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3 Key Reasons Your Golf Cart Needs a Lift Kit

3 Key Reasons Your Golf Cart Needs a Lift Kit

If you have a personal golf cart, there are a few modifications you need to make to your basic model to ensure the vehicle fills its full potential. It can be hard to know where to start since there are so many components to upgrade, from lighting bars to new tires. By installing a lift kit, you give your cart an excellent foundation to build on. Check out this blog to learn the three key reasons your golf cart needs a lift kit.

Allows for Larger Tires

One of the most common reasons cart owners decide to get a golf cart is that they need the extra space to accommodate large tires. Basic cart models will typically come with 10-inch inch tires. They won’t have room to install something much bigger. So, if you want to install 13-inch or larger tires, you’ll typically need a lift kit.

For medium-sized aftermarket tires, you can install affordable and basic block lifts. You’ll need a more robust kit like an A-arm or drop axel for massive tires that are 20 inches or more.

Improves Suspension

The basic suspension in a standard cart can handle travel on paved paths and manicured golf courses. So, if you plan on taking your cart off-road on dirt paths, you’ll want to improve the suspension with a lift kit. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a very bumpy ride. A block lift kit won’t be too much help. However, you can improve the cart’s durability on rugged terrain with an A-arm suspension.

Even if you don’t plan on off-roading, you should improve the suspension to make your daily drives much more enjoyable if you want to use your cart frequently. If you’re looking to improve the drivability of your cart, an upgraded suspension can completely change how it handles.

Increases Clearance Beneath Cart

If you’re taking your cart off-roading, you’ll also need a lift kit to help you get clearance over any debris that could be on the paths. Sticks, rocks, and other obstacles could severely damage the bottom of the cart’s chassis. You can simply drive over this debris without worrying about damaging your vehicle with a lift kit.

Now that you’ve explored the three key reasons your golf cart needs a lift kit, you understand how vital modification is for improving the durability of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a golf cart suspension kit, check out the selection at Golf Cart Stuff to find kits compatible with every major manufacturer.

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