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Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!
Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!

EZGO Golf Cart Chargers

Top-of-the-Line EZGO Battery Chargers for decreased downtime!

Whether your cart is 36-volt or 48-volt, we have a charger that will get your batteries revitalized in no time!

Okay, it does take sometime, but far less than the competition!

You invested a significant amount of money to get the best batteries for your golf cart. Using a sub-par battery charger can lead to catastrophic failure, property damage, personal injury, and more. Golf Cart Stuff™ battery chargers come standard with the latest and greatest safety features:

  • Overvoltage and over current protection

  • Over-temperature shutdown

  • Short circuit and no-load shutdown

  • Automatic shut-off at full charge.

Along with these features, our chargers are IP65 dust and splash-proof for ultimate protection in the elements. 

Shop below for the best in golf cart charging performance!

Watch This!

Below is the promotional video for this state-of-the-art battery charger to give you a glamorous look at the ins and outs of what makes it the best!

Nivel Reliance SG-720 Golf Cart Battery Charger

Don't Do These!

Don't use a regular car battery for your golf cart.
Car batteries will not work on a golf cart.

Don't jump your golf cart with your car.
It is terrible (and possibly detrimental) for both batteries.

Don't play with your connections. Your golf cart is connected in a specific way to work with your cart's systems. Altering the connections could cause damage to your batteries, your cart, or you.

Don't take your batteries into the bathtub, pool, or lake. Because it's dangerous.

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