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Golf Cart Tire Sizing Explained - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Tire Sizing Explained

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Written By: Christian Attlesey

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Golf cart tires are one of the most commonly replaced components on a golf cart. After miles of use on the golf course, neighborhood streets, or back trails, the tires on your golf cart can start to go bald, severely diminishing their performance.

If you need to replace your golf cart tires but need to know what size you have, this article will solve that problem! We will walk you through where to find your tire size, how to understand the numbers, and answer some common questions. Let's go!

How To Read Golf Cart Tire Sizes

guy looking for through a large book

Just about every golf cart tire will have its size stamped in large numbers on its sidewall. This number will be in one of two formats- Standard sizing and metric sizing.

Both formats communicate some important information about your tire, so it is important that you understand how to read either one. First, let's start with "Standard Sizing."

Understanding Standard Golf Cart Tire Sizing

"What does 23/10-14 mean?"

A golf cart tire that uses standard sizing measurements will have a string of three numbers that will look something like this: 23x10-14.

All of these numbers are measurements in inches (hence the "standard" name) and give you information about the tire height, width, and wheel size. Let's break down the numbers and see what they mean:

  • The first number ("23" in our example) tells you the overall diameter of the tire (or combo if you have it mounted on a wheel).
  • The second number tells you the approximate width of the tire.
  • The third number tells you the size of the wheel that the tire can be mounted on.
Standard Golf Cart Tire Sizing: 23x10-14

Understanding Metric Golf Cart Tire Sizing

"What does 205/50-10 mean?"

Similar to standard sizing, metric sizing for golf cart tires will have a string of three numbers but, unlike standard sizing, communicate different information.

Metric tire sizing will let you know the tire width, aspect ratio, and wheel size. These numbers can be a bit confusing so let's use 205/50-10 as an example and break it down below:

  • The first number ("205" in our example) is the approximate width of the tire in millimeters.
  • The second number ("50") is what is called the aspect ratio. This number tells you how large the sidewall of the tire will be, and it is the percentage of the tire width. So, in our example above, the sidewall of the tire is 50% of 205. 205 millimeters divided by two is 102.5, so the sidewall of the tire is approximately 102.5 millimeters (approx. 4 inches).
  • Like standard sizing, the third number is the size of the golf cart wheel that gets mounted on the tire.
Metric Golf Cart Sizing: 205/50-10

The one major issue with Metric sizing is that the numbers don't tell you the overall height of the combo.

This is perhaps the most important number to know as a golf cart owner, as the overall height dictates whether or not your golf cart will need a lift kit.

The good news is that all the golf cart wheels and tires we carry will give you that information, whether the tire size is Standard or Metric.

Here is a quick snapshot of common Metric tire sizes and their overall height:

  • 205/50-10 tires: 18" tall / 8" wide
  • 205/30-14 tires: 20" tall / 8" wide
  • 205/65-10 tires: 20.5" tall / 8" wide
  • 215/35-12 tires: 18" tall / 8.5" wide
  • 215/40-12 tires: 18.5" tall / 8.5" wide
  • 215/50-12 tires: 20.5" tall / 8.5" wide
  • 215/60-8 tires: 18" tall / 8" wide

Golf Cart Application

Obviously, these numbers can play an important part in your golf cart wheel and tire purchase. Depending on your golf cart's make and model, choosing a large wheel and tire set may require you to install a lift kit. 

Lift Kit Size Overview

Club Car DS with a Lift kit installed

Here is a quick snapshot of common golf carts and when they need a lift kit:

  • EZGO golf carts need a lift kit when the wheel and tire combo exceeds 20" in overall diameter.
  • Club Car golf carts need a lift kit when the wheel and tire combo exceeds 18" in overall diameter.
  • Yamaha golf carts need a lift kit when the wheel and tire combo exceeds 18" or 20" in overall diameter, depending on your model.
    • G-Series carts (G1-G22 models) need a lift kit when the wheel and tire combo exceeds 18" in overall diameter.
    • Drive (G29) carts need a lift kit when the wheel and tire combo exceeds 20" in overall diameter.
    • Drive2 carts need a lift kit when the wheel and tire combo exceeds 20" in overall diameter.

In addition to potentially needing a lift kit, the tire size you choose will also impact how your wheels and tires look on your cart.

For example, choosing a combo with a large wheel and smaller tire (ex. 205/30-14) will allow you to emphasize the wheel and keep the presence of your tire to a minimum.

However, this wheel and tire ratio may make driving your golf cart a bit more rough as there is less tire and air to cushion your ride. 

Low-Profile Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combo
Example: Wheel and tire combo showing a larger wheel and smaller tire. This combination allows for greater visual appeal for the wheel but may ride more rough due to a smaller sidewall.

On the flip side, choosing a smaller wheel with a bigger tire (ex. 205/65-10) gives you a lot more air and tire to cushion your golf cart and make your ride smooth and easy.

Keep in mind that although your golf cart will ride smoothly visually, you will see a lot more rubber from the tire when you look at your combo.


Golf cart wheel and tire with a larger sidewall tire
Example: Wheel and tire combo showing a smaller wheel and larger tire. This combination allows for a more comfortable ride but isn't as visually appealing.

In the market for a new set of tires? Our premium golf cart tires will make your dreams come true!

At this point, you should have a much better understanding of golf cart tire sizing and how to read the different sizing formats!

If you still have questions or think we missed something, feel free to leave them in the comments below or reach out to us! See you next time!

Bonus- What size are stock golf cart tires?

Stock golf cart tires are 18"-18.5" in height and 8" wide.

Now you understand golf cart tire sizing, but do you have questions about golf cart wheels? Check out our companion article on golf cart wheel sizes

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Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - August 31, 2023

↓(Replying to Ken’s comment below)↓


Thank you for your question!

Yes, as long as your shocks and suspension are in proper working order, a 3" lift kit will allow you to install a wheel and tire combo with 22" in overall diameter.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Ken - August 31, 2023

Will 22 inch tires fit on a Yamaha Drive with a 3 inch lift?

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