EZGO TXT Valor Deluxe Street Legal* All LED Light Kit (2014 and Up)

by RecPro®
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All LED Deluxe Street Legal* Light Kit for EZGO TXT Valor Models (2014 and Up)

  • Automotive style LED headlights̴
  • New and improved wiring connectors
  • Injection molded plastic bezels - BLACK
  • Tapered holes for professional look
Kit Includes:
  • Bright LED Headlights
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Turn Signal Switch
  • Mechanical Brake Switch (Not a Pressure Pad)
  • Plug & Play Wire Harness with Push Pull Light Switch
  • Horn and Steering Wheel Column Cover included
  • Installation Template & Instructions

*Please check local ordinances to determine street legal requirements.

Warning for hooking up golf cart light kit to 12 volts only.





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  • Will this set work on an 2003 electric ezgo golf cart

    It will not. This only fits 2014 and up. You would have to order the set for your model. If you send us a photo of your cart we can verify the model.

  • This will fit a 2016 TXT Freedom? Will it also fit with cutting different holes?

    This kit will fit any 2016 TXT.

  • What amp should my voltage reducer be for my 2016 ezgo txt? This will be used for street legal light kit.

    A street legal LED light kit will only draw about 2 amps. If you are not planning on adding any other accessories, a 10 amp voltage reducer is more than adequate.

  • Will this work on a 2020 gas cart or is it for electric?

    This kit has to be supplied with 12 volts of power. If you have a gas cart you will hook up to the single 12 volt battery. If you have an electric cart you will need to use a voltage reducer to supply 12 volts to the light kit. Voltage reducers are not included in our light kits, but available individually or as an add on accessory.

  • When installing this light kit on a 48 volt electric cart, will I need to also purchase a voltage reducer, or does one come with the kit?

    You will need to purchase a voltage reducer seperately. None of our light kits include a voltage reducer because customers with gas carts do not need them.

  • will this fit a 2018 EZ-GO txt 48?

    Yes, this is the kit designed for 2014 and up TXT models.

  • Will these work on a 2001 TXT.

    No they will not. The light kit you are looking for on a 2001 TXT is here:

  • Is this kit have an actual brake light switch with timmer? Instead of brake pedal pad switch that I hate Let me know Thanks Ricky

    All of our light kits utilize mechanical switches with brake timer relays. Though we sell replacement brake pressure pads, we do not use them in any of our kits.

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