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🎅🏼 🎁 Christmas Gifts? Order by December 12th ☃️ 🎄
FREE shipping, no minimums 🚚💨

Meet The GCS™ Team

Want to know a little bit more about the friendly folks that talk to you on the phone or fulfill your order? Keep scrolling to learn more about our All-Star team!
Golf Cart Stuff Operations Manager: Alex Mast

Alex Mast: Operations Manager

Alex is the operations manager here at Golf Cart Stuff and is the one who makes sure our wheels keep spinning! He provides oversight on just about everything we have going on here and ensures we have our ducks in a row. With previous work experience in auto body and mechanics, he brings an excellent skill set to our team.

Golf Cart Stuff Wheel and Tire Manager: Spencer Haney

Spencer Haney: Wheel and Tire Manager

With unparalleled experience in the golf cart wheel and tire sector, Spencer brings a wealth of knowledge to the GCS™ team having outfitted thousands of customer golf carts over the years. A mad scientist? Possibly. Able to source just about any wheel and tire combo under the sun? Absolutely! With an eye for efficiency, he is always looking for ways to make GOLFCARTSTUFF® run more smoothly and provide our amazing customers with the absolute best experience known to mankind.

Golf Cart Stuff Marketing Manager: Christian Attlesey

Christian Attlesey: Marketing Manager

From blog posts to Youtube, Christian is always looking for ways to connect with our customers. Christian oversees all of our marketing efforts and looks to get customers the best information possible. There are few things that Christian enjoys more than making people laugh and he strives to give customers that same sense of joy when it comes to their golf carts. If you need a funny joke or want to know what is best for your golf cart, he is only one call away!

Golf Cart Stuff Warehouse Manager: Randy Ripley

Randy Ripley: Warehouse Manager

You know all those customer reviews that rave about how fast our shipping times are? You can thank Randy for that! Randy manages and takes care of our warehouse and is absolutely phenomenal at getting orders out. With a background in retail, he knows the importance of getting customers their products on time. His greatest joy at Golf Cart Stuff however is the lovely lady below ↓↓.

Golf Cart Stuff Senior Content Marketer: Amber Ripley

Amber Ripley: Senior Content Marketer

Amber is our senior content writer while overseeing our blog and various other written content. In addition, she is responsible for a large number of our amazing product photos! A secret about Amber (shh!) is that she has been known to give customers a taste of the best customer service out there. With a background in tool and dye, she is super technical which lends itself well when it comes to the nuances of golf carts! In our eyes, Amber is the Queen of Golf Cart Parts! And yes, she is married to Randy!

Golf Cart Stuff Wheel and Tire Warehouse Manager: Kevin Freel

Kevin Freel: Wheel and Tire Warehouse Manager

Kevin is in charge of the warehouse portion of our wheels and tires. From mounting to inventory Kevin is on it! Kevin is known around Golf Cart Stuff for having limitless energy. If he hasn't broken a sweat during the day he is pretty disappointed. So do us a favor- order more wheels and tires so Kevin has to keep busy!

Golf Cart Stuff Customer Service Manager: Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith: Customer Service Manager

The newest member of our team, Johnny is our resident customer service expert! Originally from Tennessee and with a background in retail Johnny brings some Southern charm and good ol' fashion know-how to our team. If you have questions about our products or need help getting something installed, Johnny is your guy!

Golf Cart Stuff Wheel and Tire Lead: Ryan Freel

Ryan Freel: Wheel and Tire Lead

Ryan works with his brother Kevin in the back to make sure that all of our wheel and tire orders are mounted, packaged, and shipped on time! You will see him before you hear him but don't mess with him- he is as strong as an ox!

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