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Essential Golf Cart Maintenance

Essential Golf Cart Maintenance

Golf carts make life so much easier. There’s nothing better than cruising through a course instead of walking to all eighteen holes. However, this luxury could come to a screeching halt if you don’t perform proper upkeep on the vehicle. This article overviews essential golf cart maintenance that every golfer should know.

Batteries Are Key

The last thing you want is for your cart to die in between puts. You should check your golf cart’s batteries several times a year to prevent this from happening. Another preventative maintenance tip is to watch out for warning signs that your battery is dying. Low acceleration is one indicator that your batteries on the fritz. Another thing to be mindful of is strange charging times. Consider replacing your batteries if the charge doesn’t last as long as it should. Again, pop the hood a few times a year to stop the batteries from going out completely. Checking things over and watching out for warning signs will prevent major headaches in the future.

What About the Tires?

Blowing a tire on the golf course is incredibly unsafe. Luckily, this is a completely preventable issue. An essential golf cart maintenance tip is to fill your tires with air every time they’re running low. This is the simplest way to prevent an accident on the course. However, sometimes an extra pump of air isn’t enough. Think about replacing your tires if the vehicle isn’t running as smoothly as it should. A replacement is also a wise idea if you notice your tires are worn out. By following these steps, you don’t have to worry about injury or an interruption to your game on the green.

Don’t Forget About the Interior

No one wants to ride around in a dingy and stained golf cart. Don’t neglect your vehicle’s interior. Try your best to sew or patch every rip you find. Also, sanitize the seats every time someone new goes for a ride. Don’t forget to wash the floors, as well. If you ignore this regular maintenance, your seats will rip, and mold may appear on some surfaces. Of course, after some time, you’ll need to replace the back seat altogether. After all, there’s only so much wear and tear the cushions can take. When the time comes, visit the expert team at Golf Cart Stuff so we can help you with anything you need. We sell top-of-the-line golf cart back seat kits that’ll make your vehicle look brand new. Your friends will be fighting to get a ride.

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