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Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!
Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!

14” Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combos

14" Golf cart wheels and tires installed on a golf cart

14in Golf Cart Wheels with Street/ and Off-Road Tires

Available for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Star EV and ICON golf carts in the following sizes:

  • 20" Overall Diameter
  • 22" Overall Diameter
  • 23" Overall Diameter
14" Wheel Combos

20"-23" in overall height

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14" Golf Cart Rims & Tires For Sale

At Golf Cart Stuff, we make it easy to find the best tires for your lifted golf cart.

This selection includes high-quality 14” golf cart wheel and tire combos in various colors and tread patterns.

Whether you drive a Yamaha, Club Car, or EZGO model, you’ll find a package that’s perfect for your needs.

We understand that golf cart owners use their vehicles for many different purposes, including to ride on paved roads, wooded areas, and golf courses.

That’s why we offer options for off-roading, smooth terrain, and a combination of both. Browse our selection of 14” golf cart wheel and tire combos now to find the set you need. Oh and by the way, we have free shipping on all orders.

Understanding 14-inch golf cart wheel and tire combos

[ For more information, check out our 14" golf cart wheel and tire guide!Or keep scrolling for answers to general questions and a sizing guide. ]

If you have a lifted golf cart, 14" wheels and tires will go a long way to fill in your wheel wells and get your golf cart sitting nice and high.

14-inch wheels are popular due to the wheel's large diameter that will highlight your wheel choice and style.

The large metal surface is excellent for those who want to add something to their cart to help them stand out from the crowd. With a 14" wheel, you can still access multiple tire choices, such as street/low-profile and off-road tires.

This flexibility allows you to still choose your combination based on your riding style and terrain. Let's break down the various combinations below so you can see the pros and cons of each.

Do I Need A Lift Kit with 14" Wheels?

Most golf carts will require a lift kit if you plan on installing 14" wheels.

This is because 14" wheels are some of the largest golf cart wheels on the market today and, as a result, make any combination have a significant overall diameter.

The minimum overall diameter with 14" wheels is 20", with some of the largest varieties reaching over 24" in overall height (although 23" is the most common oversized combo).

The one caveat to that is that if you have an EZGO or Yamaha G29 (Drive) or Yamaha Drive2, you can install combinations that max out at 20" without needing a lift kit.

Club Car and Yamaha G Series carts on the other hand, will require a lift kit for any combination over 18" in overall diameter. For more information use the graph below!

14" Wheel and Tire Combination Examples

Low-Profile/Street Tires

You get a truly standout product when you purchase 14" wheels with low profile or street tires. This combination shows off more of your wheel and less of your tire. For some customers, this is precisely what they want as it highlights the beauty and "glam" that the wheel provides their cart. The downside to this type of combination is that with less tire on your wheel, you get less rubber and air to provide cushion for your ride. The smaller tire lessens the air pocket surrounding your wheel; therefore, you can often feel more of the bumps, cracks, and other changes in the driving surface. Because of this, most customers who purchase these wheel and tire combinations often drive on roads, golf courses, or well-maintained paths.

14" Vampire Gunmetal Machined Aluminum Wheel With Arisun Cruze Tire- Low Profile/Street Example

14" Street/Low-Profile Wheel and Tire Example

Pictured: 14" Vampire Gunmetal/Machined Aluminum Wheel with Arisun Cruze Tire

Off-Road Tires

A 14" wheel with off-road tires provides you with the largest and most aggressive combination you can have on your golf cart. These combinations usually reach 22 or 23 inches in overall height, which just about maxes out most combination heights. With the large wheel and oversized tires, you get a substantial grip and more cushioning to guide your cart over the most challenging terrain. Even with a large 14" wheel, the deep treads and thick rubber on the off-road tires will give you plenty of cushion so that riding over sticks, rocks, cracks, and bumps won't be easily felt. These wheels and tires work well on carts that drive around farms, through the woods, trails, or other poorly maintained surfaces. However, we don't recommend these for street use as they can "hum" and make "noise" when reaching high speeds on concrete or pavement. If that doesn't bother you, you can take these wherever you want!

14" Eagle matte black with Arisun X-trail Off-Road Tire Example

14" Off-Road Wheel and Tire Example

Pictured:14" Eagle Matte Black Wheel with Arisun X-Trail Tire

All-Terrain Tires

These tires are very similar to off-road tires, so much of the above paragraph will apply to these as well. The main difference between the tire tread on all-terrain tires versus off-road, however, is that all-terrain tires have a tread pattern that is closely grouped and goes in the direction of the rotation of the tire. This type of tread cuts down on the "noise" that can occur when driving on hard surfaces.

14" Caliber Gunmetal/Machined Aluminum Wheel with GTW Timberwolf Tire- All Terrain Tire Example

14" All-Terrain Wheel and Tire Example

Pictured:14" Caliber Gunmetal/Machined Aluminum Wheel with GTW Timberwolf Tire

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