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Ways To Increase Your Golf Cart’s Speed - GOLFCARTSTUFF.COM™

Ways To Increase Your Golf Cart’s Speed

The whole point of owning a golf cart is to decrease lag time between holes. Even if you only use your cart to cruise around the neighborhood, it should still move fast. If people didn’t care about speed, they’d walk everywhere. Since efficiency is the name of the game, read about these ways to increase your golf cart’s speed. By following this advice, you’ll arrive at your destination in a flash.

New Battery

One of the first things you should try to make the cart go faster is to change out the battery. A previous blog post discussed mistakes that kill your golf cart’s battery. If you accidentally make one of these mistakes, such as overcharging your cart, you’ll need a new battery. Fortunately, this brand-new mechanism will also help you fly like the wind. You may not realize how fast you can zoom if your battery’s been damaged for a while.

Here at Golf Cart Stuff, we have top-quality golf cart parts and accessories, such as new batteries. Our batteries have a better charge than most models on the market. In addition, we’ll show you proper maintenance techniques, so you don’t need another replacement soon.

Check the Tires

Some people have a hard time believing that tires have anything to do with speed. The reality is, however, that the stronger the tire is, the faster you’ll drive. Tires that have lost their tread can’t stick to the ground as well. So, your drive will be less sharp around turns, and you won’t be able to go as fast. Also, low pressure tires are perilous because you could pop one, causing an accident. As a result, keep an eye on the tires after every drive.

Dump Some Weight

Sure, everyone wants to ride on a golf cart. Still, owners must be responsible and not put too much weight on the vehicle. For starters, shedding pounds is one way to increase your golf cart’s speed. Also, too much weight could pop the tire or make the battery die out prematurely. Since there are so many risks involved, it’s helpful to keep things as light as possible.

2020 has shown us all that there’s no time to waste in life. So, get to where you’re going quickly by increasing your golf cart’s speed. Let us be your guide along the way. We value customer service, and we’ll make sure your ride feels brand-new by the time you’re done.

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