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Free Shipping on All Orders!! No Minimums!!

Club Car Light Kits

Golf Cart Lights

Basic and Street Legal Light Kits, Headlights, and Taillights for Club Car Golf Carts

Available For The Following Club Car Models

Club Car DS:Instamatic® Basic and Street Legal Light Kits

Club Car Precedent: Instamatic® Basic and Street Legal Light Kits

Club Car Tempo: MadJax® Club Car Tempo Ultimate Light Kit

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About Our Club Car Lights

Instamatic® FlexVolt™ Lights:Our new LED lights are on the cutting edge of golf cart light technology. Typically, golf cart lights have a safe operating voltage of 12 volts. Any voltage significantly higher than that would damage the light kit and make it unusable. Our FlexVolt™ lights change all of that! With our new technology, you can safely operate our lights at any voltage range between 12 to 48 volts without any damage to the lights or their usability. This gives you greater flexibility with your lights as well as reduces the cost to install. You no longer need to install a voltage reducer for your lights to work saving you time and money!

Benefits of LED:LED technology has been around for a few years now and is quickly becoming the standard lighting used in various residential and commercial light applications. LED lights have a few benefits that make them worthwhile that we want to highlight for you. First, LED lights don't use near as much power as standard halogen lighting. This diminished power draw puts minimal strain on your batteries allowing you to operate your electric golf cart for longer periods of time with the lights on. What does that mean for you? You can take that after-dusk drive without worrying about having to push your golf cart back to the house! In addition to the increased drive time, LED lights will also typically have a brighter light contrast giving you greater visual clarity and seeing distance. Lastly, LED lights will also have a longer life than halogen lighting so you won't be needing to replace your lights nearly as often.

Our Basic Kits:These kits are basic in the best way possible! Our basic light kits are provisioned for bright LED headlights, amber running lights, and taillights. They are a great way to increase the functionality of your cart if you don't need or want the bells and whistles of a street legal kit. Best for customers who want to be able to use their carts at night but aren't planning on getting any roadways anytime soon. Installation of these kits is easy as all they require is the installation of the headlights and taillights, and a simple wiring harness to tie it all together. The lights are operated by a push/pull switch that is installed in the dash for easy access.

Our Street Legal (Deluxe) Kits: If however, you are looking to make your golf cart street legal, consider purchasing one of our deluxe light kits. In addition to the headlights and taillights, you will also receive turn signals, brake lights, and a horn. These additional items are often required for those who want to legally take their carts on roadways and make communicating with other drivers and passengers a breeze. Although the installation of these kits is a bit more intensive than our basic kits due to the additional items required, our instructions will guide you through the process step-by-step. If having the best in visibility and cart usability is your goal, these light kits are the way to go!

*Please Note* Our street legal kits use a mechanical brake switch for brake light function. Although the mechanical brake switch requires more time to install than the brake pad style braking, the result is a much more reliable brake light system that will better stand up to the rigors of golf cart use.

Our Replacement Lights: On top of complete light kits, we also offer Club Car headlight and taillight replacements to quickly and easily replace your old halogen or damaged lights. All the replacement lights that we carry are the same quality as our basic and street legal kits. They are designed to work with the most common golf cart wiring harnesses but please note that cutting and splicing of wiring may still be required!

Various Club Car Model Lights

Club Car DS:We carry Instamatic® Basic and Street Legal light kits for the Club Car DS. While some manufacturers make light kits in two different styles for the two different Club Car DS body styles (1982-1992 style and 1993-up style) our light kits can be accommodated on both (just be sure to place your cut-outs correctly).

Club Car DS headlight installation photo

Club Car DS Headlight Installation Example

Club Car DS Taillight Installation Example

Club Car DS Taillight Installation Example

Club Car Precedent: Our Instamatic® Basic and Street Legal kits are the perfect addition to your Club Car golf cart. Please note that on the Precedent, your model (gas or electric), as well as your date of manufacturer, are very important. This is because Club Car included and didn't include various cart components depending on the year. Here is a breakdown of the models and years and what they include:

• 2004-mid 2008 Electric Model Precedents:

In these manufacturing years, Club Car pre-installedthe main wiring harness for the light system, called the "bucket harness". As a result, when you order a light kit for electric carts within those years, you do not receive a bucket harness in your kit. All other items needed for installation are included with purchase.

• Mid 2008 and Newer Electric Model Precedents

From the middle of 2008 and onward, Club Car stopped pre-installing the bucket harness in their carts. As a result, Club Car Precedent made in these years require the installation of the bucket harness to ensure properly working lights. The bucket harness and all other items required for installation are included with purchase.

• Gas Model Precedents

Unlike the electric models, Club Car pre-installed the bucket harness on all of their gas carts regardless of the year of purchase. As a result, a bucket harness is not included in the purchase of a light kit for a gas model cart. However, in order to properly install lights on a gas Precedent cart, an additional wiring harness is needed- the gas harness adapter. This harness is used in the connection of two wiring harnesses under the dash. The gas harness and all other items required for installation are included with purchase.

Club Car Precedent Headlight Installation Example

Club Car Precedent Headlight Installation Example

Precedent Taillight Installation Example

Precedent Taillight Installation Example

Club Car Tempo: One of Club Cars' newest model golf carts, the Tempo had its first year of manufacture in 2018. Currently, we offer the MadJax® Club Car Tempo Ultimate LED Light Kit for this cart. This light kit has many upgraded features such as hi/low beam capability, daytime running lights, and more. In addition, this kit has a built-in voltage reducer to allow for proper functioning at 12 volts of power.

Club Car Light Kit Example

Club Car Tempo Headlight Installation Example

Still Have Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us and one of our customer service representatives would be glad to assist you!

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