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Lifted Club Car DS golf cart

Golf Cart Lift Kits: An Overview

Author Photo: Christian Attlesey

Author: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 2-3 minutes

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Golf carts are no longer just for the golf course. Due to their small size, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements, golf carts have become popular transportation options in residential communities, parks, and other outdoor spaces.

One golf cart accessory item that has grown in popularity in proportion to golf carts is lift kits. Lift kits are especially popular for those looking to customize their golf carts for off-road use, hunting, or those wanting to make them look more rugged.

In this blog post, we will explore the different types of golf cart lift kits, the benefits and drawbacks of lifting your golf cart, the cost of a golf cart lift kit, and last but certainly not least, how to install one.

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Types of Golf Cart Lift Kits

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Several golf cart lift kits are available, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most common types of golf cart lift kits:

  1. Block Lift Kit: This is the most affordable type of lift kit available for golf carts. Block lift kits are also easy to install, making them a popular choice for those who want to lift their golf cart on a budget. Block lift kits are installed by adding blocks between the axle and leaf spring, raising the cart's height. Please note that block lift kits do not replace any of your golf cart's suspension components.
  2. Spindle Lift Kit: A spindle lift kit is installed by replacing the golf cart's front spindle with a taller one. This lift kit allows more clearance between the ground and the cart's undercarriage. Spindle lift kits are ideal for those who want to lift their golf cart for aesthetic purposes, giving the cart a more aggressive look. These lift kits are also great for light-duty off-roading. Like block lift kits, most of the golf cart's stock suspension components are not replaced.
  3. Drop-Axle Lift Kit: A drop-axle lift kit is installed by replacing the golf cart's front axle with a new, longer one. This type of lift kit is typically only available for EZGO TXT and Marathon golf carts due to the construction of their front end. Drop-axle lift kits are ideal for those who want a simple replacement part to lift their cart and keep their factory suspension the same.
  4. A-Arm Lift Kit: An A-arm lift kit is installed by replacing the golf cart's front suspension with a new, more robust one. Designed for more aggressive off-road driving, this lift kit allows for a greater range of motion when driving on rough terrain. Because most of the front end of the golf cart is replaced, A-arm lift kits are more intensive in their installation.
  5. Long Travel Lift Kit: A long travel lift kit is the most expensive and complex lift kit available for golf carts. This lift kit replaces the golf cart's entire front-end suspension system. Long-travel kits are designed to be used on the roughest terrain and for those bringing their golf cart into extreme environments. Please note that "long travel" refers to the distance the suspension arms travel, not the distance in driving your cart. 

Benefits of Lifting Your Golf Cart

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There are several benefits to lifting your golf cart. First and foremost, a lifted golf cart allows you to traverse rough terrain easily.

Whether using your golf cart to explore the backcountry or just navigating the uneven terrain of your local park, a lifted golf cart gives you greater ground clearance and makes it easier to maneuver over obstacles.

In addition to opening up the range of where you can drive your golf cart, lifting it can also give it a more aggressive look. A lift kit is an easy way to personalize your golf cart and make it stand out from the crowd.

Drawbacks of Lifting Your Golf Cart

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While there are many benefits to lifting your golf cart, there are also some drawbacks to consider. First and foremost, lifting your golf cart can be expensive.

Depending on the type of lift kit you choose and the installation method, you could be looking at several hundred or even thousands of dollars in costs (golf cart shops aren't known for their cheap labor costs).

Lifting your golf cart can also affect its stability and handling. A lifted golf cart has a higher center of gravity, making it more prone to tipping over, especially when taking sharp turns. Additionally, a lifted golf cart may not handle as well as a stock golf cart, particularly when driving at higher speeds.

Installing A Golf Cart Lift Kit

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Installing a golf cart lift kit can be challenging, but anyone can do it with the right tools and instructions. Here are some basic steps to follow when installing a golf cart lift kit:


*Please note: Each golf cart lift kit and lift kit manufacturer has different installation procedures. Follow all the instructions provided with your specific lift kit.

  1. First, gather all the necessary tools and equipment, including a jack, jack stands, wrenches, sockets, and torque wrench.
  2. Lift the golf cart off the ground using a jack and secure it with jack stands.
  3. Remove the wheels and tires from the golf cart.
  4. Depending on the type of lift kit you are installing, you may need to remove the existing suspension components, such as the front spindle or axle. For more information, see the lift kit types above.
  5. Install the new lift kit components according to the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to torque all bolts and nuts to the manufacturer's specifications.
  6. Reinstall the wheels and tires.
  7. Test drive the golf cart to ensure that it is running smoothly and that there are no issues with the new lift kit.
  8. Finally, make any necessary adjustments to the golf cart's alignment to ensure it is properly aligned.

It is important to note that installing a golf cart lift kit can be a complex and time-consuming task; we recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional if you are not experienced with this type of work.

For more detailed information on golf cart lift kits, check out our golf cart lift kit guide!

Concluding Thoughts

Golf cart lift kits can look intimidating. Lots of small parts and lots of work to get everything removed from your cart and put back together. We get it. Hopefully, this article has clarified the benefits and drawbacks of installing a lift kit on your cart.

In addition, if you decide that putting a lift kit on your golf cart is the right move, we hope this article has helped you determine what would work best. If you still have questions, drop them in the comments below or contact us directly; we would be glad to help!


Author Photo: Christian Attlesey
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