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Free Shipping On Every Order!

ECO Battery 36V / 105Ah Lithium Battery Bundle


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Available for 36 volt Club Car DS, EZGO TXT and Yamaha G1-G16 carts, these battery bundles by ECO Battery will get your cart powered by lithium and back on the road in no time!

In addition to all of the necessary installation components (see below) this bundle also includes a 12V converter so you can easily keep your existing 12V accessories or add any additional accessories without having to worry about burnout.

If you want the best in golf cart battery performance, add an ECO golf cart battery and see where your cart can take you!

Please note: these batteries indicate a voltage of "38.4V". This is the stated nominal voltage of the batteries and they are compatible and safe to be used with the listed 36-volt golf carts.


  • 36-volt Yamaha G-Series carts: G1, G2, G3, G5, G8, G9, G11, G14, and G16 models only
  • 36-Volt EZGO TXT golf carts
  • 36-Volt Club Car DS golf carts

ECO Battery Quick Start Guide

ECO Battery 36V / 105Ah Battery Data Sheet


  • Consistent power output: Unlike lead-acid batteries, these EB lithium batteries maintain the same power output regardless of the state-of-charge. So whether you have your batteries at 90% capacity or 5% capacity, your cart will still perform the same.
  • Significant weight reduction: Lithium batteries completely transform your driving experience by significantly reducing the weight of your cart and providing a major boost in battery performance.
Faster charge times: 
Enjoy your golf cart more with faster charging times. Lithium batteries can experience an almost 100% charge in as little as 2 1/2 hours (*estimates- charging times vary based on batteries, charger, and conditions). That means you spend less down time and more time doing what you love!

  • No maintenance: Unlike lead acid batteries that require regular checking of the water levels, terminals, etc. EB lithium golf cart batteries are maintenance free! Simply install your battery(ies) and enjoy your cart!
  • Longer life: Standard lead-acid batteries have an average lifespan of about 3-4 years IF they are well maintained. Lithium batteries on the other hand have a battery life closer to 10 years. 


  • 36V 105Ah LifePo4 battery (Cube Style)
  • Bolt hardware
  • 36V ECO Battery charger with locking quick connect
  • DC-DC 12V converter (35V-45V Input)
  • CAN digital gauge kit
  • Necessary charge port (select your model above)

ECO Battery FAQ's:

  • How many rounds of golf can I play with an ECO Lithium Battery?
    • Range will vary depending on your courses terrain but generally speaking you can expect the following:
      • 72Ah: 36-45 holes (including to and from golf course)
      • 105Ah: 54 holes (including to and from golf course)
  • What parts will I need to convert my batteries over to EB lithium batteries?
    • Eco Battery Lithium Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • LCD Monitor
    • Voltage Converter (if your cart has lights or a stereo and doesn't already include a converter)
    • Basic Hand Tools
    • * Please note that this list may not include all the parts, components, and tools required for your particular situation.
  • How long does it take to charge my ECO battery?
    • To estimate the charging time, you can easily calculate it by dividing the total combined Ah (amp hour) capacity of your battery pack by the charging rate of your charger in amps. For instance, let's say you have a 105 Ah battery and a 15 amp charger. By dividing 105 by 15, you will get approximately 7 hours as the charging time from a fully discharged state. If you are charging the battery from 50% of its capacity, the estimated time would be reduced by half to around 3.5 hours. Similarly, for a 75% state of charge, the estimated time would be approximately 1.75 hours, and for a 25% state of charge, it would be around 5.25 hours.
  • Do I have to use an ECO Battery Charger?
    • Yes. Our battery and charger are designed to function together.
      We advise against using any chargers or battery tenders made by a third party on our batteries. This will void your warranty and could damage the battery, golf cart, or both.
  • Will my battery ever overcharge?
    • ECO Battery chargers and batteries both have internal monitoring mechanisms that stop overcharging.
  • Does my Gen 2 battery need to be turned on?
    • To function, the Gen 2 battery has a power button next to the LCD gauge port that must be turned on. For operation, please see our Battery Guidelines.
  • Does my Gen 2 battery need to be turned on to charge?
    • Yes, the batteries will need to be turned on in order for them to charge.
  • Do ECO Lithium batteries use a BMS for extra protection?
    • Yes, all ECO batteries use a proprietary BMS that provides the protection against the following issues:
      • Short circuit
      • Over current
      • Over charge
      • Over discharge
      • High and low temperature
      • Freeze charge protection
  • Will my battery function in cold temperatures?
    • EB batteries can be discharged down to -20°F. They will not, however, charge below 32°F. This also means that carts with regenerative charging systems may have problems because the battery will not accept a charge from the charger OR the cart's Regen system below this temperature.
  • Will the run time for my ECO battery be shorter in cold weather?
    • Yes, extremely cold temperatures will reduce run times.
  • Can I use my battery in extremely hot temperatures?
    • Yes, you can use your cart in very hot weather. Our batteries have been tested in temperatures exceeding 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Can I run ECO batteries in parallel?
    • Yes. Please see our parallel wiring diagram for more information. Please contact your dealer before purchasing and installing if you are unsure how to wire your parallel setup.
  • Can I run my batteries in series?
    • No, it is not recommended to run lithium batteries in series connection.
  • What are the two black plugs coming off my LCD gauge cable?
    • These plugs are CAN communication ports that can be used for diagnostics or CAN charging. They are usually not used by the end-user and can be left alone. If your cart came with a CAN charger, it must be plugged into one of the gauge cable's CAN ports. They do not need to be Capped if they are unused.
  • Do I need to change my battery cables when installing an ECO Battery?
    • New or larger cables may be recommended depending on the age, condition, and configuration of the cart. It is recommended that you replace your cables if they show signs of age or corrosion. Larger cables are highly recommended if you are upgrading your cart with larger tires, additional seats or carrying capacity, a higher amp controller, a larger motor, or anything else that will result in a higher amp draw.
  • Do I need to bypass the OBC to install an EB Lithium Battery in my Club Car?
    • No, the on board chargers pre-installed in the ECO batteries do not require you to modify the OBC on your Club Car.
  • Can I splice different ends on the AC side of my ECO battery charger?
    • We strongly advise against modifying our chargers in any way. We provide many cart-specific charging ports to make installation of our chargers and batteries easier.
  • Why won't my battery gauge turn on?
    • If you are experiencing a Gen 2 gauge that appears to go into sleep mode and won't come back on, please call one of our Eco Battery representatives for assistance.
  • What type of Lithium does ECO Battery use?
    • All of Eco Battery's batteries are made exclusively from LiFePo4 lithium cells. LiFePo4 cells have been shown to be both dependable and safe. Our batteries are made of naturally safe cells, but we also use the best battery management systems (BMS) to guarantee that each battery only uses its intended range of operation.


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