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How To Decide Between an Electric or Gas Golf Cart - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

How To Decide Between an Electric or Gas Golf Cart

When selecting which golf cart style you want, you need to know the main differences between an electric and a gas-powered cart. Each one has its advantages, shortcomings, and some misconceptions surrounding its capabilities. Keep everything in mind when selecting your cart to make sure it fits with what you need.

How Are They Powered?

To begin with, the obvious and most significant difference between the two is where they derive their power. While the names do give the answer away, a gas-power golf cart is powered by a combustion engine that takes regular gasoline as its fuel. In contrast, an electric cart utilizes battery cells, typically with 36 or 48-volt, that need to be regularly charged.

Resulting Pollution

Because of their different fuel sources, gas carts produce carbon monoxide emissions and carry the usual odor of gas-powered vehicles. Electric carts are cleaner, producing no toxic fumes or emissions.

Difference of Pricing

Generally speaking, gas-powered carts are more expensive than their electric counterparts. However, these prices can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, accessories, age, and whether it is used or new. But, when comparing carts of similar characteristics, it is usually the case that electric carts are the more affordable option.

Engine Power

The power of the engine is heavily dependent on the model of the cart you purchase. Some electric models are stronger than some gas-powered carts, but these considerations are based on carts with similar characteristics.


When thinking of pure speed, the gas-powered cart has the advantage. Combustion engines are able to achieve faster speeds compared to electric carts.

Carry Limit

Gas carts also have the advantage when it comes to being able to more easily transport larger amounts of weight from place to place.

Final Engine Considerations

While it is generally believed that gas carts are more powerful than electric, that is usually based on the electric cart’s 36-volt battery. When using a 48-volt battery, the electric cart can more easily keep up with the gas cart.

What Is Best for You

While gas carts are considered the more powerful of the engines, it does come at the cost of added pollution and a higher price point.

Whether you decide between an electric or a gas cart, Golf Cart Stuff sells golf cart supplies to customize your ride and offers items to add convenience.

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