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Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.
Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

Yamaha Drive2 golf cart with a lift kit installed

Lift Kits For Yamaha G Series | G29 (Drive) | Drive2 Golf Carts

Available For The Following G Series Models

G2| G8| G9| G14| G16 | G19| G20| G22

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When it comes to lift kits on your Yamaha golf cart, your specific model is an important piece of information. The year of manufacture and model of your cart will impact when you will need to add a lift kit and what size lift you will need.

Questions about sizing?Scroll to the bottom of the page for a sizing guide.

All of our lift kits come from quality manufacturers such as Jake's®, MadJax®, GTW™, SGC®, and RHOX™ so you can be assured that the lift kit you purchase from us will have the quality you expect.  Check out our lift kit options below!

Click here to view our helpful Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit Guide covering everything you need to know to select the perfect lift kit for your unique golf cart journey.   

Yamaha Lift Kit Sizing Guide

Yamaha Wheel and Tire Measurements for 18"-20" in Overall Diameter

18"-20" Wheel and Tire Combinations

• 18" In Overall Height •

Fits any Yamaha golf cart without a lift kit

• 20" In Overall Height •

G1 | G2 | G8 | G9 | G14 | G16 | G19 | G20 | G22 models require a minimum of a 3" lift.

G29 (Drive)- No Lift Required

Drive2- No Lift Kit Required

Yamaha Wheel and Tire Measurements for 22"-23" Overall Height Combinations

22"-23" Wheel and Tire Combinations

• 22" In Overall Height •

G1 | G2 | G8 | G9 | G14 | G16 | G19 | G20 | G22 models require a minimum of a 5" lift.

G29 (Drive)- Requires a minimum 3" Lift

Drive2- Requires a minimum 3" Lift

• 23" In Overall Height •

G1 | G2 | G8 | G9 | G14 | G16 | G19 | G20 | G22 models require a minimum of a 6" lift.

G29 (Drive)- Requires a minimum 5"/6" Lift

Drive2- Requires a minimum 5"/6" Lift

Raise the Bar | Lift Your Yamaha Golf Cart

You invested in a Yamaha Golf Cart because the brand is synonymous with superior-quality, high-performance products- from motorcycles to musical instruments. Because you receive that high quality from the factory, it can be easy to overlook the available aftermarket options to allow your Yamaha Golf Cart's full potential to shine through.

Golf Cart Stuff™ can help you reach new heights! 

GCS™ believes in quality first. From partnering with the best manufacturers in the golf cart parts industry to our knowledgeable staff with years of industry knowledge under their belts, your best experience is always at the forefront for us. 

Proud Partners

Jake's® | MadJax® | SGC® | GTW™ | RHOX

Why Your Yamaha Needs a Lift Kit

If driving down gravel or other unpaved pathways is fierce enough to shake your teeth loose, something as minimal as a 3-inch lift will help absorb all those bumps and give everyone a smooth, pleasant ride.

If you're going for extreme performance and an aggressive appeal, we've also got you covered there. When you see your Yamaha Golf Cart sitting high on a 6-inch A-Arm Lift Kit, and take it off-road for the first time to cruise through brush and debris like the breeze, the only question you'll ask is why you didn't do this sooner.

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits are available in the following styles: Block, Spindle, A-Arm, Coil-Over-Shock, and Heavy Duty, in heights from 3"-6".

Whether you have a G2 or Drive2, Yamaha boasts the widest selection of lift kit heights and styles available. With so many options in the shop, make sure to choose your model from the filter provided to see the options compatible with your specific cart.

Types of Lift Kits

Block Lift Kits: Easiest to install. Allows up to 22" offset tires. Entry-level & light-duty lift kit. 

Spindle Lift Kits: Next easiest to install, with fewer parts to replace than others. Provides stability on light-to-medium-duty applications (street-legal use, light trails, etc.) Allows up to 23" tires.

A-Arm Lift Kits: Reinforced version of a Spindle Lift. Replaces the whole front suspension. Delivers added comfort and reliability for rugged, off-road driving surfaces. Allows up to 23" tires.


As with many aftermarket golf cart accessories, lift kits are also something you can install from the familiarity of your own garage, using standard tools that you probably already have on hand. But, the right resources can make all the difference, no matter your experience level. We've got you covered with written instructions in every package, a digital version of the instructions on every product page, and, of course, call/text/email support from our in-house product experts at any stage along the way.

Tools Needed:
- Flat, Solid Workspace
- Floor Jack & Jack Stands
- Impact Wrench / Socket Wrench (various sizes)
- Pliers
- Allen Wrench
- Containers to organize removed hardware

*All required NEW hardware will be included in your lift kit* 

Timely Considerations

Since a good bit of your cart will already be unassembled for this installation, it's an ideal time to inspect (and replace, where necessary) any aged, worn, or damaged components. For example, it is recommended to replace your leaf springs when installing a new lift kit. Or, if you are accompanying your new lift kit with wheels and tires, you may want to pay special attention to those areas.

It would be disappointing to do all this work to lift your golf cart, just to have a weak spot fail and damage your cart. Check and maintain all bearings, bushings, joints, pivot points, arms, and other accessible components while you have the opportunity. Knowing everything is solid before you roll out will allow you to ride in confidence and comfort for years to come. 

Pro-Tips from GCS™

DON'T SKIP THIS final step to installing your new lift kit. Now that you've completely transformed your suspension, the last step before taking her out for a test ride is to align the golf cart appropriately. To continue our theme of encouraging your ability to tackle projects yourself, we dedicated an entire blog post to DIY your golf cart's alignment. Step-by-step, we cover how to complete the process of aligning your golf cart, provide you with other excellent resources on the topic, and explain why proper alignment is so crucial to the safety and performance of your cart and the lifespan of many supporting components. 

Bonus Tip: Grab your smartphone and take photos before you begin and as you go, primarily in tricky areas you will unassemble and then need to put back together later. These photos will significantly help to save you time and confusion if you are unsure of anything during assembly.

Keep Learning!

If you want to know even more about all the different types of lift kits, their individual benefits, and the accompanying installation difficulty before making your decision, you can not miss Golf Cart Stuff's Lift Kit Overview. This guide is chock-full of helpful information so you can be sure you're making the most educated upgrades to your cart.

When your Golf Cart community has to know where you sourced your premium lift kit, send them right back here for the same wide selection, expert service, and unmatched quality that you've come to know and trust from GCS™.

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