adds a bit more stiffness to the cart that you might not find with the other lift kits. 

Best For:The customer who is looking for the value play–not too expensive, not too difficult to install. It gives you a stabilized lift with minimal effort. This is the most common lift forEZ-GO TXT as well as Marathon carts. 

Price:Low to Mid 

Installation Difficulty:As the name implies, a drop axle lift kit replaces your front axle to increase the height of your cart. During installation, you will re-use all your factory suspension and steering parts but may need to do some modifications to get them installed on the new axle. This is a bit more technical than replacing the Spindle Lift kits.

Example Photo:

SGC™ TXT Drop Axle Parts Photo

A-Arm Lift Kit

How it works:The A-Arm is a reinforced version of the Spindle lift kit. This version completely replaces the front suspension of your golf cart to give you a more reliable ride. It can be a great addition for increased durability and has a few different options (regular and heavy duty) to be customized to your liking. 

Best For:Anyone who will be riding over rougher terrain, but still wants a smooth ride will benefit from getting this lift. If you are truly looking for an upgrade the A-Arm would be the perfect fit for you. 

Price:Mid to High 

Installation Difficulty:A-Arm lift kits require the same installation as the Spindle, but also requires the removal and replacement of the A-Arms, which attach to the Spindles, as well as the front suspension. Installation involves replacing all the components on the front end of the cart except for the sub-assembly frame, the steering column, and the tie rods.

Example Parts Photo:

MadJax™ 6 Inch HD A-Arm Lift Kit Parts Photo for Club Car DS

Long Travel Lift Kit

How it works:This lift kit provides long extension arms that provide the ultimate in cart comfort and durability. By far the most luxurious of the lift kits, the Long Travel gets it's name from how far the suspension will travel rather than how far you drive your cart. With these lifts, rough terrain and bumpy roads become a breeze to ride over, as the added bouncy springs absorb every shock and discomfort. 

Best For:Anyone who wants a comfortable and luxurious experience on their golf carts. These kits provide the best off-road experience in the bunch. 


Installation Difficulty: Long travel lift kits require you to completely replace your cart's front end. The long travel lift kits provide you with a new sub-assembly frame, new shocks, new A-arms and new spindles. This is the most comprehensive of all lift kits as you will be removing and replacing the most amount of parts.

Example Installation Video:


Shop With Confidence 

The benefits of lift kits are undeniable, especially for anyone who uses their cart on unpaved paths like dirt trails on the campground, on a fishing trip, or elsewhere. Start shopping for lift kits that fit your Yamaha,Club Car, orEZGO cart today. 

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