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EZGO Golf Cart Tires: The 3 Things You Need To Know

Christian Attlesey - Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager

Written by: Christian Attlesey

Read Time: 3-5 minutes


Illustrated golf cart with an emphasis on the tires

If you own an EZGO golf cart and are looking to purchase new wheels and tires, there are a few things you need to know.

We've broken down the three essential pieces of information (tire sizing, bolt pattern, lug nut sizing) for you so you can make a purchase you are sure to love. Let's dive in!

What size tires will fit on an EZGO golf cart?

Non-Lifted EZGO carts

Stock EZGO golf carts are one of the best carts to have when it comes to purchasing new wheels and tires.

What makes them so great? The main thing that separates EZGO carts from the rest of the pack is that they have some of the largest wheel wells in the industry.

That means you have more options to put larger wheel and tire combos on your cart before installing a lift kit.

While most other golf cart manufacturers require a lift kit once a combo's overall height exceeds 18.5 inches, EZGO golf carts can accommodate combos with 20" in overall sizewithout needing a lift kit. This variety of options is a massive advantage for EZGO owners.

Non-Lifted EZGO golf cart wheel and tire measurements
Stock EZGO Wheel and Tire Sizing Guide

Lifted EZGO Golf carts

Your wheel and tire options for EZGO golf carts with a lift kit installed only expand! Here is a list of the lift kit size and the corresponding wheel/tire size you can add:

  • EZGO carts with a 3"lift kit installed: You can add a wheel and tire combo with a 22" overall diameter.
  • EZGO carts with a 5"/6"lift kit installed: You can add a wheel and tire combo with a 23" overall diameter.
Lifted EZGO Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Sizing Guide for 22"-23" Wheel and Tire Combos
Lifted EZGO Wheel and Tire Sizing Guide

Pro-Tip: If you have a lift kit installed on your EZGO cart, think carefully about what wheels and tires you want to purchase.

Considering EZGO carts already have large wheel wells, you are adding even more space if you add a lift kit.

If you put a wheel and tire combo with an 18" overall diameter on your cart, you may have more space than you would like and end up with out-of-proportion sizing.

EZGO golf cart with 18" wheel and tire combos with a lift kit installed
EZGO TXT with a lift kit installed and 18" wheel and tire combos

EZGO golf cart bolt pattern and lug nuts

Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern on EZGO golf carts is the standard 4 x 101.6mm, often called the "4 x 4" pattern.

This measurement is taken from the center of one stud to the center of an opposite diagonal stud. Almost all aftermarket wheels are made using this pattern, so finding a wheel and tire combo for your EZGO won't be an issue.

EZGO Golf cart bolt pattern example photo
Is your wheel fine but your tires are bald? Check out our vast collection of golf cart tires for sale!

Lug Nut Size

EZGO golf carts take the "Standard" SAE lug nut with a measurement of 1/2 x 20. This measurement refers to the size and pitch of the threads of your wheel studs.

Once again, this is a very common size that you won't have any issue finding. Just make sure to select the correct lug nut size at checkout.

Lug nut example photo showing acorn style, spline style, and spike style lug nuts
Various Lug Nut Styles- (Left to Right) Acorn, Spline, Spike

Hopefully, you now have a much greater understanding of EZGO golf cart tires and what you can put on your cart.

Still have some questions? Check out our Ultimate Wheel and Tire Guide.

Our goal at Golf Cart Stuff is to make shopping for your golf cart as easy as possible by providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate information as possible. In addition, we also provide seamless and easy shopping experiences so... If you are in the market for new wheels and tires, we put together a collection of EZGO wheels and tires just for you. Check it out!

Lastly, do you think we missed anything? If so, post your questions in the comments below, and we would be happy to help!  


Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager Christian AttleseyChristian Attlesey is the Marketing Manager here at Golf Cart Stuff™, and, in addition to the marketing department, he oversees our website and advertising responsibilities.

...You probably know him as the humorous & relatable host of our YouTube channel!

Prior to taking on marketing, however, Christian honed his industry knowledge as our Customer Service Manager. Fast-forward to present day: it’s his mission to deliver the best and most current products, resources, and overall expertise to Golf Cart owners everywhere.


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Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - September 25, 2023

↓ (Replying to Tim Swanson’s comment below) ↓


Great question! On most golf cart wheels the center bore diameter is approximately 2.65 inches. There could be some slight variation on that number but most push-through center caps are going to be set up for that diameter.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

Tim Swanson - September 25, 2023

What is the center bore of a standard steel golf cart wheel ? I am having trouble finding chrome push through center caps for stock wheels

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