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How To Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition This Summer - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

How To Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition This Summer

Like any other vehicle, your golf cart needs to go through proper maintenance for it to survive for the years to come. Because of the warm weather that summer brings, cart owners are more inclined to go out and about with their carts instead of their cars. This increased use means that regular inspection and speedy repairs are necessary to keep their carts moving. Know how to keep your golf cart in peak condition this summer and avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

Check Your Battery

After a day of carting around, you need to make sure the battery is hooked up to charge after every use. Occasionally, you’ll need to check the water levels to ensure they’re still adequate to keep your battery functioning properly. It’s recommended to check every three months to see if the metal plates inside your battery are still submerged in water. If not, you need to fill it up with distilled water after charging your battery.

Clean When Needed

Make sure you see no rust or corrosion forming around the connections or that there’s any debris present (such as grass or dirt). When you do find that your battery is dirty for whatever reason, use a mixture of water and baking soda to clean it off.

Maintain Your Tires

Like the tires on your car, you need to make sure that your golf cart’s tires are maintained and in serviceable condition. Any tires that are visibly worn out, have shallow tread depths, or have bubbles forming along the surface need to be replaced. Driving on old and worn tires can have a negative effect on other components within your cart, causing added strain on the engine and brakes.

Properly Filled

Make it a habit to check your tire pressure. Driving for extended periods with flattened tires can cause damage to the wheels and degrade the rubber of your tire faster. Especially with roadways being heated by the summer sun, your tires already naturally deteriorate more quickly during the summer.

Ensure It is Fit To Drive

Throughout the summer, you must be vigilant about maintaining your golf cart’s condition. This means paying attention to any hiccups in performance or worrying symptoms. Be on the lookout for oil leaks when your cart is parked or if the brake system doesn’t function as intended. Also, check if your windshield is beginning to falter. Golf cart windshields play an essential role in keeping debris from distracting you while driving.

Don’t Fall Behind

The moment you know something is wrong, don’t wait to have your cart serviced. Waiting on repairs can lead to more severe damage, resulting in far greater repair costs or having to buy an entirely new cart. Keeping your golf cart in top condition this summer means being aware of the minor issues before developing into bigger ones.

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