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April 2024 unofficially Golf Cart Appreciation Month!! Check out the Best Prices Guarantee and Free Shipping on all orders!! No minimums!!
April 2024 unofficially Golf Cart Appreciation Month!! Check out the Best Prices Guarantee and Free Shipping on all orders!! No minimums!!

Club Car Precedent Street-Legal LED Light Kit | RHOX®


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Club Car Precedent Turn Signal Kit


Kit Includes:

    • LED Headlight Bar with Amber LED Turn Signals and two LED Tail Lights with Brake Lights
    • Turn Signal Assembly, Horn, and Mechanical Brake Switch
    • One Wiring Harness, One In-line Fuse, and One Push-pull Switch
    • Instructions and Fasteners
    • Gas Models Include Gas Harness (make selection above)
    • Light Kits for Electric Models Newer than Mid 2008 Include Bucket Harness (make selection above)
    • Designed to operate on 12-48 volts of power. No voltage reducer required! Save time and money!


    This Club Car Precedent light kit contains all essential items for achieving street-legal status in most locations (check local ordinances). Feel secure knowing you and your passengers will be visible to surrounding motorists.

    This kit offers a bright, energy-efficient LED headlight assembly with integrated amber LED turn signals pre-mounted to a black bumper, making installation easier. You'll also receive LED tail lights, wiring Sub-Harness, turn signal assembly, brake switch, brake timer relay, horn, and a steering column cover for hiding the turn signal's wiring. No large holes are necessary in the body of the cart; a small opening is all that is needed for the tail lights' wiring.

    In addition to the above items, you will also receive the following in your kit if you own a gas model or an electric model built after the mid-2008 model year:

    Electric Carts built after Mid-2008

    • This kit will also include the Bucket Harness that will need to be installed in your cart. The Bucket Harness is basically the main wiring harness that you will install from under the dash area, underneath the floor mat, through the battery compartment, and to the taillights. Electric Precedents built after mid-2008 no longer had this harness installed from the factory.

    Gas Carts

    • The kit designed for the gas model includes a Gas Harness Adapter that you will need to connect the existing Bucket Harness to the Sub-Harness you will be receiving in your kit. (Electric Precedent models manufactured between 2004 and 2008.5 also come with a Gas Harness but it can be ignored during installation).

    Tech Specs:

    • Gas and electric cart compatible (make selection above to ensure you receive the correct wiring harnesses)
    • Operating voltage: 12-volt minimum | 48-volt maximum (*no voltage reducer required)
    • Operating amperage draw: 1-2 amps
    • Wire loom with the following connection ports:
      • Headlight bar
      • Driver and passenger taillights
      • Battery(ies): Ring terminal connections
      • Golf cart turn signal kit
      • Brake kit assembly
      • Horn
      • Push/pull switch

    Who is this golf cart light kit for?

    Made for customers who desire bright, dependable lighting and signaling capabilities. This light kit is perfect for achieving street-legal certification* and utilizing in areas such as:
    • Neighborhoods and residential areas
    • Golf course communities
    • Resorts
    • Areas with high foot and vehicle traffic

    *Check with state and local ordinances before using your golf cart on any public roadways*

    Club Car Precedent Light Kit Installation Overview (Street-Legal):

    Although there are a few more components to install than the basic light kit, you will still be able to get your Club Car street-legal kit installed in no time!

    Confirm your wiring harness selection by choosing the appropriate golf cart type (gas or electric) and year. Refer to the product info above for further information.

    You will receive instructions in your kit that will walk you through every step required for installation. Here, we will review some of the major installation steps you will be required to perform.

    • First, you will need to replace your OEM bumper with our new LED headlight and bumper combo.  This is as simple as removing two nuts and bolts, removing the old bumper, and sliding our new one back on. 
    • For the taillight installation, you will need to drill two small holes on the driver and passenger sides of your cart to allow for the wiring to pass through your golf cart body.
    • In addition to the light installation, you will also have to install the necessary wiring harnesses. Depending on whether your Club Car Precedent is gas or electric and depending on the year of manufacturer you will either need to locate the pre-installed bucket harness or run the one provided in your kit. 
    • All Precedent carts will also have to install sub-harness wiring under their dash and if you have a gas-powered Precedent cart you will also have to install the gas harness adapter as well. Some of the attachment points for the main wiring harnesses and street-legal accessories are as follows:
    Club Car Precedent Street-Legal Light Kit Wiring Harness Attachment Point Diagram: Shows Bucket Harness, Sub-Harness, Headlights, and Taillights, Horn, Brakes, and Turn Signals
    *Depending on gas or electric cart and year of production
    • Lastly, you will also need to cut a small hole in your golf cart's dash panel for the installation of the push/pull switch.


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