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Golf Cart Lights, Installs, and FAQs - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Lights, Installs, and FAQs

Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Writer


Written by: Amber Ripley

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Golf Cart Lights in the dark

Can I Add Lights to My Golf Cart?

You can add all kindsof different lights to your golf cart, and you absolutely should. Whether for style, safety, or street-legal purposes, there are lights to suit every golf cart owner's needs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that golf cart lights are usually make and model-specific so just be sure to select the correct lights for your golf cart.

Club Car DS Golf Cart Headlight Kit

What kind of golf cart lights can I install?

The type of golf cart lights you can add to your buggy depends a bit on how you use the vehicle, but mostly on how creative you want to get!

If your goal is safety or low-speed vehicle (LSV) or Street Legal status, there are Basic and Street-Legal LED Light kitsfor every make and model Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha golf cart.

For the bold, maybe it's under glow or accent lighting you're looking for. Weatherproof RGB Light Strips, Universal Golf Cart Light Bar, or maybe just a simple upgrade from halogen to LED in your existing golf cart light kits.

Golf Cart LED Light Kit


LED Golf Cart Light Kits

Basic Light Kit

A basic golf cart light kit is the right choice if you want to add standard golf cart headlights, and tail lights to make the path or road ahead of you more visible, without all the extras found in more complex golf cart light kits.

Basic golf cart light kits are equipped with bright and efficient LED lights, a wiring harness, cutout templates for headlights and taillights, and easy-to-follow written instructions. With just a couple of standard garage tools and some very basic know-how, you will be lighting the path ahead in no time!

Club Car Precedent Light Kit

Street Legal LED Light Kit

If you want to go all the way inwith your golf cart upgrades, a Street-Legal Light Kithas it all: the same bright LED headlights and running lights as the basic kit, but also includes golf cart brake lights, turn signal assembly, and a horn.

This is the best light kit for you if you intend to register your golf cart with your local DMV as a street-legal golf cart or low-speed vehicle (LSV). Even if street-legal golf cart status isn't a requirement for you, the additional safety and illumination features make this Deluxe Light Kit a no-brainer for any all-in golf cart enthusiast.

Light Kits from Golf Cart Stuff ™ are sold specifically for Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha Golf Carts and their specific model and year, so make sure to have that information handy! Here are links to our model identification pages if you need more help:

Golf Cart Tail Lights

How to Wire Lights on a Golf Cart

Now that you found the best kind of light kit for your golf cart journey, it's time to actually put it on the golf cart. Installing golf cart light kits is easily done from the comfort of your garage with a few common tools.

Golf Cart Light Kit Template

Golf Cart Light Installation Overview:

Here is a quick rundown of some common steps you will need to complete when installing your golf cart lights, regardless of what make or model you have.

Keep in mind, golf cart light kits will come with instructions that will walk you through the process step-by-step and it may be in a different order than what you see below.

  • Cut out headlight templates

  • Cut out tail light templates

  • Tape headlights and tail lights in the cutouts to ensure proper fitment

  • Mount turn signal assembly (street-legal kits only)

  • Feed all connectors and wiring harness from lights to the battery compartment and to necessary connection ports on the cart.

  • Connect brake timer relay (street-legal kits only)

  • Install push-pull switch for the light kit in the dash

  • Connect headlights

  • Connect the wiring harness to a battery (or batteries)

  • Shine on!

Auxiliary Golf Cart LED Lights

Now that you’ve covered your golf cart headlights and tail lights, you may wonder what other kind of golf cart lighting is available to jazz up your buggy.

If you're more interested in customizable lighting to sync with your music, a less-permanent light bar addition, or a quality upgrade for your existing halogen lights, we've got that selection for you right here.

LED RGB Light Strips and Underglow Lights

For the ultimatein customized lighting accessories, don't miss golf cart strip lighting to take your golf cart's aesthetic to another level.

Golf Cart Underglow Strip Lights

Mount these flexible light strips to the underside of the roof, the roof supports, under the wheel wells, or (our favorite) on the golf cart undercarriage to give your buggy that trendy underglow in a solid color, a steady fade of RGB colors, or sync with your music for a customized light show everywhere you go.

Golf Cart Underglow Strip Light Kit Features:

  • App-controlled

  • RGB Colors

  • LED lights

  • Flexible

  • Versatile & Easy-to-Mount

  • Weatherproof

Golf Cart with Underglow Lighting

Golf Cart Light Bar

For a simple yet effective way to illuminate your path, a light bar is a great choice. If you use your cart primarily around your home or on a hunting property, you may not require the permanence or all that's involved with adding a full light kit to your golf cart.

Universal-fit Golf Cart Light Bars come supplied with all the hardware you need to mount directly to the roof of your golf cart.

Golf Cart Rooftop Light Bar

How to Wire a Light Bar on a Golf cart

Golf Cart light bars need to be connected to 12 Volts of power.

Gas Golf Carts: Hook directly up to your battery. No voltage reducers are needed.

Electric Golf Carts:the requirement of voltage reducers on electric carts directly correlates with your battery configuration:

  • 12-volt batteries or 6-volt batteries: you can supply power to the light kit with 12 volts by making the appropriate connection(s). A single 12-volt battery or two 6-volt batteries.

  • 8-volt batteries: you must use a voltage reducer.

LED Bulb Upgrade

If you've inherited a pre-loved golf cart, or it's been a while since you've made any lighting upgrades, you may be looking for a quick upgrade for those outdated halogen bulbs.

Golf Cart LED Light Bulb upgrade

Quickly and economically give your golf cart headlights a major boost in illumination power by swapping out those antique halogen light bulbs for a modern, bright, and efficient LED headlight bulb replacement.

Just as with your standard vehicles, simply swap out the bulbs on either side of your cart, and you're done. No time-consuming installations, cutting, or wiring are required!

Golf Cart Lights for Everyone!

By now, you know all the best ways to add lighting to your golf cart. Whether your goal is to increase other drivers' awareness of your status on the road, build the most pimped-out golf cart on the block, or illuminate your trek through the backwoods... now you know what you need to do.

From headlights and turn signals for safety and legal status all the way to decorative, custom under glow lights to enhance your golf cart's overall vibe, we have you covered.

With Golf Cart Stuff™, you can shop with confidence. We're here to provide both expert knowledge and superior products to the wonderful, friendly Golf Cart Community we are so privileged to serve.

Thanks for making it this far! For additional technical Q&A on more things golf cart lights, check out this other article here, or leave us a comment below with anything else you'd like to see us discuss!


What would you get if you crossed a scientist and a golf cart? It would be ourSenior Content Writer, Amber Ripley! If you have a question, she knows how to research to bring you the information you need. Before joining the ranks at Golf Cart Stuff™, Amber was in sales and marketing for industrial tool and die products, so digging into all the nitty gritty, technical details about Golf Carts is par for the courseIn the words of a famous songwriter:“If you got a problem, Yo! She’ll solve it!”


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Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - March 10, 2023


Thank you for your question. I’m not totally sure on what you are asking but I think we can point you in the right direction!

Most golf cart lights operate on a minimum of 12 volts and a maximum of 48 volts (every light kit is different so make sure you check the details and instructions). In your situation, if your lights are rated for 12 volts you will need a reducer due to your batteries being 8 volts (one battery is not enough, and two batteries are too much).

If you have other golf cart accessories that have been reduced down to 12 volts you should be able to connect your light kit wiring to that circuit without any problems. The one issue you can potentially run into though is overloading the amperage draw on your reducer. Golf cart voltage reducers are typically sold in 10amp, 20amp, or 30amp capacities. If you have multiple accessories drawing power off of the same reducer, you may need a larger capacity reducer like a 20 or 30 amp to ensure you have enough power. Hopefully, that helps bring some clarity. If you still have questions about your golf cart lights or any other accessory please let us know!

Greg - March 10, 2023

Can I splice or run my eglo led lights off of an already reduced circuit like my headlights or horn circuit on my golf cart that head 48 bolts with 6 eight volt batteries???

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