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EZGO TXT Light Kit Installation Instructions - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

EZGO TXT Light Kit Installation Instructions

Author Photo: Christian Attlesey



Author: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 2-3 Minutes




EZGO TXT golf carts are some of the most popular golf carts out on the road today.

Due to their popularity, many EZGO TXT owners are looking for ways to upgrade their ride and make cruising around a bit more enjoyable.

When it comes to adding golf cart accessories, light kits often top the list. They give you the ability to drive your cart at night and make your TXT much safer.

In this article, we are going to walk through how to install a basic EZGO TXT headlight and taillight kit. Let's go!

Light Kit Contents and Tools Needed


Image of various tools

A basic EZGO TXT light kit should come with all the necessary components to power running headlights and taillights (I know ours do!) Here is a parts breakdown:

  • Headlights and taillights
  • Wiring harness
  • Instructions, templates for headlights and taillights, wire ties, and screws

Tools Needed

  • Alan wrench set
  • Screw driver set
  • Routing or Dremel tool
  • Ratchet Set (depending on battery configuration)
  • Drill with 3/8" drill bit and 1/32" drill bit

Installing Your EZGO Light Kit

Before you begin... It is recommended that before you begin the installation, you remove the positive and negative connections from your golf cart's battery packs (for electric carts).

In addition, always look behind each drill and cut location before you drill or cut into the body to ensure you don't cut through any important cart components.

Lastly, as you install run the wiring harness along the frame of the golf cart, it is recommended that you loosely secure the wiring harness with wire tires throughout the process.

Do not completely tighten the wire tires until you have run and attached all the wiring.


Step 1: Remove all light kit contents from the shipping package and ensure you have received all the components listed in your golf cart light kit's product description.

Step 2: It is recommended that prior to installing your lights, you remove the front body cowl.

This is not necessary but may make placing and cutting out the headlights and taillights a little easier.

If you do plan to remove your EZGO TXT's body, check your EZGO manual for the removal procedure.

Installing The Headlights

Step 3: Cut out the headlight template. Begin by placing the template on the driver-side front cowl facing up and out.

Carefully position the template and tape it into place. Mark the cutout area and remove the template. See below for an example.

EZGO TXT Light Kit Headlight Template Placement Example
Step 4: Apply masking tape along the outer edge of the lines. This provides protection for the body's cowl surface.
Step 5: Carefully drill a hole in the inside corners of the lines using a drill bit large enough for a small jigsaw blade or routing tool.
Step 6: Using a jig saw or routing tool, insert the blade into one of the holes and carefully cut along the inside edge of the template line. Use a file or sandpaper to smooth the edges. Make necessary adjustments to ensure proper light placement.
Step 7: Flip the template over and repeat steps 3-6 above for the passenger side headlight.
Step 8: Insert headlights into their respective cutouts. DO NOT completely attach to the golf cart until the wiring harness has been completely run and attached.

Installing The Taillights

Step 9: Cut out the taillight template. Place along the driver side with the following measurements: The template should be:

  • Outer edge of the template should be approximately 7/8" away from the inside edge of the cart's bagwell.
  • Bottom edge of the template closest to the bagwell should be approximately 2" above the bottom of the golf cart's body cowl.
  • Bottom edge of the template furthest away from the bagwell should be approximately 1-1/2" above the bottom of the golf cart's body cowl. See below for some examples.
EZGO TXT taillight placement diagram
EZGO TXT taillight cut out example
Step 10: Carefully position the taillight template and tape it into place. Mark the cutout area and remove the template.
Step 11:  Insert taillights into their respective cutouts. DO NOT completely attach to the golf cart until the wiring harness has been completely run and attached.

Installing The Wiring Harness

Step 12: Select the headlight connectors from the wiring harness and orientate them for the left and right-hand headlights.

 The longer of the two headlight cables is for the passenger side. From underneath the body cowl, connect them to the headlights.

Step 13: Route the wiring harness down the outer side of the left (driver’s side) frame through the frame opening towards the brake pedal.

Golf cart wiring harness running through the frame

Step 14: Locate the push/pull switch on the light kit wiring harness.

Step 15: On the removable ignition switch panel, center punch the plate 1-1/4” from the right edge and centered horizontally.

Carefully drill a 3/8” hole for the new switch, being sure not to drill into any wires or other components.

Remove the panel by removing the two rivets at the bottom. Mark and disconnect wires from the ignition switch.

Using a file, remove any sharp edges and set panel aside.

EZGO light kit push/pull switch installation
Step 16: Remove the switch knob from the switch by unscrewing the nut and remove the nut and washer.
Step 17: Mount the switch through the hole from the rear. Secure with wash and nut and replace the switch.
EZGO TXT Light kit push/pull switch installation instructions
Step 18: Locate the positive and negative battery connection wires, along with the taillight connections on the light kit wiring harness.
Route the main harness and those connections along the frame and through the access hole that leads to the battery compartment.
Golf cart wiring running into the battery compartment

Step 19: Run the taillight wire looms toward the rear of the cart following along the frame.

Connect the short loom taillight wiring to the driver’s side tail light.

The long loom follows the rear frame cross tube and connects to the passenger side. Connect the wiring harness into the taillights.

 light kit wiring running to the taillights

Step 19: Connect your wiring harness to your EZGO TXT's battery(ies). 
On electric models, the positive and negative power leads from the harness can be attached to a single 12-volt batter, or in a series connection to two 6-volt batteries.
If you have our Instamatic® FlexVolt™ Lights you can connect our lights to any battery connection without fear of burning out your lights.
On gas model carts, connect the positive and negative power leads to the single 12-volt battery. 


EZGO TXT 36-volt golf cart battery connection diagram
Step 20: Securely attach your headlights and taillights to your EZGO's body, secure your wiring harness with wire tires, re-attach the main positive and negative to your cart's batteries, and enjoy your lights!
Author Photo: Christian Attlesey
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