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Tips To Help You Pick the Best Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Tips To Help You Pick the Best Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are no longer just used for the gentlemen’s game; they are now used as modes of transportation in suburban communities and by off-roading enthusiasts. If you are looking to upgrading your chassis, check out these tips to help you pick the best lift for your golf cart.

Types of Lifts

The first thing you’ll need to decide when getting a lift kit is the type of lift you want. The options to choose between are A-arms, block lifts, and drop axels, each having its own pros and cons.

A-arm kits are heavy-duty lifts that replace your entire front suspension. An A-arm will increase both the performance and durability of your cart, as it will be able to handle tougher and more unforgiving terrain. It should also lead to an overall smoother ride because the suspension absorbs most of the shock.

Block lifts are small metal blocks that you insert into your suspension to give it a higher lift. Block lifts are a great help when you need more clearance for larger tires, but they don’t help with overall ride quality. While they might allow for the installation of off-road tires, they won’t give you the necessary suspension to push the limits.

Drop axel lifts are also replacements for the front suspension. They are typically less expensive than an A-arm, but they won’t provide as much stability. However, they are a better option for strength and durability than block lifts.

Lift Height

The next option you’ll have to choose is the height of your lift. You can opt for only a one-inch kit if you only need a little more clearance for your tire, or you can add something up to six inches. A one-inch lift will always be a block lift and will only accommodate a 13” or 14” tire. It also typically won’t improve stability.

Four-inch lifts will allow up to 20” tires. Six-inch kits are the most popular and provide ample stability for larger tires. You can get wheels up to 23” with these lifts, so you can get wide offset tires to help with off-roading.

Tire Size

As you have probably already ascertained, tire size is a huge determining factor in the type of lift you get. You should probably pick out your tires before the lift kit so that you don’t have to worry about them not fitting on your cart. Also, if you get tires that are right on the limit of a lift’s capabilities, you should be wary of overcrowding it or the tire with rub on the bottom of the fender.

With these tips to help you pick the best lift for your golf cart, you can find the right upgrade for you and your lifestyle. When looking at golf cart lift kits for sale, trust in Golf Cart Stuff, where you will find a dedicated and knowledgeable staff and exceptional curated products.

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