Club Car Precedent Basic LED Light Kit

by RecPro®
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RecPro® Brand Club Car Precedent Basic All-LED Light Kit 

Kit includes:

  • LED Headlight Bar and 2 LED Tail Lights 
  • Wiring Sub-Harness, One In-line Fuse, and One Push-pull Switch
  • Easy to mount front bumper assembly 
  • Instructions and Fasteners
  • Light Kits for Electric Models Newer than Mid 2008 Include Bucket Harness
  • Gas Models Include Gas Harness

This Club Car Precedent light kit includes the basic components necessary to light up the road in front of you with LED technology and make yourself visible to those approaching from behind.  You will receive a bright, energy efficient LED headlight assembly. The headlight assembly arrives pre-mounted to a new black bumper which allows you to easily mount your front headlight and bumper assembly. You will also receive bright LED tail lights, and the wiring Sub-Harness. This kit does not require any large holes to be cut out in the body of the cart. Mounting the tail lights only requires a small hole to be placed in the rear fenders for the wiring connector to pass through. Please select whether you have a gas or electric Precedent. If you have an electric Precedent, you will also need to select your year of manufacture. 

In addition to the above items, you will also receive the following in your kit if you own a gas model or an electric model built after the mid-2008 model year:

Electric Carts built after Mid-2008

  • This kit will also include the Bucket Harness that will need to be installed in your cart. The Bucket Harness is basically the main wiring harness that you will install from under the dash area, underneath the floor mat, through the battery compartment, and to the taillights. Electric Precedents built after mid-2008 no longer had this harness installed from the factory.

Gas Carts

  • The kit designed for the gas model includes a Gas Harness Adapter that you will need to connect the existing Bucket Harness to the Sub-Harness you will be receiving in your kit.

If your Precedent is electric and you have (4) 12 volt batteries you may supply power to your light kit using a single battery, but we strongly encourage you to buy our 20 Amp Plug-n-Go Voltage Reducer to power your new light kit. If your Precedent battery configuration uses (6) 8 volt batteries, you are required to use a voltage reducer to provide 12 volt power to your light kit. DIRECTIONS & HARDWARE ARE INCLUDED

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Warning label to ensure light kit is only hooked up to 12 volts.


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Customer Photos

Club Car Precedent LED Light Kit
Customer install of RecPro Club Car Precedent basic LED light kit, featuring front LED headlight assembly.
Customer install of Club Car Precedent LED headlight assembly from Golf Cart Stuff.
Club Car Precedent LED light kit shining at night.



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  • I have a 2016 CC Precedent, does this kit come with the bucket harness or will I need to purchase an additional harness to make it work?

    If you need the bucket harness you would make sure you choose 08-UP

  • I just purchased a club car model year 2005,model number ag0539, I need a light kit that will fit.

    A serial number starting with an AG would be a DS model cart. This Precedent light kit would not fit.

  • Is it normal to get an arc when hooking the wires from the batteries to the converter ???

    Yes, it is normal to get a spark. Even when you know it's coming it will still surprise you.

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