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Used Golf Cart Tires: Are They Worth It? - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Used Golf Cart Tires: Are They Worth It?

So your golf cart tires have had a good run, but they are starting to show their age.

They are starting to bald and have a little bulge around the center line if you know what I mean (What? I'm talking about your golf cart tires!)

Since you are a wise and frugal shopper who takes pride in finding a good deal, the thought crossed your mind about buying some used golf cart tires.

The question you now have is, is it worth it? Will I regret my decision and cry to sleep at night?

Illustration of a person with their head spinning around

Buyer Beware: buying the wrong golf cart tires can spell doom for your golf cart and ride experience and have your head shaking like a couple of maracas!

This article will walk you through some critical things you must consider before pulling the trigger on some used golf cart tires.

Let's go!

Are Used Golf Cart Tires Good Quality?

There are no online stores (that we at Golf Cart Stuff are aware of) that sell used golf cart tires, so your only options are from strangers selling them on eBay (or locally) or your local golf cart shop.

As a result, getting a gauge on the quality of the tires may be difficult. Many factors can impact golf cart tire quality and how it stands up over time. Here are just a few things to be aware of:

Were the tires stored outdoors?

Sun and rain clouds

Storing tires outside in the elements can cause the rubber to dry out and shorten the tire's lifespan.

Whether from direct sunshine or long winters in the snow, keeping tires outside can wreak havoc on the tire quality.

The worst part about this is that you will not be able to tell how dried out the tire is just by looking at it (unless the dry rot is awful).

The tread will look fine, but after a few months of driving, your golf cart tire will look as cracked as that mud in your driveway in the heat of the summer!

How long were the tires installed on the previous golf cart?

A calendar and a clock

Although golf cart tires are made to be driven on, it is the daily use of the tires that can cause the most damage. If the tire's already have some miles on them, there is no telling how long they will last once you get them on your cart. 

To make matters worse, you have no idea how the previous owner drove his cart. If the tire's previous owners drove their golf cart like your 17-year-old nephew who just got his license, those tires have been through the wringer... trust me.

Teenage boy with headphones

Another common issue with golf carts is long periods where they sit in storage.

Although the tread may look fine, if the golf cart sat in the same spot for a few years, that constant pressure on the tire in the same location can warp the tires and cause them to go out of round.

Throw those tires on your golf cart, and you'll be bounced out of your seat in no time!

Damage From Frequent Mounting and Dismounting

In addition to the issues above, it is best to avoid repeatedly taking tires on and off a golf cart rim.

Frequent mounting and dismounting of tires can stretch the edge of the tire, causing it to lose some of its stiffness and shape.

If not done correctly, it can also cause tiny tears in the rubber's edges.

[ Changing your tires at home? Make sure you check out our article on how to correctly switch out your golf cart tires! ]

Often these tears won't be visible to the naked eye, but once they get mounted on a golf cart rim, the tires will slowly leak out air causing your tire to go flat over time.

These are just a few of the "quality control" issues you can experience when purchasing used golf cart tires.

No Post-Purchase Support

Customer support representative

Another factor to consider before you purchase used golf cart tires is the support you will (or will not) receive after you buy the tires.

What if you purchase the tires, and they do have a slow leak?

Will Joe Schmoe from eBay or that random house a few towns over take them back? Or are you stuck with them now?

You always risk getting a bad deal when you buy from Facebook marketplace or some other avenue that can't guarantee the purchase.

Conversely, here at Golf Cart Stuff, we stand behind our products and ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Whether getting the tire back so we can repair it or getting you a priority replacement, you never have to worry about getting the bad end of a deal when you buy from us.

Main Takeaway: Buy New Golf Cart Tires

A golf cart with new golf cart tires at sunset

In our humble and professional (and slightly self-serving) opinion, when it comes to golf cart tires- we recommend you buy them new.

This way, you can avoid all the pitfalls mentioned above and avoid having to buy tires year after year because the used ones keep wearing out.

Our tires are stored indoors in our Elkhart, IN warehouse and come from reputable manufacturers, so you know the tire quality will be second to none!

In addition, we have industry-leading customer support to ensure your purchase is everything you expected it to be from start to finish.

Want to see our wide selection of golf cart tires? Click the button below!

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Author Photo: Christian Attlesey
Christian Attlesey is the Marketing Manager here at Golf Cart Stuff™, and, in addition to the marketing department, he oversees our website and advertising responsibilities.

...You probably know him as the humorous & relatable host of our YouTube channel!

Prior to taking on marketing, however, Christian honed his industry knowledge as our Customer Service Manager. Fast-forward to present day: it’s his mission to deliver the best and most current products, resources, and overall expertise to Golf Cart owners everywhere.


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