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How to Properly Clean Your Golf Cart Windshield

How to Properly Clean Your Golf Cart Windshield

Golf carts make everyone’s lives so much easier. Pro Golfers and Average Joes alike can use their vehicles to take unwanted stress off of their feet. However, owning such a device requires significant upkeep. Golf cart owners must perform maintenance so that their beloved ride works well into the future. One surprising thing that may slip your mind is cleaning the vehicle’s windshield. This original guide on how to properly clean your golf cart windshield will ensure the job gets done right.

Materials Matter

You can’t just use any old cleaning product off the shelf on your cart’s windshield. Most windshields are acrylic, which means they’re scratch-resistant. However, they’re prone to cracking if they come into contact with something sharp or heavy—say, a golf ball. Acrylic windshields are also sensitive to certain chemicals, which is why you should be mindful of the cleaning products you use. Please, stick to a good old-fashioned mixture of soap and water to get the ultimate shine.

Paper towels aren’t copasetic with golf carts, either. The sheets or old rags may leave streaks on the windshield that are tough to remove. Consider purchasing a microfiber towel to do the job so that your windshield remains streak-free. Everyone wants a clear view while driving, so they can keep others safe and look at the beautiful landscape in front of them.

Keep It Covered

Mother Nature can do some real damage to your golf cart if you aren’t careful. UV rays from the sun may cause your windshield to crack and wear faster than usual. Hail can also create problems if you leave the vehicle out in a storm. Thus, it’s best to buy a golf cart cover to keep it protected from bad weather whenever it strikes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

This guide on how to properly clean your golf cart windshield shows you what mistakes to avoid next time you take on the endeavor. Ignoring this advice could put you in jeopardy of a replacement. Luckily, Golf Cart Stuff has a vast selection of golf cart windshields if you need a new part altogether. We even have tinted options available if you want to cruise around the neighborhood in style.

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