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Free Shipping On Every Order!
Free Shipping On Every Order!

Yamaha Golf Cart Windshields

Yamaha Golf Cart Windshields- GCS™ ClearView™

Premium Clear and Tinted Windshields For Yamaha Golf Carts

Available For The Following Yamaha Models:

  • G14 | G16 | G19 | G22
  • G29 (Drive)
  • Drive2

Available in the following styles:

  • Genuine acrylic
  • Impact modified
92% Light Transfer Number Image
Light Transfer

Better optical clarity compared to glass→

10x More Impact Resistant Than Glass Number Image
More Impact Resistant Than Glass→
Image Displaying "100%"
Resistant To Yellowing Or Fading

True acrylic will not react with UV rays

About Our Windshields

Materials: These ClearView™ windshields are made with true acrylic at a 3/16" thickness right here in the USA. This thickness allows our windshields to be lightweight without any sacrifice in strength or flexibility.

Hinge: In addition, our windshields fold in the middle so you can swap between an open and closed view depending on the weather and preference.

Included In Your Kit: Our windshields come with all the mounting hardware needed for a quick and easy install.

Equip your golf cart with the best windshields on the market today!

GCS ClearView™ Windshields

Weighs less, and offers superior clarity and strength!

I Can See Clearly Now!

As with any accessory you add to your golf cart, it's important to know how to maintain it properly to ensure your investment retains maximum value for as long as possible.

The only real maintenance your new windshield will require is to keep it clean.

When cleaning your new windshield, DO NOT use regular glass cleaners. Regular glass cleaners contain ammonia and other chemicals that will permanently damage the acrylic and leave it hazy.

Not very good for visibility, eh?

A simple mixture of mild soapy water or a cleaner made specifically for acrylic surfaces is the best way to keep your golf cart windscreen crystal clear for years to come!

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