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EZGO Golf Cart Lift Kit Guide

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EZGO Lift Kit Guide
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When it comes down to it, most golf carts were made with one purpose in mind: transporting people around the delicate, manicured terrain of golf courses. And theyaregreat for that. But, today’s owner has bigger visions and broader requirements: LSV (low-speed vehicle). Off-Road. Around town. Backwoods trails. Camping. Beach. Business. Festivals. College campus. Hunting/Fishing. Neighborhood... and so much more.

Your trusted team at Golf CartStuff™built the following guide to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the benefits of golf cart lift kits, the types of lift kits available, and the difficulty level of the installation process. 

Golf Cart Lift Kit Benefits


Before You Begin

Choosing the best lift kit for your cart deserves a bit of research. We’ve done it, clarified it, and organized it here to help you determine the best mix of functionality and ease of installation for your EZGO golf cart. First, we’ll cover the general requirements and steps involved in installing a lift kit yourself. Then we break down the specifics of each style lift kit so you can make your final decision with complete confidence.


Different lift kit manufacturers will require you to reuse some or all original hardware. We recommend you saveALL of the removed hardware for re-installation until your cart is completely re-assembled to be certain nothing gets lost or accidentally discarded.


Take pictures of any/all connections before taking them apart to use as a reference when re-installing the components.


The final step to any suspension work on a golf cart (including a lift kit and/or new wheels and tires) is to perform a front-end alignment. *Proper alignment increases the lifespan of the tires and the entire suspension and steering assemblies and ensures the golf cart operates safely.


Types of Lift Kits


Block Lift Kits

Easiest to install | Allows for up to 22" tires | Economical

Block lift kits are the most straightforward, entry-level lift kits available for golf carts. Since EZGO golf carts already have large wheel wells, a block lift kit will provide just enough extra clearance to add up to 22” tires and enhance the cart’s appearance without the added complication or cost of a different style lift kit. 

Made up of solid riser ‘blocks’ inserted into the suspension to add minimal clearance in the wheel wells, this lift kit contains the least amount of new parts to add to your cart– making installation a breeze. Simply loosen a few nuts and bolts from the shocks and leaf springs, then slide in the new riser blocks and secure everything back down. That’s all there is to it!

Block Lift Kits are the best decision for the EZGO owner who is content with the age and performance of the cart’s existing suspension components (axle, shocks, arms, etc.) but wants to gain a bit of clearance. With the absence of all the performance-enhancing features found in other kits, block lift kits contain the least amount of parts to add to the cart; thus, the installation of this kit is also the most simple to perform.


Spindle Lift Kits

Next easiest to install. Available in multiple heights for stability onlight-duty applications. Allows up to 23" tires.

The spindle lift kit boasts added stability with a range of heights to choose from. Commonly chosen for their ability to produce a more “normal” driving experience for street use or light trail riding by lengthening the cart’s wheelbase, these kits are also relatively simple to install. 

As the name suggests, this style lift kit replaces the existing spindles with new, extended-length, heavier-duty spindles and longer steering arms. While this kit does just replace the one component, it requires the disassembly of all the components attached to the original spindles– such as the original steering arm and box, hubs, axle, and kingpin. These components are then reassembled to the mounting points on the new spindles to complete the lift kit on the front of the cart. The rear portion of the spindle lift kit installation is essentially the same as in the block lift kits, requiring only the addition of riser blocks between the leaf springs and the axle.


Drop Axle Lift Kits

The Most Common lift kit for EZGO TXT and EZGO Marathon Golf Carts

The Drop Axle Lift Kit is the ideal choice for the owner looking to increase both the height and stiffness of their ride. These lift kits are widely popular for delivering the perfect value combination of enhanced performance, ease-of-install, and reasonable cost. A 6” drop axle kit will allow up to 23” tires for your EZGO golf cart.

Drop axle lift kits are another lift kit variety that only has one main component change, thus maintaining the ease of installation. This kit saves added cost by allowing the reuse of all other original suspension components. Though everything will have the be uninstalled from the original axle and re-attached, the front axle itself will be the only real change in the assembly– trading the stock axle for a new, lower-set design. This, in turn, raises the golf cart's body, giving you the “lift.” For the rear half of the installation, a simple spacer block is added to support the leaf springs being re-routed to run over the top of the axle instead of beneath it.  


A-Arm Lift Kits

Heaviest-duty lift kits. Replaces the most original parts giving a completely new front suspension.

A-arm lift kits are essentially a reinforced, heavier-duty version of a Spindle Lift Kit, except this premium version replaces the entirety of the golf cart’s front suspension, all in one convenient kit. A 6” a-arm lift kit on an EZGO golf cart will allow the addition of up to 23" tall tires. These kits are top-of-the-line, providing the best in comfort and reliability for rugged, off-road driving surfaces. 

A-Arm Lift Kits are value-packed with everything required for a complete suspension overhaul in one convenient package. That benefit does accompany a slightly higher price tag than other kits on the market, but it also comes with an entirely new suspension, something you won’t find in other options. This kit will certainly cost less over time and come with fewer surprises than purchasing the components individually. A-Arm lift kits are the most common amongst 

Most of the a-arm lift kit installation process will resemble that of installing a Spindle Lift Kit, where most of the suspension components are temporarily disassembled so the old spindles can be replaced with new ones. The main difference between the two installation processes is that instead of re-mounting the steering arms, they will be removed completely and replaced with new parts from the kit.


EZGO golf carts have a long-standing reputation for boasting the largest stock wheel wells in the Golf Cart industry. While these carts canaccommodate the broadest range of wheel and tire sizes without needing a suspension lift kit, there are still many advantages to adding an aftermarket lift kit to a stock EZGO golf cart. Check out our GCS™ wheel and tire guidefor a complete breakdown of what's available!

At GCS™, we understand that investing in a lift kit for your golf cart is an important decision. Every lift kit arrives to you with written instructions, giving you the power to save time and additional cost by installing the kit yourself from the comfort of your own garage.
In addition to handy guides like this one, we take the worry out of your purchase by sifting through all the fluff and intentionally partnering with the best-known, highest-rated lift kit manufacturers.

*In a Wide Selection of Lift Kit Styles* 


Before You Go...

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the most important final step to installing a new lift kit on your golf cart is to perform a proper front-end alignment– even before taking the vehicle on a test drive. Considering that part of or the entire suspension has been unassembled, manipulated, replaced, and reassembled, it is critical to ensure that the components are aligned prior to operation to avoid damage or injury. Click here for a complete step-by-step guide to performing a front-end alignment on your golf cart, and don’t worry-- if you can install a lift kit, you can definitelyhandle an alignment. 

If you run into questions or concerns along the way, whether during the shopping process, on installation day, or beyond, Golf Cart Stuff™ has a team of product experts with years of industry experience and ready to answer your call, text, or email.

On the road to upgrading your EZGO Golf Cart, there’s one clear starting point: a Lift Kit from Golf Cart Stuff™.From the added strength, stability, and safety, to the highly-coveted aggressive appearance, lifting a golf cart will elevate your driving experience like never before. Don’t stop there, though. No lift kit is truly complete without a sleek new set of GCS™ wheels and tires!

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