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Signs It’s Finally Time To Replace Your Golf Cart Tires - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Signs It’s Finally Time To Replace Your Golf Cart Tires

Your golf cart’s tires put up with a lot of stress; it’s only natural they start breaking down after a while. They won’t last forever, which makes it essential to know the signs it’s finally time to replace your golf cart tires. Ignoring the need for a fresh set of tires can have significant consequences for your cart as well as endanger your personal safety while driving.

Frequent Low Pressure

The symptom most cart owners will notice first is when they need to reinflate their tires at a higher frequency than normal. The need to constantly fill up your tires can mean a few things, such as cracking rubber or a fading seal.

Air seeps out through any cracks in your tires, which can result in them becoming underinflated—and this presents a whole new host of safety concerns. This problem will only get worse with time; a tire could burst. Therefore, make sure you take care of this issue before it becomes worse.


When you’re driving over different surfaces in your golf cart, the tires run the risk of rolling over sharp objects such as rocks, nails, or blades. Once these objects pierce into the rubber, the tire won’t last long, if at all. Resealing the rubber is a very difficult process and can often have less-than-ideal results.

A tire can survive for some time with a sharp object embedded into it, but it’s only a matter of time before it dislodges and leaves your tire with a sizeable hole.

Worn Out Treads

The treads allow the cart to maintain its traction while driving, but the constant friction will inevitably wear down the tread until it’s too shallow to work. The shallower the tread, the more likely the cart is to lose its grip on the road and other driving surfaces.

It’s at the point where cart owners need to switch out their tires. Ideally, drivers should purchase a new set long before any of these issues affects handling.

Protect Yourself From Harm

Driving on old tires significantly increases the chances of vehicular failure; it can cause your cart to lose control and prevents you from correcting your course. Know the signs you need to replace your golf cart tires and always know where to look for golf cart tires and wheels for sale. Switching out your old set is a necessity you need to invest in.

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