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Free Shipping On Every Order!
Free Shipping On Every Order!

Custom Golf Cart Wheel & Tire Builder

Welcome to the greatest golf cart wheel and tire builder around! Until now, it was impossible to combine different wheels and tires from different manufacturers into a combo, but not anymore. With Golf Cart Stuff's wheel and tire builder, you can find your favorite wheel and your favorite tire and combine them into one without any issue.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for important details regarding how to use the custom wheel and tire combo and important information about delivery times!

Unlimited Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combinations

Unlimited Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combinations

While other manufacturers limit what you can put on your golf cart, GOLFCARTSTUFF™ gives you more. Due to our in-house mounting capabilities, we can combine virtually any golf cart wheel and golf cart tire available on the market today.

How It Works

  • Select your preferred wheel
  • Select your preferred tire (size must match wheel size)
  • Add to your cart and complete your checkout (Add four tires and four wheels to your cart for a complete set)
  • The wheels and tires will be shipped to our warehouse, and our team will get them mounted together and shipped to your door

Are some of these wheels and tires available as pre-mounted combos?

Yes, some of these wheels and tires are available as pre-mounted combos. As a result, if you find something that you like, we recommend confirming that is not available for sale as a pre-mounted combo first.

How long will it take to get my wheels and tires?

Due to the custom nature of these wheels and tires, delivery to you will require extra time. Rest assured though, that we will get your wheels and tires ordered, mounted, and shipped in the fastest time frame possible!