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Fast and Free Shipping on all Orders!! No Minimums!!

EZGO RXV Street Legal All LED Light Kit- Instamatic®


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EZGO RXV Turn Signal Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Two LED Headlights and Two LED Tail Lights
  • Wiring Harness, Turn Signal Assembly, Mechanical Brake Switch, Horn, and Steering Wheel Column Cover
  • Instructions, Light Templates, and Necessary Hardware
  • Compatible with Gas or Electric Carts (Electric Carts may require a voltage reducer)
  • FITS ALL RXV MODELS (2008-2015 or 2016-Present) Select Year Above
  • This FlexVolt™ light kit is designed to operate on 12-48 volts of power. No voltage reducer required! Save time and money!


Give your golf cart the ultimate upgrade with this EZGO RXV street-legal LED Light Kit! Designed to give you everything you need to be street legal in most places, this kit will make your cart not only more enjoyable but much safer as well!  The benefit of LED lights is that not only are they much brighter but they are much more efficient- drawing only 1-2 amps of power. This allows you use your cart for longer periods of time without much drain on your batteries.  The provided mechanical brake switch will give you consistent and reliable braking ability while the turn signal will allow you to signal those both in front and back of your cart. With the included instructions and templates you will be able to get the kit installed quickly and be back on the road in no time! 


Who is this kit for?

Designed for customers who want bright, reliable lighting and signaling capability. Beneficial for street-legal certification* and customers who primarily drive their golf carts in the following locations:

  • Neighborhoods and residential areas
  • Golf course communities
  • Resorts
  • Areas with high foot and vehicle traffic

*Check with state and local ordinances before using your golf cart on any public roadway*

RXV Street-Legal LED Light Kit Tech Specs:

  • Gas and electric cart compatible
  • Operating voltage: 12 volt minimum | 48 volt maximum (no voltage reducer required)
  • Operating amperage draw: 1-2 amps
  • Wire loom with the following connection ports:
    • Driver and passenger headlights
    • Driver and passenger taillights
    • Battery(ies): Ring terminal connections
    • Golf cart turn signal kit
    • Brake kit assembly
    • Horn
    • Push/pull switch

RXV Street-Legal Light Kit Installation Overview:

If installing your RXV light kit sounds intimidating, don't worry! We are here to make this process as easy and worry-free as possible.  In every golf cart light kit, we provide detailed instructions and accurate headlight and taillight templates that walk you through each step of the process.  However, in order to answer some general questions about installing our lights we have provided this installation overview.

  • One of the main things that you will be required to do when installing our RXV lights is cutting into your golf cart's body cowl to install our headlights and taillights. If you already have lights installed, the process should be much easier as our lights are designed to work the most common RXV OEM lights. 
  • You will also need to run the wiring harness that is provided in your kit throughout your golf cart's body and up to all of the necessary attachment points. The attachment points are as follows: headlights, taillights, turn signal assembly, brake kit assembly, horn, battery connection, and push/pull switch. The diagram below will give you a general idea of where these are located on your golf cart.
Golf cart wiring harness attachment diagram
  • Our light kits utilize a mechanical brake switch that you will need to install in your RXV golf cart's brake cavity area. By using a mechanical brake switch, our lights provide more consistent and reliable brake light performance.
  • The golf cart turn signal kit will be mounted onto the steering column of your golf cart. Please note, the end of the turn signal arm has the button for the activation of the horn.
  • One of the final steps in the process is the installation of the push/pull switch in the dash panel of your RXV cart.


Instamatic® Golf cart lights logo

Experience what powerful lighting can do

With over 20,000 satisfied customers, Instamatic® light kits have been brightening the road ahead for over eight years. Utilizing the latest in LED and electrical technology, Instamatic® lights provide consistent and reliable lighting at a fraction of the cost of other light kits on the market. In addition, our lights are user-friendly and straightforward to install, so you can get back to the important things- enjoying your golf cart with your family and friends.
*Please Note* As we are in the process of changing over our packaging you may receive a light kit with a different Instamatic® logo than the one above.

 Customer Photos

Deluxe LED street legal light kit installed on EZGO RXV model golf cart.

Questions & Answers

Have a Question?

Ask a Question
  • I have 2011 ergo RXV with headlights and tail lights will these fit the current cutouts on my cart? Also since my cart is 48 volt , has lights does it already have a voltage reducer on it?

    This is the most common size of EZGO RXV headlights and tail lights. However, that is not a guarantee that these are exactly the same. You can send some photos of your cart and lights to sales@golfcartstuff.comand we can review the photos and get back with you.

    Also, please note that these replacement lights are designed to operate on 12 volts only. If you have an electric cart, you will need to verify that you only will provide these lights with 12 volts of power. If you have 8-volt batteries then a voltage reducer will be necessary.

  • Does this still need voltage reducer? I have 2019 with 48v battery..

    Yes, all of our light kits are designed to work ONLY with 12 volts. This can be accomplished by hooking the light kit up to a voltage reducer. Any voltage greater than 12 volts will damage the light kit and void the warranty.

  • Does this kit come with the templates, so we can cut out for the lights.

    Yes, it includes the necessary templates to install the light assemblies.

  • I am looking to make my 2010 EZ Go RXV cart street legal. I am considering the kit EZGO RXV Deluxe Street Legal ALL LED LIGHT KIT by RePro. Does this kit include brake lights such that when I press the brake pedal the brake lights come on? From the photos I cannot tell if that feature is included.

    Yes, our Deluxe Street Legal kit for the RXV includes a mechanical brake switch which gets mounted down by the brake pedal arm. When the brake pedal is depressed the brake lights will illuminate.

  • Does the EZGO RXV ALL LED Deluxe Street Legal Kit come with the template for adding the kit in an uncut application?

    Yes, all of our complete light kits include the templates for cutting the holes in the body.

  • I already have lights from factory. Will these lights fit exactly in the holes already there?

    Yes, these lights should fit right into the factory holes with no problem. The problem may be if you currently have halogen headlights. If you have halogens currently your wiring harness will not be compatible with the connectors on the new LED headlights. You can remedy this by replacing the entire wiring harness or simply by cutting and splicing.

  • I have an RSV with the lithium battery, will these lights work without a voltage reducer?

    These lights will work on 48V golf carts. Our FlexVolt Light Kits are designed to work on carts anywhere from 12-volts to 48-volts without the need for a voltage reducer.

  • This says I will not need a voltage reducer because of the flex volt 12-48. but I am reading answers that say you do need one. Which is correct? I have four 12 volt batteries.

    Thank you for reaching out. A voltage reducer is not required for golf carts operating between 12 volts and 48 volts. Some customers choose to use a voltage reducer because that is what they are accustomed to, but our unique line of Instamatic®light kits does not require that setup.

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