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Various SS golf cart wheel center caps

SS Golf Cart Wheels: Who Makes Them And Where Can I Buy Them?

Author Photo: Christian AttleseyAuthor: Christian Attlesey
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According to Google, approximately 880 web searches are made each month for "SS golf cart wheels". (Average search volume from July 2022-June 2023).

Spend some time around golf carts or golf cart communities and you can easily see why- basically every golf cart with aftermarket wheels has SS wheels. 

So that begs the question- where is everyone buying these SS golf cart wheels!?

Well, the truth is... nowhere and... everywhere.

You see, there is no actual "SS golf cart wheel". Nor is there any one specific manufacturer of SS wheels.

Three SS center caps- chrome, black, bronze

All the wheels that you see that have SS in them are just various golf cart wheels from various suppliers that use SS center caps.

| Center caps are the center portion of the wheel that covers over your wheel hub for a little extra aesthetic appeal. |

To emphasize-there is no specific brand of SS wheels nor is there a specific brand of SS center caps- it's all the same no matter who you buy from.

When did people start putting "SS" in golf cart wheels?

Bronze golf cart wheel with SS center cap

Truthfully, no one knows. This is one of those instances where something has taken on a life of its own and no one really knows how it got started.

Our theory is that some golf cart wheel manufacturers or suppliers added SS center caps to play off the popularity of the Chevy SS ("Super Sport").

At some point, another supplier realized how cool and popular this was so they did it too. As more and more "SS" aftermarket wheels went onto golf carts, the popularity just grew and now basically every wheel supplier uses SS center caps.

Does every golf cart wheel have an SS center cap?

We don't want to overpromise and say that every single golf cart wheel out on the market uses SS center caps, but most definitely do.

It is far and away the most popular center cap option so there is a very high likelihood that if you purchase a set of aftermarket golf cart wheels and tires, they will have the iconic "SS" center cap.

Is every golf cart SS center cap the same style?

For the most part, every SS center cap is going to look exactly the same.

If you were to closely compare different center caps from different manufacturers you may be able to notice a slight difference, but to any regular observer looking at them on a golf cart, they will look exactly the same across the board.

| Please note, we are talking about the center cap only, golf cart wheels come in a myriad of sizes and styles. |

Although the center caps will look the same visually, they may differ slightly in how they are installed- some will be "push through" style and others will be "snap in".

Push-through style center caps are pushed through the back of the wheel prior to mounting the wheels and tires on the cart.

Snap-in center caps, on the other hand, can be installed after the wheels are mounted on the cart and snap into place on the wheel.

Golf cart center cap styles- push through and snap in
Photo: The center cap on the left is a "push-through" style center cap. The center cap on the right is a "snap-in" style center cap.

As stated above, both sets will look virtually identical but it is helpful to know which style you have before you begin installing your new golf cart wheels- you don't want to have all your wheels mounted on your golf cart to only then realize you have a push through style center cap.

Hopefully, at this point, you have much more clarity on not only SS golf cart wheels but golf cart wheels in general!

If you still have questions make sure to leave them in the comments below and we will make sure we get back to you! See you next time!

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Christian Attlesey - August 10, 2023

Thank you for your kind words… MOM!!!

Karen Attlesey - August 10, 2023

I do find his videos engaging and informative. He does seem to have a good personality and certainly is humorous

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