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Golf Cart Tires and Wheels: How To Find the Right Combo - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Golf Cart Tires and Wheels: How To Find the Right Combo

Many people may believe that golf carts come with one size for their tires and wheels, considering that the vehicles find most of their use on golf courses. But because of their potential for wide applications, knowing how to find the right combo of golf cart tires and wheels can drastically change your comfort and the cart’s handling. Go in knowing what you’re using your cart for, whether it’s for public travel or use on the course. Then, bring the right wheels for the job with you.

Different Tires

In general, there are two types of tires you need to know when making your selection: high-profile and low-profile.


These tires are the standard-issue tires for most vehicles and offer several basic advantages. The most appealing of these is more stability while driving, whether you’re moving in a straight line or making a turn around a corner. The cart will have an easier time keeping its balance and will avoid tipping over.

On the same note of stability, low-profile tires offer better traction on the road, decreasing your likelihood of slipping or losing control of the vehicle when driving through slick surfaces.


On the other hand, the design of high-profile tires allows for all-terrain use, making them ideal for when you want to go off-roading with your cart. Because of the size of the tires, you may need to lift your golf cart to ensure a proper fit. Otherwise, you risk grazing your tires against the body of the cart.


In terms of wheels, there are several different finishes to choose from. These include:

  • Chrome: Chrome is the most ubiquitous finish most people opt for and is the most expensive option. It provides excellent durability against the elements and can hold up under harsh conditions.
  • Machined: Machined-style wheels use the raw metal straight from the factory. They don’t undergo any additional treatment, except for receiving a thin coating to keep it safe from the elements. This is the most affordable option but has the least longevity.
  • Polished: These wheels sit in a sort of middle ground between chrome and machined types. Polished wheels are made of raw metal, but they have far more coating applied to them. This makes them more durable than machined wheels but less expensive than chrome varieties.

High-Impact Use vs. Low-Impact Use

When you buy golf cart wheels and tires, make your purchases knowing how you intend to use the cart. If you’re looking for off-roading use, you’ll need a high-profile tire with a wheel that can take some punishment. Be aware of the different golf cart wheels and tires and how to find the right combo.

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