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Golf Cart Street and Low Profile Tires- Benefits and Options

Golf Cart Street and Low Profile Tires- Benefits and Options

GCS™ Street and Low-Profile Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Perhaps you have been thinking about purchasing a new set of wheels and tires for your golf cart.  You have seen all the options out there and like the styles that are referred to as "Street," "Turf," or "Low Profile."  This article will explain what style those terms refer to, explain the benefits these tires provide, and show you some options for purchase.  By the time you finish reading, you should understand all the pros and cons of street wheels and tires for your golf cart to make better purchasing decisions.  Let's dive right in!

Who Should Buy Street Tires?

As the titles would imply, street and low profile tires are designed to be used on non-aggressive surfaces such as pavement, grass, thin layers of loose gravel, etc. These wheel and tire combos are for cart owners who mainly stick to using their golf carts on streets, walkways, well-maintained paths, and the golf course. The tread pattern on these wheels and tires is designed to grip those surfaces without damaging the tire's driving surface or the tire. 

Helpful Tip: Low-profile tires get their name due to the tire sidewall height. These tires are designed to have a minimal profile when compared to the overall size of the wheel and tire combo. People prefer low-profile tires because they direct people's eyes to see more of the wheel, typically the more aesthetically pleasing part of the wheel and tire combination, and less of the tire. Street and low-profile tires will have similar tread styles; they will only differ in sidewall height. Please note that low-profile tires will typically not provide as smooth of a ride as regular street tires due to less rubber and air to cushion over bumps and rough surfaces.

Low-Profile and Street Golf Cart Tires Sidewall Comparison

Main Takeaway- Street and low-profile wheels and tires are best for the cart owner who drives on the street, concrete paths, well-maintained gravel paths, and the golf course.

Benefits Of Street and Low-Profile Tires

Better Traction and Ride Quality On Pavement

When it comes to driving on pavement, street or low profile tires are the way to go. They have a tighter tread pattern than off-road tires, which helps grip the road surface and provides a smoother, quieter drive. In addition, street tires are designed to withstand the rigors of paved surfaces, so they will last longer and experience minor wear and tear. Like standard automotive tires, street and low profile tires are made specifically for concrete surfaces and will provide better overall handling and ride quality. 

Golf Course Flexibility

Another benefit to street and low-profile golf cart wheels and tires is that these provide you with the greatest flexibility if you plan to take your golf cart on the golf course. The tread pattern on these tires will allow your cart to be driven on golf course fairways and greens without causing any damage to the surfaces or tearing up the grass. Most golf courses will not permit you to use your cart with an aggressive tread pattern. These tires are a must-have if you live in a golf course community!

More Options For Non-Lifted Golf Carts

Perhaps the most significant benefit of street tires is the many options you have for purchasing without needing a lift kit.  Off-road and all-terrain tires are great for their purpose, but due to the size of the tire and the thickness of the tread, you will often be required to purchase a lift kit when getting those installed.  On the other hand, Street tires will typically stay within the 18"-20" overall height range, meaning you have plenty of options to choose from. This makes installing a new set of wheels and tires quick and painless as all you have to do is remove your old wheels and tires and put the new ones on.  For more information, check out the chart and video below.

Main Takeaway: Street/Low-Profile tires are manufactured to provide a great riding experience on street and golf course applications.  Due to the overall size of most street wheel and tire combinations, there are plenty of options for cart owners who don't want to install a lift kit.

18"-20" Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Overall Height

Street/Low Profile Tread Options

When it comes to tread options, most street tires are going to have very similar treads with some minor differences in pattern styles.  Once again, all of these treads are designed for road use and will be safe to use on golf course fairways and greens.  The tread spacing will be tightly grouped allowing for a quiet and smooth ride on pavement but still allowing for debris and water to escape from the tire. Here are some of the most popular tire treads:

  • GCS™ Forerunner
GCS™ Forerunner Tire

  • Arisun Cruze
Arisun Cruze Tire
  • Excel Endura
Excel Endura Tire
  • Deli Street/Turf
Deli Street/Turf Tire
  • Wanda GFX
Wanda GFX Tire
  • Excel Street Fox Radial
Excel Street Fox Radial Tire

Hopefully by now you have a greater understanding of the benefits of street and low-profile golf cart tires.  You should also know what applications these wheels and tires are best for along with an idea of some of the options you have when purchasing. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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