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The Best and Most Popular Golf Cart Tires on the Market in 2022 - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

The Best and Most Popular Golf Cart Tires on the Market in 2022

When making upgrades to your golf cart, you need to find parts that are compatible with your cart while also filling the needs of how you utilize your vehicle. Check out the best golf cart tires on the market in 2022 to help you pick out which set you need for your vehicle.

Kenda Hole-N-1

The Kenda Hole-N-1 is the extremely popular industry standard tire for golf carts. The preferred choice for golf courses, its thick and durable rubber compound means that it won’t puncture easily. Then, its sawtooth tread is specially designed for giving you off-road traction without damaging the turf it is driving over (an essential feature for preserving the fairway).

Available as tire only or as a wheel and tire combo, the Kenda Hole-N-1 is also an OEM tire that both Yamaha and Club Car use, so if you’re looking for an exact replacement for your current tire, chances are this is the brand it already had installed from the factory. This tire is also compatible with all EZGO carts. Coming in under $300 for a set of four, the Kenda Hole-N-1 is a reliable and affordable option when looking for a replacement tire.

10" Vampire Wheel With 205/50-10 Tires

Currently, the most popular tire and wheel combo on our website is the 10" Vampire with 205/50-10 tires made by either Arisun Cruze, Excel Endura, or FORERUNNER. This combo is DOT certified, so if you’re looking to modify your vehicle to be street legal, this is what you’ve been looking for. However, these tires aren’t just for the road; their tread is also gentle enough that they can be driven on golf courses without added risk to the turf. This tire and wheel combo is a universal fit on Yamaha, Club Cart, and E-Z-Go carts alike, as long as you have the correct lug nuts.

12" Vampire Wheel With 215/35-12 Tires

The low-profile nature of 12" tires means that you still don’t need a lift kit when installing tires of these sizes. Also, much like the 205/50-10 tires, the 215/35-12 size is DOT certified while still being capable of carefully driving on turf. Made by brands Arisun Cruze and LSI Elite, the increased size of the wheel means that you can expect an increase in performance from the smaller size. You should be able to drive faster and over more challenging terrain. However, these tires aren’t quite capable of handling any serious off-roading adventures.

10" Vampire SS Wheel With 22" Arisun X-Trail Tires

For off-roading, our 22" Arisun X-trail tires are the most popular and best-reviewed tires we offer for that purpose. Due to their high profile, they do require a lift kit to be installed. However, the added lift in suspension will only help boost your off-roading capabilities. And don’t think the Arisun X-Trails are one-trick ponies; this tire and wheel combo is also DOT certified, making it a versatile option for drivers who use their carts in various situations.

After exploring the best golf cart tires on the market in 2022, you can buy a set, confidentiality knowing that they’re high quality. If you’re looking to buy golf cart wheels and tires for your vehicle, check out the comprehensive selection at Golf Cart Stuff to find the perfect size for your needs!

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