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Club Car Golf Cart Models

Golf carts have many purposes beyond navigating the golf course. You might use a cart to transport gardening and utility equipment or to travel within a small community or across the beach. If you’ve recently purchased a Club Car for any of these purposes, you’ll need to know exactly what Club Car golf cart model you’re driving.  

Why Are The Model and Year Important? 

As you prepare to makeover your golf cart, you’re going to find that some Club Car parts and accessories are only compatible with specific models and years. If you know this information before you start shopping for parts, you can quickly narrow your search and find what you’re looking for much faster. Additionally, once you know your golf cart’s model and year, you’ll be able to learn more about its unique features and selling points. 

Where Do I Find This Information? 

The serial number will give you all the Club Car golf cart model identification information you need. Each model displays the serial number in a different place—because you don’t know yet which model you have, try checking inside or under the passenger side glove compartment. If you don’t find it there, it may be underneath the driver’s seat along the frame. Once you know where the serial number is, you just have to translate it into the details you need.  

The first two numbers in the serial number will indicate the year. The second set of numbers indicates the week of production. The first two letters will indicate the model type: 

  • A: DS Electric Golf Car
  • AA: DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt 
  • AB: DS Electric Golf Car, 36 Volt 
  • AC: DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt Regen  
  • AQ: DS Electric IQ, 48 Volt Regen 
  • AG: DS Gasoline Golf Car
  • PG: Precedent Gasoline Golf Car 
  • PQ: Precedent Electric IQ, 48 Volt Golf Car 


What is the Difference Between Precedent and DS Models? 

The Club Car Precedent series first began being manufactured in 2004 while the DS first began being manufactured in 1982. You can still find OEM parts for DS models, but because a DS cart is older, it may lack some of the advanced features you’d find on a Precedent cart. Both carts are available in electric and gasoline, but the Precedent gas carts feature greater horsepower than the DS gas carts. This is particularly useful for navigating steep hills, which may or may not be valuable, depending on where you plan to use your cart. 

In the end, both carts perform well, but it’s worth researching each Club Car golf cart model further if you’re unsure which one is best for your needs. If you’ve already invested in your Precedent or DS golf cart, you can browse our Club Car accessories now to find replacement parts for your cart. 

*NOTE* Club Car has recently started making the "Onward" and the "Tempo". Although they are similar to the Precedent we cannot guarantee compatibility of our Precedent parts/accessories with Onward/Tempo carts. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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