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Free Shipping On Every Order? You Bet!
Free Shipping On Every Order? You Bet!

EZ-GO Golf Cart Models

If you recently acquired an EZ-GO cart, it may be in need of some new parts or upgrades to get it road ready. Before you start shopping, you’ll need to know exactly what EZ-GO golf cart model you have.

What Year Is My EZ-GO Golf Cart?

Once you know the year, it becomes a lot easier to buy aftermarket parts to upgrade or repair your cart. Fortunately, EZ-GO makes it simple to find out when your golf cart was manufactured.

  1. Find the Manufacturer Number
    The manufacturer number is different from the serial number, but you can find them both in the same place. While the exact location may differ between models, they’re almost always found around the passenger side glove box. Check inside the compartment and underneath it.

  2. Determine the Model Year
    The first step is to determine which of the two numbers is the serial number versus the manufacturer number. The latter only contains four or five characters, and one of them will be a letter. The serial number, on the other hand, will contain six or seven numbers and no letters.

Once you’ve found the manufacturer number, take a look at the last two digits. Those represent the model year. In some cases, the order the numbers appear in may be rearranged, but it should be pretty clear which digits refer to the year.

Which Model Do I Have?

Most EZ-Go golf carts will have the model name somewhere on the cart; however, in general, if your cart was manufactured between 1976-1993, you have a Marathon. If the model was manufactured in 1994-1995 it will be a Medalist. The TXT began being manufactured in 1996 and continues to be manufactured.  The RXV began being manufactured in 2008 and continues to be manufactured. If you are unsure what model you have, please contact us and we can help you identify what cart you have. 

What If the Manufacturer Number Doesn’t Contain a Year?

If no digits in the manufacturer number seem to coincide with a particular year, it’s possible your cart was manufactured prior to 1976. For these older carts, there’s no easy indicator to find out the model year. You’ll need to contact EZ-GO directly to find out.

Once you determine your EZ-GO golf cart model’s year, you’ll have the confidence to shop for OEM parts and supplies. At Golf Cart Stuff, we have everything you need. Browse our EZ-GO accessories now.

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