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How do I make my EZGO Golf Cart better? (and other common questions!) - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

How do I make my EZGO Golf Cart better? (and other common questions!)

Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Writer

Written by: Amber Ripley

Read Time: 3-5 minutes


EZGO has long since proven its spot as a leader in the golf cart, utility vehicle, and personal transportation vehicle market since its founding in 1954.

Alongside parent company Textron, EZGO has continued to improve and expand its product line while remaining one of the most beloved brands in the golf cart market today. 

EZGO Golf Cart Common Questions and Answers

Whether you already own or are considering investing in an EZGO golf cart, you've found the right article. We're going to address everything you want to know about EZGO Golf Carts. What can you do to them? How do you tell them apart? and What are all these acronyms?? Keep reading for all this and more!

How do I make my EZGO golf cart better?

While EZGO historically manufactures extraordinary golf carts right off the production line, there are many aftermarket accessories that can be added to build a golf cart as unique as the journey you have planned. 

From Street Legal (LSV) safety equipment to extreme Off-Road performance components and all the cosmetic stuff in-between, Golf Cart Stuff has the products to enhance your ride.

A few of the top-selling EZGO golf cart accessories are:

  • Golf Cart Tires (and wheels!) 
  • Rear Flip Seats
  • Light Kits (Headlights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Horn) 
  • Windshields
  • Lift Kits
  • Front Seats & Seat Covers
EZGO Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat

    What are the different EZGO golf cart models?

    EZGO has designed and manufactured several different golf cart models over the last 60+ years to serve many purposes, from sport to work to leisure.

    EZGO Golf Cart Models by Year:
    • Marathon (1975 - 1993)
    • Medalist (1994 - 1995)
    • Workhorse (1996 - 2003)
    • ST (1999 - Present)
    • MPT (2004 - Present)
    • RXV (2008 - Present)
    • 2Five (2009 - Present)
    • Terrain (2012 - Present) 
    • Express (2012 - Present)
    • TXT (1996 - 2013)
    • TXT Valor (2014-Present)

    How do I know what model my EZGO Golf Cart is?

    How do I know what model EZGO I have?

    When shopping for EZGO golf cart accessories, you will notice that many items are sold specific to each model and/or model year, making this the foremost piece of information to know about your golf cart. 

    Most EZGO carts have the model name on the body somewhere, but it may be challenging to find if the cart has been painted, wrapped, or otherwise concealed.

    In that case, simply locate the manufacturer number (usually around the passenger-side glovebox). The last two numbers of this indicate the year of manufacture. 

    As a general rule of thumb, you can narrow down the most popular EZGO models from manufacture year (as we learned above) based on the following:

    • 1976-1993: EZGO Marathon
    • 1994-1995: EZGO Medalist
    • 1996-2013: TXT
    • 2008-Present: RXV/TXT Valor/Express

    Is my EZGO a TXT or RXV?

    If you're trying to figure out which EZGO golf cart you have, there is a very high likelihood that it is either a TXT or RXV. These two models are by far the most popular amongst EZGO owners, and with similar body styles, they can be challenging to distinguish from each other. 

    • Follow the steps above to identify the year of your golf cart from the manufacturer's number. If your cart was manufactured before 2008, it's a TXT.
    • Visual: RXV has a spacious dash in the front; the TXT does not. RXV seats are firmer and more molded than TXT seats.
    • Mechanical differences: RXV models have independent front suspension, and a single rear leaf spring. TXT carts have two (or more) rear leaf springs.
    • The RXV has a very noticeable hump that sits right on top of the dash, directly above the steering column.
    Is my EZGO a TXT or RXV?

      How can I make my EZGO golf cart faster?

      If you have a need... a need for speed... we totally get it. Below are our most recommended ways to put a little more giddy up in your golf cart! 

      • Larger golf cart wheels and tires - (yes, that's an overlying theme around here). Larger tires have a longer circumference, giving you more ground coverage in less time - aka, FASTER.
      • Upgrade Controller / Motor - Upgrading your golf cart's speed controller is the easiest way to get a customizable boost in power, speed, and braking. Upgrading the golf cart's motor at the same time will ensure there is enough power for all the new components to perform optimally together. 
      • Golf Cart Batteries - if you've got an electric EZGO golf cart, upgrading your current set of batteries, increasing the overall voltage, or switching to a lithium-ion battery are all excellent ways to increase your golf cart's speed.
        Golf Cart Battery Lithium Ion Replacement Battery UNO 48V Golf Cart Battery
        <-- Tap/Click the image to browse battery options from Golf Cart Stuff™!

      What does TXT mean on EZGO golf carts?

      TXT is an acronym for Textron, the parent company of EZGO. Textron is one of the most recognizable multi-industry companies in the world, employing over 35,000 people in 25 different countries. Textron is also the parent company of these other well-known brands such as Cessna, Beechcraft, Arctic Cat, Cushman, and more!

      EZGO Textron Logo | EZGO Model Year | What model EZGO do I have?

      Do all EZGO golf carts use the same key?

      Short answer: Pretty Much. 

      EZGO RXV (all years & with factory ignition) - have their own key. 

      1982-newer all other models of EZGO (with factory ignition) do, indeed, use the same key.

      Older EZGO Golf Carts (pre-1982could likely use a new ignition switch anyways, so if you find yourself without a key, it's a great time for this economical upgrade! 

      Universal EZGO golf cart key<--Tap the key to order a spare set now! 

      How do I know if my EZGO is 36-volt or 48-volt?

      Determining the voltage of your golf cart's lead-acid batteries is quite simple. All it takes is 2 quick steps, and you're on your way! 

      1. Lift the front seat to expose the battery compartment
      2. Count the holes found on top of the batteries and multiply that number by 2 (two).
      That's all there is to it... You just calculated your golf cart's voltage.

      24 x 2 =

      What Voltage is my golf cart? | 48-Volt Battery Pack Example

        Golf Carts typically have a 36-volt or 48-volt configuration, so if you come up with a different number: double-check your math, or replace whatever those batteries are!

        Customized EZGO Golf Cart Tires Golf Cart Seats Golf Cart Windshield Golf Cart Roof Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

        What do DCS and PDS mean on EZGO golf carts?

        With the exception of the RXV, which has an AC motor system, all EZGO golf carts have either a DCS or PDS motor system. See below for a brief overview of each.

        DCS (Drive Controller System) -Mostly found on older EZGO models , the golf cart is shifted with a lever near the ignition instead of a rocker switch. Motor does not have a speed sensor. 

        PDS (Precision Drive System) - Used on EZGO models from around 2000 and newer, the golf cart is shifted with a rocker switch below the seat as opposed to a lever. The motor has a speed sensor and there are multiple connectors on the controller. 

        If you're nerdy like us, you may enjoy this in-depth article on Understanding PDS, DCS, and IQ motor systems in golf carts.

        Golf Cart Motor Upgrade | Golf Carty Controller Replacement | How to make your golf cart faster.

        Well, friends, that brings us to the end of this collection of EZGO questions. So now we ask you... What did we miss?What questions have you wanted to ask but haven't had the right opportunity to? The comment section below is open for discussion... don't be shy! 

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