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Club Car Golf Cart Accessories

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Parts and Accessories For Club Car Golf Carts

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Club Car Models And Accessories

Club Car golf carts are extremely popular for golf courses and individual cart owners. Having been around for over 60 years, Club Car is a staple in the golf cart world. Whether you have an older model DS or Precedent or a newer Tempo or Onward you can trust the craftsmanship of your cart. 
One of the things that makes Club Car carts so great is how easy they are to customize. At Golf Cart Stuff, we have a large selection of different parts and accessories available so you can make your cart your own. Whether you need a windshield, LED lights, seat covers, or more, we have what you need!

Club Car carts are known for their durability and the many options available for adding accessories and custom parts. One great feature of Club Car carts is that all their frames are made from aluminum, so you won't ever have to worry about the frame rusting out and falling apart. Let's take a look at the different models, what makes them unique, and the best accessories for each of them. Please remember: There are many more accessory and part options available for Club Car golf carts than the ones we list below. These are some popular accessories and should hopefully help you see the many ways you can upgrade and customize your cart!

Club Car DS

For a complete line-up of our products made for the DS- check out ourClub Car DS Accessories and parts collection

Light Kits

Due to the age of the Club Car DS, very few (if any) of these carts had lights installed from the factory. As a result, light kits are one of the most popular accessories for the DS. Adding a light kit increases your driving timeframe window and improves your cart's safety. Our LED light kits are great additions to your DS as they come with easy-to-follow instructions and cutout templates. In addition, LEDs draw minimal power from your batteries, so you can use your lights without having to worry about draining your batteries.

Rear Seat Kits

It is common nowadays to buy a golf cart with a rear seat installed either directly from the factory or installed by a local dealer. Once again, due to the production age, that was not the case with the Club Car DS. If you don't have one, adding a rear seat will double your passenger capacity and give you an additional cargo tray for carrying extra items or gear. Keep in mind that a back seat will replace the sweater basket on your cart and requires a little bit of elbow grease to get installed. However, the payoff from having a rear seat and being able to travel with more family and friends makes that effort well spent! We offer Gusto™ and MadJax® brand rear seats with varying additional accessories so you can tailor your purchase to your preferred usage.

Seat Covers / Front Seat Replacements

Years of use and battling the elements can do a number on your golf cart's seats. As a result of all the rounds of golf or zips through the neighborhood, it's common for DS carts to have very worn front seat cushions and or covers. Getting the covers replaced or adding a brand new front seat can go a long way in making your cart more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. Whether you need just covers or a completely new seat depends on the health of the existing cushion base. For some customers, the cushions are just fine, but the vinyl covers have faded or are stained. On the other hand, other customers have chunks missing from the foam, or it is so worn that they sink right down to the base. In the first case, seat covers are acceptable; however, replacing the seat with damaged cushions is necessary. Seat covers are cheaper, but they require you to install them yourself. Replacement seats are more expensive, but all you have to do is remove your old seat, switch a few parts over to the new seat, set it in, and get going.

Club Car Precedent

For a complete line-up of our products made for the Precedent- Check out ourClub Car Precedent Accessories and Parts collection.

With production beginning in 2004, the Precedent was the next production model by Club Car. As with most new releases, this model was designed to be an upgrade in both performance and comfort from the DS. The carts featured a wider seat back and cushion base for enhanced comfort and an upgraded motor for better driving performance. Visually the Precedent is easily set apart by the large plastic bumper that wraps around the whole bottom edge of the body. Precedent golf carts were very popular on golf courses, and as courses would replace their fleets, they would trickle out to the public, making Precedents a very common consumer cart. Production of the Precedent continued until 2017 when the Tempo and Onward were introduced, and the Precedent slowly faded out of production. Here are some great accessory options for Precedent carts:

Light Kits

Similar to the DS, additional lights are popular among Precedent cart owners. The unique part about Precedent lights is that adding lights to the cart requires minimal work on the body cowl. The headlight for Precedent carts will mount underneath the body on the bumper, and the tail lights only require drilling two holes in the rear of your body to get your wires routed. Due to the minimal cutting required, installation is straightforward compared to other lights that need large holes to cut into the body for both headlights and tail lights. Please note that the year and the type of Precedent cart (gas or electric) matter for lights. From 2004 to the middle of 2008, Club Car pre-installed the main light wiring- referred to as the "bucket harness" in the carts from the factory. However, after the middle of 2008, the bucket harness was not included on their electric carts but was still included on gas carts. Confused? Don't worry; you aren't alone. The vital thing to know is whether your Precedent is gas or electric and its production year. If you have those two pieces of information, you have all the information required to buy the correct kit. Determining whether you have a gas or electric cart is pretty straightforward, and figuring out your year is just as easy once you find your serial number. Locate your serial number and find the first two numbers- those are the year of production. For example, a serial number that says "PQ09" would be a 2009 electric Precedent. Once you have this information, order your light kit accordingly.

Wheels and Tires

With such comfortable seats and a powerful motor, the next step to upgrading your Precedent is adding new wheels and tires! While stock Club Car carts can't fit wheel and tire combos over 18" in overall height, there are plenty of wheel and tire options for non-lifted and lifted Precedent carts. Adding new wheels and tires not only increases the "glam" of your cart but they can also improve ride quality. Picking the proper tire tread for your most driven terrain can make traversing that terrain smooth and easy. In addition to tire tread styles, there are various wheel colors and styles to choose from so you can find the perfect match for your cart's look and driving style.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are the perfect addition to any Precedent cart as they can transform your bland floorspace into a unique and eye-catching accent piece. In addition to the upgraded look, floor mats play an essential role in helping you, and your passengers safely get in and out of your cart. The floor mats from Xtreme® Mats and ClubClean™ feature upgraded rubber compounds and unique patterns to filter water and debris while maintaining their strength and integrity. Not only are floor mats great additions to your cart, but they are also one of the most easily installed accessories, with most installations completed in under 5 minutes.

Club Car Onward / Tempo

Club Car Tempos and Onwards are Club Car's newest model golf carts and are outfitted with the latest and best in technology, comfort, and style. According to Club Car, the Onward is geared more for personal use and transport, while the Tempo is more for utility and golf course fleet use. Due to the designed usage differences, the Onward has more options for the customer, such as four different gas and electric motor options. The Tempo, Onward, and Precedent share many similarities, with many accessories and parts interchangeable between the three. For example, the older style Tempos and Onwards had bodies that were interchangeable with Precedent carts and, as a result, could use Precedent light kits and rear seats. However, with each passing year, Club Car makes changes to the Tempo and Onward that continue to differentiate them from each other and the Precedent. In addition to the Precedent light kits, we also sell Tempo light kits for 2018 and newer Tempo carts. Here are some other popular Tempo / Onward accessories:

Lift Kits

Interchangeable between the Precedent, Tempo, and Onward, lift kits are a popular choice for cart owners who want to add off-road or larger tires. Lift kits for Club Cars come in various sizes, the most common being between 3"-6" inches. Adding a lift kit will take some mechanical know-how, but with the up-to-date instructions and videos we provide, you should be able to get a lift kit installed relatively stress-free. Once installed, you will have widened your range of options for wheels and tires and added greater ground clearance on your cart. Driving your golf cart off-road and riding over roots, small rocks, or other hazards will be nothing to worry about!


As great as Tempo and Onward carts are, the one thing they lack is a good sound system. By adding a Sound Extreme Bluetooth speaker, all that can change, and you can have the ultimate golf cart riding experience! A quality speaker, like the ones we sell from Sound Extreme, will give you outstanding audio quality while also being able to withstand nature's worst. In addition to the quality and protection provided, these speakers also come with mounting hardware for easy placement.


Available in both clear and tinted options, windshields are a great accessory to add as they can make driving in poor weather or windy days much more pleasant. Our windshields are made from 3/16" acrylic to provide excellent strength and flexibility without adding much additional weight to your cart. In addition, our windshields also hinge in the middle so you can switch been having your windshield opened or closed. This hinging option allows you to still enjoy the open air on days with great weather, but on days with rain or wind, you can flip your windshield up to get extra protection. Windshields install very quickly and are held in place by a few nuts and bolts and plastic sleeves for extra grip and security.

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