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How To Determine Your Golf Cart’s Year and Model

How To Determine Your Golf Cart’s Year and Model

Your golf cart will likely need to be repaired at some point during its lifetime. You must know your ride’s specifications to ensure you get the right parts. Follow this resourceful guide on how to determine your golf cart’s year and model if you have no clue where to start. The process is more straightforward than you may think.

What’s a Serial Number?

The first step in determining your golf cart’s provenance is locating the serial number. Manufacturers place a unique number on each vehicle they produce so that owners know what parts they need for what model. These numbers can be located in various places, depending on the type of cart you own. Someone may find the digits inside or underneath the passenger side glove compartment. Another location is on the driver’s side frame just below the steering wheel.

What the Letters Mean

Once you locate the serial number, you should be able to figure out the cart’s year and model. Serial numbers will start with two letters. These letters correlate with different models on the market. For example, AA means that the ride is a DS model 48-volt electric golf cart, whereas PG refers to a precedent gasoline golf cart. Each model requires different components, so it’s essential to read the letters correctly so you know what to look for while shopping for parts.

Can’t Find the Serial Number?

Another tip on how to determine your golf cart’s year and model is to inspect its physical characteristics if you can’t find the serial number. DS models, for example, are lower in the front, and they have a small plastic bumper on the back. On the other hand, precedent gas models are more rounded, and the bumper wraps around the entire vehicle. Keep these in mind if it’s difficult to spot the ride’s serial number.

Once you determine your vehicle’s year and model, you can begin your search for superior golf cart supplies. Golf Cart Stuff has everything you need to kit out your cart, like batteries and new seats. Please give us a call when you notice something needs to be replaced. Your cart will be driving smoothly again before you know it.

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