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Free Shipping on All Orders!! No Minimums!!

Club Car Windshields

Club Car Windshields- GCS™ ClearView™

Premium Clear and Tinted Windshields for Club Car Golf Carts

Available for the following Club Car models:

  • Club Car DS
  • Club Car Precedent
  • Club Car Tempo / Onward

Available in the following styles:

  • Genuine acrylic
  • Impact modified
92% Light Transfer Number Image
Light Transfer

Better optical clarity than glass→

10x More Impact Resistant Than Glass Number Image
More Impact Resistant Than Glass→
Image Displaying "100%"
Resistant To Yellowing Or Fading

True acrylic will not react with UV rays

Whether it's the first windshield for your cart or a replacement of a damaged or scratched windshield, you won't be disappointed installing one of our GCS™ ClearView™ golf cart windshields.

Materials: Our ClearView™ windshields are made right here in the USA from 3/16" acrylic for the right balance of strength, flexibility and impact resistance. 

Fold Down: Our Club Car windshields are fold down so you can easily swap between an open and closed view, depending on the weather, while the thick molded rubber clips on both the top and the bottom will ensure that your windshield stays secure in either position.
Included In Your Kit: On top of these features, we provide you with all the necessary windshield components for easy windshield installation.

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    Please use the provided filter to refine by your specific Club Car model

    Installing Your Club Car Windshield

    Out of all the accessories you can install on your Club Car, installing a windshield may be one of the easiest. In our windshield kits, you will receive plastic sleeves and some bolts and washers (Precedent only, DS will only receive sleeves- see below). These are the pieces that will hold the windshield in place on your cart.

    • Club Car DS- Begin by placing the plastic sleeves on the bottom portion of the DS windshield/roof support frame. Ensure that the part of the sleeve that holds the windshield is on the OUTSIDE of the frame- toward the front of the cart. Once those are installed, place the bottom portion of the windshield into the sleeves, making sure that the windshield is placed evenly across the bottom and test flip the windshield up to make sure the windshield is spaced properly across the vertical frame members. If everything lines up properly, attach the side sleeves to the windshield and the vertical frame members.
    • Club Car Precedent/Tempo/Onward- Begin installing your Precedent windshield by attaching the windshield bolt attachments at the bottom of the windshield and the bottom of the frame members. This ensures your windshield is spaced and lined up properly. Once the windshield is attached at the bolt hole attachment points, attach the plastic sleeves on both sides of the windshield and onto the vertical frame members.

    Club Car DS Windshield Mounting Hardware

    Club Car DS 1982-2000.5 Golf Cart Windshield Mounting Hardware

    Please note that Club Car DS carts will only use mounting sleeves, no nuts/bolts.

    Club Car DS Installation Example

    Club Car DS Windshield Installation Example

    Please note this windshield is installed on a 1982-mid2000 model Club Car DS but the installation process is the same for all years.

    Club Car Precedent / Onward / Tempo Windshield Mounting Hardware

    EZGO Golf Cart Windshield Mounting Hardware and Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Windshield Mounting Hardware

    For the Club Car Precedent you will receive two plastic sleeves and two bolts with various washers and nuts for attachment.

    Club Car Precedent / Onward / Tempo Windshield Installation Example Photos

    EZGO and Club Car Golf Cart Installed Windshield Photo

    Photos showing both the plastic sleeve attachment as well as the bolt hole attachment.

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