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Lithium Golf Cart Battery Comparison

Lithium Golf Cart Battery Comparison

Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Writer
Resident Fact-Gatherer: Amber Ripley
Read Time: Not too long. There's a lot of data, but there's also a video of battery-basketball, so stick around

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As the popularity of lithium golf cart batteries continues to grow, we understand that it can be overwhelming to navigate through the different options available. So, we've done the research for you, in order to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the top lithium golf cart batteries on the market.

Golf Cart Lithium Battery Comparison Infographic

At Golf Cart Stuff™, our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information, without any intentional bias towards any particular brand. So, while we do offer most of the lithium battery brands detailed below, the overlying goal is to make sure that you have all the facts, so that you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs.

Golf Cart Stuff is your #1 Resource for all things Lithium Batteries

First, we'll go into detail on different 48-volt and 36-volt lithium battery setups from some of the best and most well-known brands in the market. Then, we have some handy, quick-reference lithium golf cart battery comparison charts.

Lithium Battery Overview

Feel free to skip this section if you are already familiar with Lithium battery technology.

Before we get into the details, we wanted to take a brief moment to discuss what exactly Lithium batteries are and how they differ from standard lead-acid batteries.

Lithium batteries are made of multiple "cells", and just like your 6th-grade science teacher told you about your body, these are the basic building blocks of lithium batteries (sorry I couldn't resist).

Every one of those cells contains three primary components: a negative electrode, a positive electrode, and an electrolyte (no it's not Gatorade!)

The positive electrode on all new lithium batteries is made out of what is called Lithium Iron Phosphate aka "LiFePO4".

Essentially, when you charge your battery, the positive electrode releases lithium ions that move through the electrolyte solution over to the negative electrode.

I won't go into too many details, but this movement and the location of the ions stores energy in the battery.

During discharge, aka using the battery, the ions move from the negative to the positive. This movement releases energy from the battery.

Ok bear with me, we are almost done but there is one other important piece of information you need to know.

There is an outer circuit in lithium batteries that has electrons.

These electrons flow in the opposite direction as the ions. This HAS to happen for the battery to function properly.

Through all of this movement and all these chemicals, lithium batteries operate.

You now have a very crude, albeit better than 99% of the population, understanding of how Lithium batteries operate.

Now, what makes Lithium batteries great, is that the chemical makeup of lithium-ion batteries allows for significantly more charge cycles.

That is why most Lithium batteries have a lifespan of approximately 8-10 years!

Now with that out of the way, let's get into the comparison!

Don't skip to the end - there's a lot to learn in the details! Let's dive in and see how these batteries compare!

UNO Lithium Hybrid Battery | 48-Volt, 90Ah

Uno Lithium-Hybrid 48V 90Ah Golf Cart Battery


  • Range: 45-60 miles
  • Weight: 48 LBS
  • Price:$2899

Allow us to introduce UNO™, the most power-packed for its size, versatile, single 48-volt lithium golf cart battery on the market today. 

Each single battery is packaged in a modern, stylish case and pairs seamlessly with your cart and the elite features and technology listed below. 

The regularly updated iOS® or Android® app displays constant battery and alert management. All of this while featuring an industry-leading 10-Year Warranty, and manufactured in Idaho, USA! 🇺🇸

🔋🛺 Installing the UNO™ Lithium Battery system is quick and straight-forward in factory EZGO® TXT or RXV, Club Car® DS, or Precedent, or Yamaha® Drive or Drive2 golf carts and instantly increases your driving range up to 60 miles! 


  • 90ah @ 48V
  • 100A Constant Supply
  • 600A Max Burst Current
  • Max Voltage: 58V
  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Weight: 48 lbs. (vs. 350-400 lbs. in lead acid systems)
  • 10-Year Warranty!
  • Energy Savings: Approximately 35% (when compared to lead-acid systems)
  • Auto Load Voltage Cut-Off
  • On-Board Thermal Regulation System
  • 360º Mounting Orientation
  • Combine up to 6 Batteries in Parallel for 540ah
  • Bluetooth®-Enabled App for Android and iOS
  • State of Battery data available via LED indicators, audible indicators, and in-app information. 
  • Quick and Simple Installation 
  • Ultra-safe Battery Management System (BMS) and Industry Leading Intelligence
  • Manufactured in Idaho, USA, using Recyclable Cell Technology
  • USA Owned and Operated 🇺🇸


  • Qty 1 - UNO™ 48V 90ah Battery
  • Qty 1 - UNO™ 48V 15A Charger
  • Qty 1 - NOCO GCP1 AC Port Plug Adapter Kit
  • Qty 1 - Load Side Quick-Plug Cabling, Connector, and Junction Box
  • Qty 1 - Charge Side Quick-Plug Cabling, Connector, and Junction Box
  • Qty 1 - Set of Corner Block Mounting Guides and Heavy Industrial Zip Tie
  • Qty 1 - UNO™ Approved Battery State of Charge Meter (State of Charge also Displayed in App) 

UNO Lithium Hybrid Battery | 48-Volt, 180Ah

 UNO DUO 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery Pack


  • Range: 90 miles
  • Weight: 96 LBS
  • Price: $5598


Don't take our word for it - watch the team at UNO play a casual game of basketball with one of these batteries! 🏀🔋

This twin 48V 90ah UNO DUO battery solution takes lithium golf cart power to the next level. This setup contains 180ah in two small UNO batteries. This system is perfect for anyone with high demands due to steep terrain or heavy loads.

With the new DUO system, the experts at UNO deliver their proven lithium battery technology with DOUBLE the capacity.

The DUO system comes with two batteries and all the necessary connections for linking them in parallel, increasing the 90ah capacity to 180ah. This bundle also contains the newly designed UNO Charger and AC Port Plug Adapter kit, allowing you to install this charger on-board, in the battery compartment, making charging more convenient than ever before.

The UNO DUO Golf Cart EV battery bundle's unique form factor and industry-leading technologies make it the ideal ONE (see what we did there?) upgrade to any 48 Volt golf cart powertrain. Check out the specs below!


  • 180ah @ 48V
  • 200A Continuous Supply
  • 2 Minutes @ 400A Supply
  • 1,200A Max Burst Current
  • Max Voltage: 58V
  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Weight: 96 Total Pounds total (vs. 350-400 Pounds in lead-acid systems)
  • Energy Savings: Approximately 35% 
  • Automatic load voltage cut-off
  • On-Board Thermal Regulation System
  • 360º Mounting Orientation (mount the batteries on ANY side)
  • Arrange up to 6 Batteries in Parallel for 540ah
  • Bluetooth®-Enabled App for Android and iOS, Regularly Updated and Improved
  • State of Battery information available via LED lights, audible indicators, inn-app alerts
  • 10-Year Warranty!
  • Quick and Simple Installation 
  • Ultra-safe Battery Management System (BMS) and Industry Leading Intelligence
  • Manufactured in Idaho, USA, from Global Components Using Recyclable Cell Technology
  • USA Owned and Operated


  • Qty 2 - UNO™ 48V 90ah Battery
  • UNO™ 48V 15A Charger
  • NOCO GCP1 AC Port Plug Adapter Kit
  • Dual Battery Charger Harness
  • Load Side Quick-Plug Cabling, Connector, and Junction Box
  • Set of Corner Block Mounting Guides and Heavy Industrial Zip Tie
  • UNO™-Approved Battery State of Charge Meter

Trojan Lithium 48-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan Lithium 48V 60Ah Golf Cart Battery Bundle

Trojan Battery Company manufactures the world's most reliable golf cart batteries, backed by 100 years of experience and the most satisfied consumers in the business, and the Trojan GC2 lithium batteries are no exception to that reputation. 

Trojan Lithium Batteries from Golf Cart Stuff come with a Lester Summit II charger and a State of Charge meter, allowing you to keep your batteries running at their peak while also monitoring your charge level on the go!

Straight-forward installation, substantial weight savings, peak performance, and maintenance-free... Upgrade now to Lithium and turn your ride into your pride!


FAST FACTS: 48V 60 AH (2 batteries)

  • Range: 20-35 miles
  • Weight: 90 LBS
  • Price: $2499

FAST FACTS: 48V 90 AH (3 batteries)

  • Range: 30-50 miles
  • Weight: 135 LBS
  • Price: $3699
Trojan Golf Cart Batteries for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha Golf Carts

Why Trojan Lithium-Ion?

  • More Range: Trojan Lithium-Ion takes you 2-3X farther than lead acid and up to 15% farther than any other lithium-ion supplier with the same AH rating.
  • Less Maintenance: Like, virtually, none. No watering, no acid, no corrosion.
  • Powerful Acceleration: Constant acceleration at all times, especially when ascending hills.
    • Surge Amps: 2 Battery, 300 Amps / 3 Battery, 450 Amps
    • Continuous Amps: 2 Battery, 150 Amps / 3 Battery, 225 Amps
  • Last Longer: lasts approximately 2-3 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries. (10+ years vs. 3-4 years)
  • Durability: Unlike the competition, Trojan Lithium-Ion is designed and built to meet SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) vibration and off-road standards and is certified IP67 rated.
  • Safer: Built with the most stable lithium formula (LFP) and four levels of safety redundancy. If one level fails, there are three more to catch the issue and shut down the battery. Trojan meets or exceeds all industry safety standards.
  • Solid Warranty: Trojan is the #1 supplier of golf car batteries, and they stand behind their products. Offering a FULL 6-year replacement warrant plus 2 additional pro-rated years, you can trust they'll be around in 8 years to stand behind their warranty.
Golf Cart Stuff is an Authorized Trojan Lithium Battery Dealer

    Each bundle includes:

    • Trojan GC2 48V Batteries (Quantity will be 2 or 3 depending upon bundle selected) *EZGO RXV golf carts require a 3 battery setup.
    • Trojan-approved Lester Summit II Model 30600 Golf Cart Charger and golf cart model-specific charging plug
    • Trojan-approved State of Charge digital battery meter/battery level indicator
    • Appropriate CAN cables which allow the intelligent Battery Management Systems (BMS) to communicate with each other

    Dakota Lithium 48V Golf Cart Battery

     48 Volt Dakota Lithium Golf Cart Battery


    • Range: 30-60 miles
    • Weight: 77 LBS
    • Price: $2699

    This single 48V lithium battery, constructed with legendary Dakota sturdiness, will double the run time of your golf cart or LSV, allowing you to play longer and explore farther. Dakota Lithium offers exceptional lifetime value, lasting four times longer than rival golf cart batteries.

    This battery is designed with renowned lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells and requires no upkeep or watering. You have more time and freedom both on and off the green thanks to this battery's ability to be installed in any orientation and its 5X faster charging time than lead-acid batteries.

    In addition, you can remove 300 pounds or more from your cart thanks to the single Dakota Lithium battery weighing about one-quarter of the weight (77 lbs. to be exact) of a complete set of lead-acid batteries.

    Approved For:

    • 48V Golf Carts (Not compatible with 36 Volt systems)
    • 48V Replacement Battery
    • Club Car Golf Carts (48V)
    • Yamaha Golf Carts (48V)
    • Drop-In Lithium Replacement
    • 48V Taylor-Dunn Golf Carts
    • 48V Polaris Golf Carts
    • 48V Columbia / Par Car
    • 48V GEM Car, STAR EV Golf Cart
    • ...and many more!

    Dakota 48V Lithium Technical Specifications:

    11-Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

    1-year warranty on charger and accessories 

    Lifetime technical support: Reach out for help straight from the experts at Dakota Lithium.

    Dakota 48V Battery Range: Depending on the golf cart model, you can expect a battery range of 40–60 miles for carts with a top speed of around 23 mph, and a range of 30 to 40 miles for golf carts with a top speed of approximately 27 mph. *Double the battery range by connecting two units in parallel.

    Operating Temperature: Dakota Lithium batteries have max optimal operating temperatures of -20°F and +120°F. Avoid charging below 32°F.

    Battery Storage Capacity: All 96 Amp hours of power are consistently delivered by Dakota Lithium batteries. Because DL LiFePO4 batteries have a flat voltage curve, their power output remains constant as the battery discharges (unlike SLA batteries). 

    Battery Energy: 4,915 Watt hours (Wh) per battery (4.9 kWh power system)

    Battery Size: 20.5" x 10.5" x 8.66" (520mm x 267mm x 220mm)

    Dakota Battery Certifications: All batteries are UN38 certified. Dakota Lithium's cells are UL1642 certified and have been tested per IEC62133 standards. Meets all US & International regulations for air, ground, train, and marine transport.

    Active BMS Protection Included: A circuit that handles cell balancing, low voltage cut-off, high voltage cut-off, short circuit protection, and temperature protection for increased performance and longer life.

     48 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery Comparison

    Dakota Lithium 36V Golf Cart Battery

    36 volt Dakota Lithium Golf Cart Battery


    • Range: 15-20 miles
    • Weight: 48 LBS
    • Price: $1499

    This single 36V volt lithium golf cart battery will allow you to play longer by doubling the run time for your LSV or electric golf cart. Dakota Lithium Golf Cart Batteries offer exceptional lifetime value, lasting five times longer than subpar products.

    Get more time and freedom on and off the course with this Dakota battery! Made from renowned lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, you can install this battery in any orientation, and it charges 5X faster than lead-acid golf cart batteries.

    The fact that this one Dakota Lithium battery weighs 1/4 as much as a set of lead-acid golf cart batteries may be the best feature. You can easily remove 300 pounds or more from your cart by switching over to lithium.

    Depending on the model of the cart and the average cruising speed, each battery can go between 15 and 20 miles. (Connect several batteries in series for a range of up to 80+ miles.)

    This battery is a re-engineered version of Dakota Lithium's renowned 36V 63Ah single lithium battery, but with 2X the max power (120A max continuous discharge), 50% longer lifespan, 25% smaller size (volume) and 20% less weight. The total weight of a single 36V battery is 48 LBS.

    If you're anything like me and you don't know exactly what "Depth of Discharge" (DOD) means... check out this expertly written article from Foxtron Power Solutions.

    36V/8A LiFePO4 charger included with purchase.

    Compatible With:

    • 36V Golf Carts (Not compatible with 48 Volt systems)
    • 36V Trolling Motors
    • 36V Electric Motors
    • Marine Applications
    • Minnkota Motors
    • Lowrance Motors
    • Preferred Upgrade For Garmin Motors
    • LIFEPO4 Replacement For SLA 36V
    • Compatible With Onboard Charging

    Dakota Lithium Batteries Technical Specifications- 36V

    11-yearManufacturer's Defect Warranty

    1-year Warrantyon Chargers and Accessories

    Lifetime technical support. Reach out to support@dakotalithium.com for help from the team of experts at the source.

    Dakota 36V Battery Range: Depending on the golf cart model, you can expect a battery range of 15-20 miles per charge. To extend the range of your cart, you can wire additional batteries in parallel connection. Most golf carts can fit up to four battery units in their battery compartments.

    Battery Lifespan: Up to 80% capacity for 3,000 recharge cycles. (The typical SLA has 500 cycles.)

    36V Battery Charge: 31.5 A max, 42 V max recommended.

    36V Battery Discharge: 120 A max continuous, 200 A max pulse 10 second pulse.

    Battery Energy: 2,304 Watts

    Battery Size: 19" x 6.7" x 9.5" (483mm x 170mm x 240mm)

    Dakota 36V Motor Controller Compatibility: Compatible with all 36V motors. A 200 amp controller can be supported by one unit. For carts with motor controllers rated at more than 200 Amps, 2+ units are needed. 

    Operating Temperature: Max optimal operating temperatures of -20°F and +120°F. Avoid charging below 32°F.

    Dakota 36V 60Ah Battery Storage Capacity: All 60 Amp hours of power are consistently delivered by Dakota Lithium batteries. The power output remains constant as the battery discharges.

    Dakota Battery Certifications: All batteries are UN38 certified. 

    Active BMS Protection Included: a circuit that handles cell balancing, low voltage cut-off, high voltage cut-off, short circuit protection and temperature protection for increased performance and longer life. *A LiFePO4 battery charger is required to turn the battery back on after a BMS cut off (and is included with every purchase).

    Eco Battery LifePo4 36V 105Ah Lithium Battery 

    Eco Battery 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery


    • Range: 70 miles
    • Weight: 40-45 LBS
    • Price: $2499

    The Eco Battery lithium bundle gives your cart the torque and speed boost you've been waiting for. Upgrading your 36V golf cart batteries to Eco Battery lithium can extend your driving range by up to 40-45 miles. The Eco LifePo4 Battery is a great choice to pair with your high performance improvements because it has a greater max and continuous amp output than its competitors.

    *Call for ordering details


    • Output: 600A max (3 sec), 300A max (30 sec)
    • Continuous Discharge:175A
    • 8 Year Warranty backed by Eco's best in class Customer Support
    • Easy Install: each bundle comes with everything you need to replace your battery
    • Proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) guarantees it will work with your motor & controller upgrades
    • 5X lighter than lead-acid


    • LifePo4 36V Battery
    • Cart-Specific Charger
    • Voltage Reducer (36V to 12V)
    • Battery Level Indicator
    • Mounting Hardware specific to cart make and model
    Yamaha golf Cart with Bronze wheels and tires

      Allied Battery 36V 36Ah Lithium Battery

      Simply remove old lead-acid batteries and replace them with two (or up to six) 36V lithium batteries (the same size as the lead-acid batteries), connect the cables in parallel, tighten the factory brackets, and the installation is complete.

      Minimum (2) x 36V 36AH batteries are required to run a golf cart appropriately.

      Allied Lithium Battery


      • Range: 30-40 miles
      • Weight: 62 LBS
      • Price: $950

      A basic fleet cart equipped with two 36V 36AH (72AH total) Allied Batteries will travel 30-40 miles each charge. Each additional battery will increase range by 15-20 miles. 3 x 36V 36AH (108AH total) batteries, for example, will have a range of 45-60 miles per charge.

      RoyPow S3856 (36V 56Ah)

      RoyPow 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery


      • Range: 20-30 miles
      • Weight: 60 LBS
      • Price: $2300

      The RoyPow 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery is a part of the LiFePO4 family of lithium-ion golf cart batteries. It features a compact, single-battery design that fits comfortably in any golf cart.

      The advanced charging system ensures that the battery charges quickly and efficiently (around 2.5 hours for a full charge). With its widely reviewed performance and reliability, the RoyPow 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery is a choice for any 36-volt drivetrain. 


      36 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery Comparison Chart


      Well, friends, we're going to wrap it up here and leave you to compare your options, based on your individual needs. Do any other research you feel necessary (we have a ton of super technical articles written by Christian on everything you can imagine related to golf cart batteries), and let us know when you're ready.

      Send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be right here
      when you're ready to upgrade your ride. 

      Golf Cart Stuff Helpful Blog Content WritingWhat would you get if you crossed a scientist and a golf cart? It would be our Senior Content Writer, Amber Ripley! If you have a question, she knows how to research to bring you the information you need. Before joining the ranks at Golf Cart Stuff™, Amber was in sales and marketing for industrial tool and die products, so digging into all the nitty gritty, technical details about Golf Carts is par for the courseIn the words of a famous songwriter: “If you got a problem, Yo! She’ll solve it!”

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      Tina-China Golf cart battery factory - September 25, 2023


      I’m a China Golf cart lifepo4 battery factory.

      i know you sell LiFePO4 battery like Uno, trojan, Roypower…, and you import cushion, light kit……

      Will you consider to sell your own logo on golf cart battery ? if we can provide strong support and produce for you ?

      Price reference:
      48V100AH Golf cart battery: 720 USD/pcs with included LCD. (middle -level)
      48V100AH Golf cart battery: 760 USD/pcs with touch LCD (high-level)

      producing process like iphone apple company.

      How about to have a further talking on cooperation ?

      Best regards,
      phone/whatsapp: +8613424158991
      web: www.improvecn.com

      Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - August 10, 2023

      ↓(Replying to Greg Bohl’s comment below)↓


      Thank you for your comment. Thankfully, 72-volt Lithium batteries are now available for sale! We have not yet listed it, but ECO Battery makes a 72-volt 105Ah kit specifically for the EZGO TXT. We will reach out to you directly with a quote!

      Greg Bohls - August 10, 2023

      Hello, I have a 72 volt Ezgo TXT Freedom. How do I convert the cart to Lithium with something compariable to the same Ah that I have in this cart. Or could i go down in volts even though it’s a 72 volt? I really like my cart the way it is, but I’m tired of the occasional acid leaks and wires corroding etc…. It’s a 2018 model. Thank you for any suggestions
      Sincerely, Greg Bohls

      Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service - July 10, 2023

      (Replying to Lynn Erickson’s comment below ↓↓)


      Thank you for your question! We chose to use the RoyPow 36V battery in our comparison blog to get some variety (most of the other batteries we reviewed were 48V). RoyPow does make a 48-volt golf cart battery that we are sure is the battery your dealer will use, so I wouldn’t worry about it!

      P.S.- For the record, 36V, and 48V golf cart batteries are not interchangeable. Golf cart electrical systems are finely tuned to operate at a specific voltage, so you would never want to switch between the two! Hopefully, that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions!

      Lynn Erickson - July 10, 2023

      Dear Amber,

      I’m considering converting my 48 Volt Club Car to lithium. The dealer I’m working with sells RoyPow batteries. The comparisons on the website list RoyPow as 36 Volts. Is this lithium battery ok to use in a 48 Volt system or is the system redesigned to a 36 Volt?

      Thank you,

      Lynn Erickson

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