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Free Shipping on All Orders!! No Minimums!!
Free Shipping on All Orders!! No Minimums!!

Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Charger

Keep your Yamaha golf cart's batteries strong and healthy with one of our premier battery chargers from Reliance™.

Our chargers cost and weigh less than standard OEM chargers but provide so much more in the way of safety and reliability.

Golf Cart Chargers from Golf Cart Stuff™ come standard with state-of-the-art safety features, so you can charge your cart with peace of mind:
*Over-Voltage & Over-Current protection
*Over-Temperature Shutdown
*Short Circuit & No-Load Shutdown
*Automatic shut off at full charge

Now, you can plug in your charger and go about your day, knowing your cart will be safely charged in a few short hours.

Golf Cart Battery Charger

Our 48-volt chargers are available for the following Yamaha models:
Yamaha G19 | G20 | G22
Yamaha G29 (Drive)
Yamaha Drive2
    Please use the provided filters below to select your Yamaha model and out site will direct you to the exact, perfect charger for your cart! 

    Maintaining Golf Cart Batteries

    Whether your goal is to extend the life of the batteries you already have, or to do a better job with a new set of batteries, we've put together the most important tips to ensure you get the most life out of your investment.

    1. Use the correct battery charger-
    How you charge your batteries is the most crucial step to maintaining good battery health. First, ensure you have the correct voltage charger to match your golf cart's voltage. Next, check and compare the charger's features. Modern golf cart battery chargers come loaded with standard safety features that were missing from older models.

    *Intelligent Charge Curve - Charges your battery quickly when it's low and slows down as it fills up to reduce stress on your battery
    *Automatic shut off when fully charged
    *No-Load or Shirt-Circuit shut-off
    *Over-Current and Over-Temperature protection

    2. Protect your Golf Cart from the Elements -
    Golf Carts may be made for the outdoors, but just like any other vehicle, the more exposure they have to the elements, the quicker they will show signs of age, wear, and tear. It is recommended to store your cart in the garage, shed, or some variety of covered structures. If those are not available options, you should check out our golf cart covers to give you the first step in protecting against the harsh elements.

    3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures -
    Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, are the most formidable enemy of your golf cart batteries. These elements put heavy stress on your batteries and will deplete their output, ability to charge correctly, and overall lifespan.

    4. Disconnect Batteries for Storage -
    If your cart will be taking a 2-week or longer hiatus, we recommend disconnecting your batteries from the leads entirely. Even when your cart is not in use, the batteries still "trickle" out power to the different components, in time, leaving your batteries completely drained.

    For more technical battery information, please check out our recent blog post, or give us a call; send an email or text. We're always ready to help!

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