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Free Shipping on All Orders!! No Minimums!!

Non-Lifted Yamaha Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

With so many models, it is important to know which models will require a lift kit and which ones will not.  Every wheel and tire in this collection is 18"-20" in overall diameter which will provide combinations for every Yamaha cart without needing a lift kit.

Non-Lifted Yamaha Sizing Guide

Yamaha Wheel and Tire Measurements for 18"-20" in Overall Diameter

For Stock Or 3" Lifted Yamaha Carts

• 18" Overall Height •

Fits Any Yamaha Golf Cart- No Lift Kit Required

• 20"Overall Height •

G1| G2| G8 | G9 | G14 | G16 | G19| G22 Models-Minimum 3" Lift Kit Required

G29 (Drive)- No Lift Kit Required

Drive2- No Lift Kit Required

Every wheel and tire combination in this collection has been pre-filtered to be at 18"-20" in overall diameter.

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