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Everything You Need to Know Before Lifting Your Golf Cart - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Everything You Need to Know Before Lifting Your Golf Cart

Golf carts have risen in popularity as alternative methods of travel—and with this increased demand comes modifications to make it a more convenient option. Golf cart lift kits come with both advantages and some drawbacks that you must consider before you determine whether to install them or not. You should be aware of everything you need to know before lifting your golf cart to make the most informed decision that you can.

Increased Performance

The most significant reason why golf cart owners would install a lift kit is the better performance you will generally get out of your vehicle. A lift kit allows your cart to travel over rougher terrain that would have stopped it in its tracks before. This opens the opportunity to take your cart off-road and take routes and detours that your cart wouldn’t be able to handle otherwise.

Physical Limitations of the Cart

Unfortunately, this increased performance can come at a cost: while the lift kit improves mobility over rough terrain, it can also put a strain on your cart’s engine. The lift kit itself adds extra weight, and it will require larger wheels to compensate for the added height. All of this adds stress on the engine that may run the risk of breakdown if your motor can’t handle it.

Danger of Tipping

Since your cart now sits higher off the ground, this can throw off the weight distribution and cause it to tip while making turns. Compensating for this may require you to invest in additional modifications to reduce the threat of tipping.

Cost of Installation

There are multiple different lift kits you can install into your golf cart, and there exists a wide variety of different brands of varying quality. You need to watch which kits you buy and ensure that they are of high-quality material. Installing a lift kit is already enough of an expense, but purchasing one that is likely to break will only put you in danger.

Further Expenses of Faulty Kits

Investing in a good lift kit, while expensive in the short term, will protect you and your cart in the long term. Damage to your cart can result in needing to repair or replace yamaha golf cart parts and accessories, unnecessarily adding to ongoing expenses.

Is the Lift Necessary?

Before anything, what you need to know about purchasing a golf cart lift kit is whether it is necessary for your situation. If you do not intend to take your cart out on rough terrain, you may not be able to take advantage of the benefits a lift kit can give you. Make sure you’re in a position to experience a lift kit fully; otherwise, it may just turn out to be a wasted expense.

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