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Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.
Memorial Day 2024 - We express gratitude for the bravery of the fallen American soldiers. Wishing everyone a Memorial Day filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.

Yamaha Golf Cart Rear Seats

Back Seats For Yamaha G2 | G8 | G9 | G14 | G16 | G19 | G20 | G22 | G29 (Drive) | Drive2 Golf Carts

Back Seats For Yamaha G2 | G8 | G9 | G14 | G16 | G19 | G20 | G22 | G29 (Drive) | Drive2 Golf Carts

Whether your Yamaha Golf Cart needs the added ability to carry more people or more of your belongings, the selection of Fold-Down Rear Seats from Golf Cart Stuff™ will give you the option to accomplish either in one convenient package.

Trusted Brands Only: All others need not apply

The GCS Gusto™ seat is an excellent economy rear flip seat. It is perfect for the Yamaha Golf Cart owner who wants to add a simple, reliable, fully-functional seat without much extra "stuff." These seats are available in steel or aluminum frame options, with equally comfortable and durable cushions, and a range of add-on options to customize to your needs. 

The Madjax® Genesis 250 rear seat is an upgraded version of the above Gusto™ seat but packed with many standard extras! A wider footplate, more robust metal tube frame, built-in cup holders, and a fold-up grab bar. This option from MadJax® is a luxurious back seat premium in form, fit, and function

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After you have your rear seat, head over to our rear seat accessories collection to find armrests, grab bars, golf bag attachments, and more!

GCS™  Quality - Trusted, Unmatched.

Upgrading your Yamaha Golf Cart is an exciting process. Once you begin your journey scouring the interweb for aftermarket golf cart accessories, it's easy to fall down a rabbit hole of paid opinions on what's best and "most necessary." Golf Cart Stuff™ is here to be your honest source for helpful information. Our opinions are our own, built on years of experience in golf carts and recreation, and we strive to give you realistic facts. We are real people driven to help real people trick out their golf carts by providing unmatched, knowledgeable service and premium quality products. 

Everyone's golf cart use is unique, but one thing we all can benefit from is more space. Adding a flip-down rear seat is the only way to add more carrying capacity to your Yamaha Golf Cart. Whether it's adding safety for the people riding on your Street-Legal Golf Cart LSV, storage for more stuff, or a combination of the two, Golf Cart Rear Seat Replacements from GCS™ have what you need to get your precious cargo wherever you want to go. We currently have two varieties of seats to choose from. We'll get into the features of both options, but don't think you're done there. We added some bonus accessories to the collection above to really finish off your back seat addition: Diamond Plate Cargo Bed, Cushioned cup holder armrests, a trailer hitch, a storage/cooler box, and more!  

The Golf Cart Stuff Gusto™ Yamaha Golf Cart rear flip-down seat kits are perfect, economical rear seat replacements completely Made in the USA from premium, marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials and designed for ultimate safety, comfort, and functionality.

These rear seats are compatible with Yamaha Golf Cart Models: G2, G8, G9, G14, G16, G19, G22, G29 (Drive), and Drive2

Every element of the GCS Gusto™ rear seat works concurrently to ensure longevity, durability, and functionality. Your choice of powder-coated steel or aluminum will resist corrosion. While the steel frame is strong and durable, it does weigh quite a bit more than the aluminum option (roughly 40 percent more). The aluminum rear seat weighs under 70 pounds as a complete kit. *We highly recommend the aluminum option for those living near the ocean or, alternately, if you drive on salted winter roads.

GCS Gusto rear flip seats have the capacity to seat two adults or quickly hinge (flip) down to create a large, flat bed for hauling all of your non-human cargo. 

We designed the seats themselves to be as enduring as the frame options. We only use high-density plastic backing boards that will not deteriorate and marine-grade foam and vinyl that is UV, mold, and mildew resistant. These seats are available in traditional, matching EZGO color options- Black, White, and Tan to suit your unique cart. 

The rear seat footrest plate is constructed from coordinating steel or aluminum, and you have the option to upgrade the floor of the cargo bed with a rugged and stylish Diamond Plate that will arrive conveniently pre-installed on your rear seat assembly.

Your seat comes complete with all the required hardware and clear, written instructions. This kit will easily mount onto the original holes in the frame, meaning no drilling is required. 

For visual instructions, we've included our in-depth "Gusto Rear Seat Installation" YouTube video below if you'd like to see more. 

* While you're at it, Subscribe to GCS on YouTube for even MORE helpful golf cart modification content!

Gusto Rear Flip Down Seat Installation Guide

MadJax® Genesis 250 | Club Car Rear Seats

You Know Them. You Love Them.

If you are looking for the best-known, highest-rated, and most premium Yamaha Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat in the industry, we're glad to help you conclude that search right here. We connected with the best out there because you and your high-performing Yamaha deserve the best. The MadJax® Genesis 250 Rear Flip Seat boasts the usual add-on luxurious features as a standard, giving you everything you never knew you needed in one complete package.  

This rear seat is available in Yamaha Golf Cart color-match options (white, black, tan, sandstone, buff, and gray) for the following Yamaha Golf Cart Models: G29 (Drive) & Drive2

*Standard Features on the MadJax® Genesis Rear Seat comparable to the features of the GCS Gusto™ Seats above:

- Standard molded color match cushions made of marine-grade vinyl, resistant to molding and fading

- Cushions are constructed from high-density plastic base plates, never with wood

- All hardware and written instructions included with seat, and available in video form (see below) 

*Where MadJax® stands out:

- High-strength, molded plastic interlocking cargo bed with diamond plate finish to prevent warping

- Integrated seat belt mounting system

- Integrated armrest drink holders

- "Quick Mount" accessory rail system

- Easy-fold rear footplate

- Rear Grab Bar included

Visual Installation Instructions:

Yamaha G29 (Drive): Installation video HERE

For more educational & helpful content, head on over to our Golf Cart Help Blog. We post regularly, and cover an assortment of relevant trends and happenings in the golf cart world! 

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