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EZGO RXV ALL LED Deluxe Street Legal Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Two LED Headlights and Two LED Tail Lights
  • Wiring Harness, Turn Signal Assembly, Mechanical Brake Switch, Horn, and Steering Wheel Column Cover
  • Instructions, Light Templates, and Necessary Hardware
  • Compatible with Gas or Electric Carts (Electric Carts may require a voltage reducer)
  • FITS ALL RXV MODELS (2008-2015 or 2016-Present) Select Year Above

Give your RXV cart the ultimate upgrade with this Deluxe LED Light Kit! Designed to give you everything you need to be street legal in most places, this kit will make your cart not only more enjoyable but much safer as well!  The benefit of LED lights is that not only are they much brighter but they are much more efficient- drawing only 1-2 amps of power. This allows you use your cart for longer periods of time without much drain on your batteries.  The provided mechanical brake switch will give you consistent and reliable braking ability while the turn signal will allow you to signal those both in front and back of your cart. With the included instructions and templates you will be able to get the kit installed quickly and be back on the road in no time! 


Warning label to ensure light kit is only hooked up to 12 volts.


Customer Photos

Deluxe LED street legal light kit installed on EZGO RXV model golf cart.



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  • Does this still need voltage reducer? I have 2019 with 48v battery..

    Yes, all of our light kits are designed to work ONLY with 12 volts. This can be accomplished by hooking the light kit up to a voltage reducer. Any voltage greater than 12 volts will damage the light kit and void the warranty.

  • Does this kit come with the templates, so we can cut out for the lights.

    Yes, it includes the necessary templates to install the light assemblies.

  • I am looking to make my 2010 EZ Go RXV cart street legal. I am considering the kit EZGO RXV Deluxe Street Legal ALL LED LIGHT KIT by RePro. Does this kit include brake lights such that when I press the brake pedal the brake lights come on? From the photos I cannot tell if that feature is included.

    Yes, our Deluxe Street Legal kit for the RXV includes a mechanical brake switch which gets mounted down by the brake pedal arm. When the brake pedal is depressed the brake lights will illuminate.

  • Does the EZGO RXV ALL LED Deluxe Street Legal Kit come with the template for adding the kit in an uncut application?

    Yes, all of our complete light kits include the templates for cutting the holes in the body.

  • I already have lights from factory. Will these lights fit exactly in the holes already there?

    Yes, these lights should fit right into the factory holes with no problem. The problem may be if you currently have halogen headlights. If you have halogens currently your wiring harness will not be compatible with the connectors on the new LED headlights. You can remedy this by replacing the entire wiring harness or simply by cutting and splicing.

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