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April 2024 unofficially Golf Cart Appreciation Month!! Check out the Best Prices Guarantee and Free Shipping on all orders!! No minimums!!
April 2024 unofficially Golf Cart Appreciation Month!! Check out the Best Prices Guarantee and Free Shipping on all orders!! No minimums!!
Advanced EV Tire Sizing Guide

Advanced EV Golf Cart Tire Sizing Guide

Author Photo: Christian Attlesey

Author: Christian Attlesey

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Advanced EV golf carts are quickly becoming popular among regular consumers and golf cart enthusiasts nationwide.

With seven standard cart models and four utility cart models, there are plenty of options with Advanced EV carts. As those carts flood the market, many Advanced EV cart owners will eventually need to replace their tires.

If that is you, and you have questions about sizing, you've come to the right place.

This article will talk you through each model of the Advanced EV lineup and what wheels and tires each model can fit. Without further adieu- let's get into it!

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Advanced EV Model Distinction

Before we get into the model specifics, let's discuss how Advanced EV classifies their carts.

Advanced EV has both standard ("Advent" Series) and utility cart models ("Advent HD"), and both classes come in two different varieties- lifted and non-lifted.

The distinction is easy to tell by the model name: any lifted cart will have an "L" in the title.

For example, Advanced's standard non-lifted four-seater (two forward-facing seats and an additional back seat) cart is the "Advent 2".

The lifted version (with a lift kit pre-installed from the factory) is the Advent 4L. See? That wasn't so bad.

What size wheels work with Advanced EV carts?

Chrome golf cart wheel

Non-lifted Advanced EV carts come standard with 10" wheels and 205/65-10 tires. Lifted Advanced EV golf carts come with 12" wheels and 23x10.5-12 tires.

Although the non-lifted carts come standard with 10" wheels, we only recommend purchasing 12" wheels (or larger) when purchasing aftermarket wheels.

If you want to stick with an 8" or 10" wheel, your other option is to buy wheel spacers.

These recommendations are because Advanced EV carts come with hydraulic disc brakes.

Aftermarket wheels may have a different wheel offset than the factory wheels that come on Advanced carts.

As a result, a 10" (or 8") aftermarket wheel that does not have wheel spacers installed may not have the spacing required to fit over the disc brakes.

On the other hand, a 12", 14", or 15" wheel should have plenty of space to work with the brakes on Advanced EV carts.

Non-lifted Advanced EV tire sizing

Keeping in mind the wheel size we just discussed above, stock Advanced EV golf carts that don't have a lift kit can fit wheel and tire combos with up to 20" in overall diameter.

Non-lifted Advanced EV golf cart tire sizing

Here is a list of some tire sizes that measure 18" or 20" that work with 12" and 14" wheels.

12" Wheels

  • 215/35-12 (18" overall diameter)
  • 215/40-12 (18" overall diameter)
  • 215/50-12 (20.5" overall diameter)
  • 20x10-12 (20" overall diameter)

14" Wheels

  • 205/30-14 (20" overall diameter)
  • 205/40-14 (20.5" overall diameter)

Lifted Advanced EV carts tire sizing

Lifted Advanced EV golf cart tire sizing

Advanced EV golf carts with a lift kit can fit 12", 14", or 15" wheels with a combo diameter of up to 23". Obviously, lifted carts can fit smaller wheels and tires- see non-lifted tire sizing above, but who would want to do that!?

If you have a lifted cart and are looking for some new wheels and tires, here are some tire sizes that work with 12", 14", and 15" wheels with 22" or 23" in overall diameter.

12" Wheels

  • 255/50-12 (22" overall diameter)
  • 22x10-12 (22" overall diameter)
  • 22x11-12 (22" overall diameter)
  • 23x10-12 (23" overall diameter)
  • 23x10.5-12 (23" overall diameter)

14" wheels

  • 22x10-14 (22" overall diameter)
  • 23x10-14 (23" overall diameter)

15" Wheels

  • 205/35-15 (21.5" overall diameter)
  • 215/40-15 (22" overall diameter)
  • 23x10-15 (23" overall diameter)

At this point, you should have a much better understanding of Advanced EV golf carts and the wheel and tire combos you can install on those carts.

If you still have questions, or if we missed something, drop your question or comment in the comment box below, and we will get back to you! Catch you guys next time!

Author Photo: Christian Attlesey
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