Golf Cart Windshields: Should You Repair or Replace?

Golf cart windshields are more essential than most people realize. Without these parts, you wouldn’t be able to drive in harsh weather conditions. That’s why it’s such a hassle when they break. You need them to drive, so the question is: should you repair or replace your golf cart windshields?


We’ll show that replacing your golf cart windshields is the way to go. For one, there’s the matter of installation. Golf cart windshields have many hinges, so it’s nearly impossible to connect broken parts. It’s much easier to get windshield kits from places like Golf Cart Stuff, as we provide detailed instructions on how to put things together.


Repairing windshields takes a long time. Those who don’t want to spend the rest of their Saturdays fixing a windshield can simply replace things instead. Again, golf cart windshields are full of intricate parts, and they take so much time to repair. Get yourself a golf car windshield kit that has the instructions laid out for you.


Newer is always better. This sentiment applies directly to golf cart windshields. When you repair a windshield, things can break quickly. You could end up shattering the glass, or even worse, hurting yourself. Replace it entirely with an easy-to-follow installation kit. Golf Cart Stuff has top-quality windshields that won’t become damaged shortly after putting them on.

This article has answered the question of whether you should repair or replace your golf car windshields. Replacing is always better because it takes less time and there’s a lower likelihood of an accident. Luckily, Golf Cart Stuff has some of the highest quality windshield kits available on the market today. We understand how important they are, and we want to get you back on the course as quickly as possible. Check out our collection today.

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